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RadhaKrishn 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Ganesh’s Stories

RadhaKrishn 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she will not let her son Bal Ganesh grow and will keep him as a kid forever using her powers as she is the nature. Mahadev gets tensed and thinks Devi Gauri’s over infatuation and motherly love for Ganesh will create a problem. A monster is shown. Krishna tells Radha that he feels she his hiding something and is not telling due to over motherly love for Ganesh. Radha says its her motherhood for Ganesh and goes to serve food. Krishna hears a monster laughing and meets Mahadev. Mahadev says Devi Parvati’s and Radha’s motherly infatuation for Ganesh will pose a problem. Krishna says due to Parvati’s infatuation, Mohasur is born. Mahadev says Ganesh will be a child always and will not grow due to this infatuation. Krishna says Ganesh has to revive his energy to fight with Mohasur and he will help his nephew. Mahadev relaxes hearing that.

Ganesh thinks he needs to return to Kailash. Balram walks to him. Ganesh informs him same. Krishna walks to him and asks if he is tired of his mamasri now. Ganesh says he is missing his mother. Krishna says he cannot stop him, but wants to tell more about him. Ganesh thinks if he wants to talk about sudarshan chakra. Krishan says Ganesh has 8 names. Ganesh says he doesn’t know about them. Krishna says like Ekdant, his name is also Vakratund and describes how he defeated a fierce asur Matsarasur who prayed Mahadev and after getting a boon created havoc in all 3 worlds. Gods requested Mahadev to send is son Vakratund to defeat Matsarasur. Ganesh in his vakratund avatar defeated Matsarasur with his trunk. Krishna then says he is also Gajanan and describes the story that when Kuber got egoistic and invited devi Parvati and Mahadev for a feast in his room. Devi Parvati sends Ganesh instead who eats whole food present in Kuber’s palace and his hunger didn’t calm down even after eating the jewels present there, so he told Kuber that his huner will with Kuber’s arrogance and will calm down only with love; Kuber then realized his mistake and apologized him.

Krishna then describes Ganesh’a next avatar Lambodhar who defeated krodhasur by riding his mushak/rat. Ganesh says he doesn’t get angry. Krishna says he doesn’t, calls him Vignaraj next, and asks if he wants to hear about Vignaraj’s story. Ganesh nods yes. Krishna describes how he defeated Mamtasur and other asurs and become Vignaraj. Ganesh asks if he is really so powerful. Krishna says yes, he is trying to remind him his energies; he describes his next name Vikat’s story and how he as Vikat defeated Kamasur and helped gods; then he describes his name Dhoomravarn’s story and describes how he defeated Ahanktasur who was very arrogant and created havoc in all 3 worlds, then gods requested Narayan and Mahadev for help, they both suggested to chant Ganesh’s name, Ganesh emerged as Dhoomravarn and defeated Akanksasur and his army. Ganesh asks if he can defeat a whole asur army. Krishna says yes and he will describe his next biggest avatar. Ganesh asks to describe it soon. Krishna says some other day. Ganesh says looks like Krishna’s stories ended and walks away from there. Balram asks Krishna why didn’t he describe all the stories and sent Ganesh from here. Krishna says his next story is very very important and Ganesh has to remember his powers to defeat Mohasur who is the most powerful asur.

Mohasur reaches Dwarka and says he will not let Ganesh grow and is very powerful due to Mata Parvati’s moh/infatuation for Ganesh. Krishna says Radha’s moh will make Mohasur more powerful. Radha expresses her motherly love for Ganesh and hopes Ganesh doesn’t return to Kailash. Mohasur gets attracted to her moh, reaches her disguised as a saint and says her wish will be fulfilled. Radha says she never saw him in Dwarka before. He says he was meditating in mountains and returned now; to fulfill her wish, he needs to meets Ganesh first.

Precap: Devi Parvati warns Radha that she will wreck havoc if she doesn’t return Ganesh by sunset. Radha thinks Ganesh called her a mother, so she will not let him go. After sunset, Devi Parvati to return Ganesh or else she will destroy Dwarka.

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