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Qurbaan Hua 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Chahat plans to take revenge from Neel

Qurbaan Hua 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neel hears Zain talking on the mobile that he is going to come to her on JP road, Neel is standing when someone hits him in the head from behind taking him in the van.

Sometime earlier, Ghazala asks why did she let them leave as they have lost a chance to seek the revenge, Zain asks why does she forget that they have harmed Mr Baig a lot, Chahat asks why do they keep saying it because if it was her father who was hurt then he would be the one to take the revenge until then they would not do anything to harm any member of the Dhiani family, Zain wonders who is texting her then exclaims Mr Baig is in India and is coming to Devpriagh to meet them all, Chahat gets really excited so then goes inside exclaiming she is going to pray, Ghazala asks Zain what is he doing because she told him that Mr Baig died seven years ago, Zain says she must let the plan unfold.

Chahat is praying in the lawn when Neel is making a drawing of her, he is constantly seeing her so then calls her Shezwan, she doesnot understand when he asks what toothpaste does he use, he explains they are shining like pearls and if she remains likes this he would fall in love, he ask her to pose for him and starts drawing, Chahat feels irritated so asks him to show her what is he doing but he stops her saying that he is trying to draw her beauty on the canvas, she pushes him away and is shocked to see the painting, Chahat asks why does he not have any sense even after getting the beating from the police, he did not let go of his story about love, Neel mentions it is not any ghost as one can wake up from the alcohol but what would happen of this ghost of love, Chahat says he can do whatever he desires, be it the painting or making stories, she would never fall in love with him, she turns to see the painting so he asks if it is nice, she leaves when Neel asks if she would never fall in love with him because he would not be able to live without her, he has even challenged so what if he doesnot win.

Bopho comes from behind exclaiming he has a gift for him, Neel mentions that it is not his birthday so what has Bopho brought for him, Neel opens to see that it is the badminton racket, Bopho explains it is of Arjun Agarwal asking if Neel has heard his name, Neel mentions he has seen a lot of his matches because he is a big player but it is very sad to see what happened with him, Bopho agrees explaining does Neel know what is the same in them both because the same way he feels he has lost Chahat, Arjun thinks he has lost his love which is why Bhagwan send Diya into his life, she doesnot accept defeat so would surely bring him to his life, Neel exclaims he wants to meet them, Bopho replies he can meet them at seven from Monday to Friday to see how the relation is unfolding.
In the night Chahat is really excited to meet her father thinking he would have really lost his weight but she would make sure he has everythinbg which he desires, Chahat gets a call and answering it she hears her father calling her for help, she asks where is he but he exclaims they can kill him but must first let him see his daughter, Chahat enduing the call exclaims she would not let Neel go away so easily, Zain on the other side of the window thinks this is what he desired.

Chahat is in the room when she tries calling the number however it is not connecting, Chahat thinks she would not let Neel get away so easily even after she saved the humility of his father in front of everyone, Chahat vows to teach him a lesson and turns to walk away, her mother signals her so she takes it but then the decoration falls, Chahat wonders if she is giving her a sign asking if what she is doing is wrong, Ghazala enters with Zain, giving Chahat the shirt of her father stained with blood, exclaiming someone threw the shirt at them on the bus stop, Chahat starts weeping.

Naveli is making the ladoo when Bopho tries to take some however she stops him explaining they are for Neel because tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan so she has made them for Neel as he really likes them, Zain exclaims it can never happen after what Neel has done. Chahat pulls him inside exclaiming they would never do anything today since it would give Neel time to be alert and save himself, she plans to do all she can tomorrow and it would be such a blow that Neel would not be able to bear, Zain and Ghazala are worried if he might do anything to Mr Baig, Chahat assures he would not do anything since she would be praying for his health the entire night, Zain exclaims thy have filled the heart of Chahat with hate for Neel while he is planning to win her heart.

In the morning Neel is sitting in front of the photo of Saraswathi exclaiming that it is the eight years when he is tying the Rakhi by himself, he ties the Rakhi and then eats the ladoo, Chahat comes with Zain, he greets her but she leaves in anger.

Naveli greets Neel, she ties the Rakhi while Dua also ties the Rakhi to Shlok, Naveli asks for the gift however Neel teases her but in the end gives her the gift, Shlok also presents Dua with a gift, Bopho is tensed so Neel asks the reason, he explains that Chahat has lost her memory so there is no one to tie the Rakhi on his hand, Neel assures Chahat would tie him the Rakhi, he sees Zain so asks where is his wife, Zain replies she is in hell, he gets a call and acts as if he is tensed after hearing that Chahat got in an accident, Neel asks for a lift but leaves to save Chahat.

Ghazala in the house thinks that Neel would rush to save Chahat but reaching the place will find Chahat with some goons and so she will teach him a lesson of his life, Ghazala however fears if while trying to teach him a lesson she regains her memory causing their plan to backfire.

Neel is riding when he sees that the road is closed, Neel wonders how he would reach to save Chahat, he removes the blocks but gets tensed seeing that the tyre of his bike is punctured so realizes someone is doing it, he is hit in the head with a stick, and someone drags him into the car.

Neel opens his eyes but is tied on a chair, he is not able to see who the kidnapper is, Neel requests the kidnapper to let him loose as he needs to save his wife, he wonders if the kidnapper has hurt Chahat, he manages to escape from the bonds so struggles with the kidnapper, he is shocked to realize that it actually Chahat.

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