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Nima Denzongpa 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Nima becomes homeless

Nima Denzongpa 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Suresh’s mother meets a family for his marriage proposal. She says Suresh is always busy, he is a famous assistant. The girl’s father says my daughter Payal is looking for a good man. Suresh’s mother says we don’t want dowry, he can put a tank in this house if he wants. Suresh comes there and greets them.

Asha tells Nima that I will be late so just cook before I am back. You do know how to cook right? Nima silently nods.

Suresh’s mother tells Payal’s family to ask him anything. Suresh tries to tell that he is a spot-boy but his mother stops him. She lies about his salary also. Payal smiles at him. His mother says he is always busy. He will give more time to Payal after the marriage. Suresh is stunned and says marriage? His mother eyes him. Suresh is shocked.

Nima is cooking and crying. She recalls her parents. Amol laughs at her and says I have never seen a girl cry like this. He tries to touch her and says don’t cry. She cries and says can I call my family? He says okay, just be quick. He leaves from there.

Suresh’s mother says the marriage is fixed from our side. Suresh looks on.

Nima calls her home. Her sister Imli picks it up. Nima cries. Imli says mama is very worried. Baba takes the call and says don’t call us ever again Nima, you went there so just die there. He ends the call. Nima cries. Amol brings water for her. Nima says they have closed doors on me forever. Amol says so you thought you could enjoy here and then go back? This is what happens with girls like you. Nima cries and requests him to call Suresh.

Suresh tries to tell his mother to not fix the wedding but she asks him to shut up, we won’t get a proposal like this. Amol is calling his phone but his mother doesn’t let him pick the call. Suresh says give me 2 minutes. He takes his mother aside and says don’t fix this marriage. His mother says that girl’s father is rich, we will get so many items from them. They will give us big TV and whatnot. Amol is calling him, Suresh tries to pick it up but his mother doesn’t let him. Suresh says if you want me to get married then at least let me marry a girl that I like. His mother fake cries and says I raised you here alone. I got proposals to remarry but I didn’t as I wanted to raise you. You don’t care for me anymore. Suresh says it’s not like that. Payal’s father comes there and says everything is fixed from our side. We will discuss things later on. They leave. Suresh looks on.

Amol calls Suresh and says how did you get a marriage proposal? Talk to your mother. Everything will be fine. He looks at Nima cooking and says you can stay there tonight, talk to your mother. I and Asha will take care of Nima tonight. Suresh asks if he can talk to Nima? Amol says I would but she is taking a rest, she is sleeping. Suresh says okay, let her rest. When she wakes up then ask her to call me. Amol says sure and ends the call. He smirks at Nima cooking.

Scene 2
Suresh’s mother tells him to bring a wife soon so I can have some rest too. Suresh sits with her and says I like a girl. She asks if she has a nice character? He says yes. She asks if the girl is pretty? He recalls Nima and says yes. She asks if she has big eyes and from our cast? Is she rich? Suresh says she is like us but.. She says I knew there would be a but.. I have chosen Payal for you because her father is rich. Suresh says I will go and meet my friends. His mother says we will watch a movie together and you are not going anywhere. She finds some buntings in his pocket and asks what’s this? Suresh recalls how Nima gave it to him. She asks him to put it on their door. Suresh puts it there and smiles.

Nima brings food for Amol. He starts drinking alcohol and offers it to Nima. She says I don’t drink. Amol says fine. He asks her to dance for him. Nima looks away and asks if he talked to Suresh? Amol says he is not even picking up the call, he left you like you are a garbage. Your parents left you also. Nima cries hearing that. Amol holds her hand and says I am here to take care of you. Nima pushes him away and says Suresh must be stuck somewhere. Amol grabs her and says let me take care of you. He tries to molest her but she pushes him away and says don’t do this, you are not in your senses. Amol says don’t act with me, I will do what I want. He tries to molest her but Asha enters the house. Amol starts acting like Nima was harassing him. Amol says this girl tried to come on to me, don’t think anything wrong. Asha says I am not mistaken, it’s good that I got an early off otherwise I wouldn’t know the truth. She grabs Nima’s face and says Suresh is not enough for you that you are trying to lure my Amol? I don’t need this filth in my house. She throws Nima out of the house.

Nima is walking alone on the road at night. She is scared and has nowhere to go.

Suresh is calling Amol’s house but he is not picking up. He is sad as he can’t meet Amol.

Amol sits on the street and cries. She recalls her family moments and weeps. A man comes there and asks if she is fine? Nima runs away from there.

In the morning, Asha comes out of the house to see Nima sleeping there. She shouts at her and asks why did you come back? I told you to get lost. Nima cries and says I am just waiting for Suresh, I have no contact for him. Just let me meet Suresh once. Asha says you can’t make a house. She drags her in the middle of the chawl and says you have no character so why would Suresh come back to you? He had his fun. Do you know that Suresh is marrying some nice girl, his mother fixed his marriage. Just get lost from here, if I see you here again then I will cut you. Nima cries and leaves from there. Amol looks on.

Sureesh is in the market. He sees the mandir there and recalls how he used pray with Nima.

Suresh comes to Amol and Asha’s house, he asks where is Nima? I have brought some clothes for her. Asha says she left the house. Suresh says what do you mean? Amol says actually.. Suresh says don’t scare me. Asha says you left a cheap girl like that here? When I came back home yesterday, I saw Nima charging at Amol, she was trying to seduce him. I saw myself. Suresh says enough, how can you talk like that about a girl when you are a woman yourself? She is not some girl, she is my Nima. I doubt this Amol, can’t you see his character? He pushes Amol away and says don’t know where my Nima. He comes out of his house and finds Nima’s jacket there.

Nima is looking around for Suresh in the street while people catcall her. Otherside Suresh is looking around for Nima in the market. They pass by each other. Nima is crossing the road and about to get hit by a car.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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