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Nazdeekiyan: Chapter 3 (Riansh fan fiction)

I really appreciate every single soul who supported me by the beautiful comments on previous update. Genuinely sorry that I couldn’t reply to the comments. But, I do appreciate all of them. Anyways, here you go with the next update.

Vansh’s POV:

I am Vansh Raisinghania. My family belongs to Delhi. I too used to live there till I was 21. I came to Mumbai about five years back. The reason is, I  wanted to do something that I love to do. But my family always wanted me to takeover the business. I denied though. That’s the only reason, I have not a good relation with my family, after that.
By the way, I am a painter. I love to paint unsaid emotions. Painting is my first love. In the way to find my second love. Because now a days, I really feel my life is lacking something. You know, one of my friend Aryan believes in horoscopes.

He called me early in the morning and informed me that- Today, I am going to meet someone very special. Who will complete me in my life. I don’t believe in all these.

Don’t know why and how come he believes all this blankly. I believe that whatever is going to happen, will happen. And a mere human is no one to tell what is destined to happen.

Back to my introduction, I work in an art gallery. In starting, I didn’t got much appreciation or salary. But, as the time passed my situation and salary increased. I still remember the taunts, I used to get when I came to Mumbai.
I am now happy with my life. My parents keep on saying, “There’s still a chance, join our business. Your passion won’t help you till long”
In starting, I used to take tension but, not anymore.
I just ignore those sayings and enjoy my life.
Today, we had some work in art gallery. Due to which, I got late.
Now, I am driving my car. And cold breeze is blowing.

Suddenly, something came in front of my car. I stopped in the very nick of the time. That person could have died today!
It was a girl. That too in a bridal attire. Wait, did she ran from her wedding? What I have to do with that!

That girl was going. I opened my car’s door. And, stopped her saying- Do you even care of your life?

Ignoring my question, she said- I am in hurry, let me go!

Wait, am I free or something?

She hid inside my car. A group of men asked me about her, but I denied. Is she any thief?

I opened the car’s door and asked her that who were they?
She gave an answer that they were people.

As if I was assuming them to be aliens.

I came to know that she ran from her wedding. She asked me, to drop her to nearby hotel. There’s only one hotel is nearby. That is sunshine hotel. One of my friend works there, too.

I really had an idea that she is a thief and the men in jeep were her partners. I wanted to deny her, but what if she is really in a problem? Then, leaving her alone that too in this area will not be right.

I asked her, is she having any booking there? She said yes.
After some questionnaire inside my mind, I said “okay”. But, I decided, I’ll be alert too.

She kept a condition infront of me, that I have to be always fifty centimetres away from her. I gave it’s answer after choosing my words wisely.

“Madame, you are mistaken. I am not that type of guy. And, I already have a girl friend. And let me tell you, I won’t be with you forever. I’ll just drop you to the hotel. And then, we’ll have nothing to do with each other. Clear?”

I don’t have any girl friend. I don’t know why, but I think telling her this, helped me.

She replied “I know that” and in the way also, she didn’t uttered a word. I was bored, so, I was humming one of my favorites “Phir se shuru”

I dropped her there, and I found my friend Vyom, there. That girl went inside the hotel, I guess.

Me and Vyom had some normal conversation.

I came to home after that, helping that girl, I got late to reach home. I got freshen up and without having any dinner, I slept. My sleep got broken by my sister’s call. Who calls at 12 am?

As soon as I picked the call, I heard- “Happy birthday bhai!!”

It’s my birthday, today? I checked the calendar and yes. It was my birthday. I hung up the call, after having some conversation and thanking them.

I closed my eyes but there was no sleep.

Different thoughts started running in my mind.

Again my phone rang, it was Aryan.

He too wished me for my birthday.

“Thankyou” I spoke.

“All these things are okay. But, when are you going to make, me and bhabhi meet?

“Bhabhi? Who?”

“You met with someone special today. I mean yesterday. Right?”

That girl’s face, started flashing in my mind.

“Are you sleepy? You can tell in detail about yours and bhabhi’s meet. I won’t mind. I am sleepy too. Good morning”

He hung up the call. Is Aryan right? Is she the one who is going to fill the emptiness in my life?

I think, I should sleep. Or else she’ll come in my dreams too.

I slept.


In morning, when I was watching the television, I saw that girl’s pic and the headline- “Famous business tycoon Raj Raichand’s daughter Riddhima Raichand ran from her wedding. Chances are there that she ran with her ex lover”

I checked the newspaper too. Same news was there.

Too calm myself down, I said:
Why should I worry? I just helped her and now I have nothing to do with her.

My eyes fell on window, I saw her entering in my home.
She was holding her head with one hand, as it had a cut. Her other hand was holding her bag. She was wearing a frock suit and a stole was there on her neck area.

“H-hi, hope you remember me” she uttered.

“How can I not!” I replied.

I didn’t knew what to say or yell.

She took baby steps towards me, while her head was all time looking down.


“Ummhh?” I said, raising one of my eyes brows. And pocketing my hands.

“Can you please help me!”

“If I’ll do that, I will be in danger!”

“Mr. Mystery, please….”

“My name is not Mr. Mystery. Stop calling me that! And….”

I heard the door bell ringing. I looked towards her and said- “Be here only”

As I opened the door, I saw the men  who were asking me about Riddhima, last night.

There was one more man, who was looking older comparing to other men. He is Riddhima’s father. I saw in the news.

He was continuously gazing inside my house.

Somewhere, I was understanding what was happening here.

“Sir, he is the one whom we asked about Riddhima mam, last night. He was at the road nearer to your home” one of the men, pointing towards me.

“Hey, mister! I got information that my daughter is seen in your area, this morning. And yesterday also, you were present near my home” Finally, her dad spoke.

“What do you mean, sir?” I said, tremulously.

“That clear mean…” Riddhima’s dad said eyeing his men.

I didn’t even realised when they came inside. And started checking my home.

“W-what are you guys, doing?” I said, my voice became wobbly. And sweat started approaching my face. I just didn’t knew, what will happen the very next moment!

They checked the living area, then kitchen. Now, they went towards my room. One men went to my bedroom. While the other one, to guestroom which was upstairs. Remaining two were in the hall only. Checking the places again and again.

I was preparing myself for the worst, but, to my surprise they came out of the rooms. And nodded in negatively, to which, Riddhima’s father shook his head and went outside. Well, he never entered inside the house.

As soon as they all went, the very first thing I did was to lock all the windows, cover them with the curtain and locking the main door.

I started looking for Riddhima. I saw her coming out of the bathroom, she was shivering and her whole body was drenched with water.

Wait, did she hid in the bathtub? Is she mad or what??????


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Will see you in next chapter♡

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