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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya promises the villagers

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahilya saying I will fulfill my duty, but I can’t take Malhar’s place, this throne is his respect. She gets another throne there. She says I will handle the political work with Malhar’s blessings and belief, I m taking a big responsibility in hand with a hope that you all will be with you. Everyone agrees. She thanks them. She gets seated. Gunu ji thinks you will never reach the throne. He says Nizam’s army tried to attack us, but my soldiers stopped them at the border, they will get the valuables to Holkar palace soon. Everyone claps. Ahilya congratulates him and praises him. She says call the people who wants to get their problems to the darbar. The villagers come and greet Ahilya.

The village Mukhiya tell the problem. He says enemies always attack on our village, we had to leave our village and go to take shelter in other village, we want to come back to our village. Dhana ji says the battle will go on, how can we stop the soldiers from defending the attack, we can’t leave that place. He asks the people to stay safe and alive, they should be happy. Ahilya says we should think of our Praja and secure them. Dhana ji says we have our soldiers in that village, but Nizam’s soldiers are more in number, our soldiers face them bravely, they get attacked from the top, you don’t know the current status of Malwa. Gangoba says Dhana ji is right, we have no other option. Dhana ji asks the villagers to leave. Ahilya stops Dhana ji. She says we can’t make these people away from their land, we should find some way. She asks the man to tolerate this for one week, then he will get his house and village back, its her promise. Everyone gets surprised. The village head thanks her and leaves with his people. Dhana ji thinks she is explaining me, she made a big mistake today.

Dwarka goes to meet Gautama. Gautama talks to pandit. She tells everyone about Ahilya’s special puja ritual. Harku asks does Ahilya know this. Gautama says no, she is handling the darbar, she is working a lot, can’t we do this for her happiness. Dwarka asks why did you call this, when you decided it everything. Gautama says I had done these rituals for Sita’s puja, you should do this for Ahilya, this puja will make Ahilya’s marriage a strong bond, this puja is for every suhaagan. Gautama stops Rakma. She says I don’t know Dwarka wants to take the workload or not, I can’t trust Bana, Harku and I can arrange the food on the puja day, but there are other works also, like inviting suhaagans and decorating the palace, I m giving this work to you, you can do this the best, you talk to the guests well, you get praised for these things. Rakma smiles. Gautama says arrangements should be done grand, Ahilya is the future queen, take Harku’s help if needed, okay. Rakma nods. Gautama goes.

Rakma says she praised me and gave me work, I have no value here. Dhana ji asks how can Ahilya take a big decision, how did she promise the people. Gunu ji says you have to oppose this as well. Gangoba says you all here. The man says we don’t agree with Ahilya, she should change the decision, Dhana ji told the right thing, she should consult him. Gangoba says I also found it strange, but I stayed silent there, I respect her. The man says we have to talk to her. They go to the darbar to talk to Ahilya. Gangoba says they want to talk to you. Dhana ji says why did you assure the village, it will stain the respect of Malhar’s throne also, you should have spoken to me once. Gangoba says yes, I also agree. Ahilya asks them to come and see. She shows the village map made on the sand. She says I never saw this area, but Guru ji taught me about Malwa’s geography in detail, these are the four villagers which get attacked often, Nizam’s soldiers don’t use the jungle way. Dhana ji says yes, its not easy to move ahead quickly in the jungle. Gangoba asks what do you want to say. Tukoji brings some men there.

Gangoba says you didn’t raise any objection to Malhar’s decision. Gautama says just Ahilya, Khanderao and I have the right on Malwa’s throne.

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