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Molkki 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Will Virender and Purvi finally meet?

Molkki 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The car which was between Daksh and Virender’s car moves as the light turns green. Strong wind blows. Purvi closes the window immediately and Daksh drives away. Manas and Juhi look at each other.

Principal tells Virender not to worry. Your kids are our responsibility now. This is the best school. He asks peon (Ghanshyam) to take them to their dorm. Kids hug Virender who tells them to go ahead and check their room once. They go with Ghanshyam sadly.

Daksh and Chandni wish Purvi good luck for the interview. She thanks them and heads inside.

Virender thanks Principal again for accepting his kids. A guy tells Principal the interviewee is here. Principal goes out to speak to Purvi. Virender looks at the door. He is able to see their shadows only. Principal and Purvi head in the other direction by the time Virender comes out. Principal rejects Purvi’s application as she has no such work experience. She says I understand I have no such work experience but dedication towards work is more important. I enjoy spending time with kids and teaching them. I love it very much. I am not doing it for money. I want to inculcate good habits, good qualities in them as well. Just give me one chance. You can observe me for a month. Just give me a month and a chance.

Chandni asks Daksh why he told Dhwani that he will talk to Nani. Have you forgotten your plan? We wanted you two to get engaged somehow. Daksh calls it wrong and unethical. I cannot lie even if that means that I must tell Nani everything. I am ready to wait for her yes for as much time as she wants but I am not ready to cheat. She insists that he wont get a better chance than this. You have to act now. Daksh reasons that no relation can survive without love and trust. I wont take this relation to next level till the time Dhwani wont fall in love with me. Be it business or love, I don’t make a deal in which I can incur a loss!

Manas and Juhi are crying and request Virender not to leave them here. We wont trouble you ever again. Virender explains that he isn’t leaving them here as they are naughty. This school is great for you. People of this school are great. They will shape your future in a nice way. He asks the warden to take them. The warden has to literally pull them away from Virender. He walks out of the room teary eyed.

Daksh calls Principal. Purvi is sitting right in front of him. Daksh recommends him to accept Dhwani’s job application. Prinicipal tells him his recommendation is not required. Ms. Dhwani appears to be very dedicated towards her work. I have hired her already. Daksh thanks him and ends the call. He shares the news with Chandni. Dhwani got a job on her own. Principal is very impressed with hr already. They high five.

Purvi is told to join school from tomorrow.

Virender is walking in the corridor sadly. Nothing has been right in my life since you left. I couldn’t see my kids in tears but I have to leave them here in such a state today! Wish you were here to look after them. Manas and Juhi are running to find their Baba. They are in tears. Virender recalls how mean he was to Purvi before that accident. He is headed downstairs. Purvi is nearby. Kids collide with her while running. She bends down to pick the papers. Virender is in the same lobby. Virender begins to leave. Purvi is behind him. Warden is following Manas and Juhi. The kids are behind Purvi. Virender continues thinking about Purvi. Manas and Juhi keep shouting Baba. Purvi hears their voice and turns. They stop in their tracks upon noticing her. Manas and Juhi smile. They shout haathi in unison. She looks around in confusion. Warden stops them when they try to go to Purvi. They beg the warden to let them meet haathi. Purvi keeps looking at them. Warden tells Purvi to go. She takes the kids inside. Purvi wonders if the kids were calling her. I don’t even know them. I might be mistaken. They must be calling someone else.

Purvi comes home and finds Nani busy making preps for the engagement. Purvi sits next to her uncomfortably. Purvi tries to jewelry for Nani’s sake. Nani calls the jewelry unique as Dhwani. She is looking like the royal DIL of Shekhawat family now. She coughs. They feed her water. Purvi tells her to take proper rest but Nani keeps planning about the engagement excitedly. Purvi looks at Daksh helplessly who assures her that he will speak to Nani.

Manas says we must tell Baba that haathi is here. Juhi nods. I don’t understand why haathi dint come to us or speak to us. Even Manas is clueless. Manas also wonders about it. Juhi says only Baba can help us. How to tell him though as we have no phone? They get thinking when they notice the warden speaking on phone. They request her to give them phone for few minutes. Warden tells them that kids are only allowed to make calls on Sunday. They request again but in vain. She sends them to their room. Manas shares that he saw a phone in Principal Room. They decide to wait till night to make a call to Baba.

Daksh tries to tell Nani everything but he is also concerned that she will be heartbroken after knowing the truth. She must know it though. She asks him to say whatever is on his mind. He begins to tell her when he receives a call from Virender. Virender has called Daksh to remind him that he and his fiancé have to come over for dinner tonight. Daksh confirms.

Purvi asks Daksh if he had a word with Nani. He denies. She has been so busy that I cannot find a chance. She reasons that they cannot wait anymore. He tells her to wait for him to get a chance. It wont happen overnight though. Relax. Please get ready. We have to meet Mukhi Virender Pratap Singh over dinner. I have made him wait twice already. It wont be right to make him wait again. Please get ready.

Everyone is sleeping in the dorm. Manas and Juhi head out of the dorm stealthily by stealing the keys from the guard’s pocket. Alarm goes off as soon as they enter the Principal’s room. Someone takes the phone from Juhi’s hand as soon as they start dialling Virender’s number.

Veer and Virender are on their way. Veer tells his Baba to relax. Your doubts will clear the moment you meet Daksh and his fiancé.

Principal scolds the guard and reprimands the kids too. Your father was right. You two are naughty but I will change you for good. You both will be punished in front of everyone in the morning.

Veer and Virender are waiting for Daksh and his fiancé. Virender is getting impatient. Daksh is always late. I cannot wait anymore. I have to find out the truth asap. Let me call him. Veer tells him to have patient. I am sure Purvi ji and Daksh’s fiancé are 2 different people. Why don’t you accept that Purvi ji is no more? Virender says her voice is same though. If I have a doubt because of her voice then I have to clear this doubt at the earliest or I will go mad. Veer tells him not to say so.

Daksh and Purvi reach hotel. Purvi receives Chandni’s call just then and stops to attend the call. Daksh meets Virender and Veer. I am finally on time today. Virender asks him if he has come alone. Daksh denies. I have fulfilled all my promises this time. He points at Dhwani aka Purvi. Virender and Veer look in her direction.

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Update Credit to: Pooja

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