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Qurbaan Hua 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ghazala plans to humiliate Vyas je infront of the entire Devpriyagh

Qurbaan Hua 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain exclaims Vyas je is the father of that person who tried to harm the honour of Chahat, they would now show to what extent they can go in order to save the honour of a girl from their religion, Ghazala exclaims he should be honoured even more as now this incident would be considered as a symbol, Vyas je is covered in mud while she raises the necklace made up of shoes while Chahat requests her to open the door, Naveli and Godamabri also try to help Vyas je.

Some time earlier Naveli consoles Godamabri, Vyas je comes back with Bopho, they both ask what about Neel, asking why has he not come back with them, Vyas je explains that it is because Neel ahs refused to accept in front of the police that he is innocent, the only way is to talk with Chahat, he tries to walk inside when Ghazala comes asking where is he going because Chahat doesnot want to talk with them, Vyas je tries pleading with her however she doesnot accept his requests, Vyas je questions what should he do, Ghazala exclaims that he should rub his nose in front of her and apologize, Bopho tries to stand with Vyas je when Ghazala warns him to suffer the consequences if he doesnot listen to her, she mentions they should turn back.

Bopho is shocked to see Zain coming with a lot of people, Bopho asks who they are so Ghazala mentions they are Muslims who have come to teach them a lesson when their son has tried to take advantage of Chahat, both the sides are fighting, Chahat in the room wonders who are the people that Misses Baig has called she tries asking her to open the door.

Godambari in anger exclaims they have gotten such courage that they are going to disrespect Vyas je, she exclaims she would not let anything happen to him and even Bopho says he would protect Vyas je, Ghazala asks them to take them away, Godambari and Bopho are pulled away.

Chahat opening the window asks Misses Baig why she is doing this because Vyas je is the same age as her father so would not do anything of the sort, Ghazala exclaims that she should not interfere in her matters making her swear on her father’s life, Chahat thinks that she has to do something.

Neel is lying in the jail cell, the inspector comes saying that he has been granted the bail, Neel thinks that he knew his love is true because Chahat has come back to save him, he is shocked to see Aalekh standing in front of him, Neel in anger asks what is the reason he helped him, Aalekh explains it is because he wanted Neel to see the humiliation which his family is going through as Ghazala is planning to run dirt and blacken the face of Vyas je who is considered to be the most respectful person of Devpriagh, he would be pelted with stones, Neel replies this cannot happen because Chahat would never let anything wrong happen with him, Aalekh asks Neel to go and see for himself.

Godambari and Bopho both shout at them to let go of Vyas je, he starts feeling dizzy so falls down in the mud, Ghazala exclaims his eyes are filled with tears, he himself has done what they came to do so they can further it, Ghazala brings the necklace made up of shoes exclaiming the entire Devpriagh would now see what happens when the parents are not able to raise their children with love as this causes immense humiliation, she is about to make Vyas je wear the necklace but she is suddenly stopped by Chahat, who makes Vyas je sit down beside the fountain and starts wiping off the mud from his face, Ghazala stopping her questions what is she doing because he doesnot have any fault in this matter, Ghazala manages to pull her aside exclaiming she is really innocent and they should take Vyas je out of the house.

Chahat seeing the stick rushes to Vyas je with it, she warns them all to leave him alone and stands in front of them all, she starts taking the steps backwards so falls into the well. Neel shouts her name, running to protect her and jumps in the well, Vyas je throws the bucket pulling them both with all her might, Godambari and Naveli manage to make sure that all the people run away, Bopho threatens them to say he has called the police.

Neel comes out of the well with Chahat, Zain exclaims he is now going to call the police complaining he has run away, Neel throws the phone exclaiming he has gotten the bail, Neel questions why they dared react this way with Vyas je, he is about to hit Zain but Vyas je stops him, Neel then hugs him.

Godamabri coming asks if the saw the justice of god because they tried to harm Neel however their own daughter got thrown in the well, Neel exclaims he knows Chahat really well and she did this on purpose to protect his family, Chahat exclaims he has a habit of thinking wrong things because she still hates his family but what was happening with Vyas je was wrong so of she stood there, it would have been against the teachings of her father.

Neel says that her love is pure then water, Chahat asks why he is talking the same thing after being beaten by the police, is he mad or what, Neel replies she is his madness and what sort of love is when there is no madness, she doesnot let him touch her but he only smiles, she walks away with Zain and Ghazala, but Neel is just laughing.

Vyas je is praying in the Mandir, Neel comes to sit in his feet, Vyas je questions Neel what has happened, he is just crying, Neel apologizes saying that the humiliation he suffered was because of his love, Vyas je explains one should apologize for their crimes but he has loved so there is nothing wrong, he is happy because Chahat still remembers him and wiped off the mud from his face, he saw the love of a daughter so Chahat would surely get back her memory.

Neel explains that she would surely remember their children, he needs to spend some time alone with Chahat but Zain and Misses Baig do not let her out of their sight, Vyas je replies when it feels there is nothing which they can do so they should just start praying, Neel and Vyas je stand in front of the Mandir, where Neel prays that he be given the strength to make Chahat remember everything about their past which she has forgotten.

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