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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update Jaya makes a clever plan

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav says enough life is circus, I see only one solution and removes gun and says I will end Mandar’s story, Jaya and Farhad stop him, Raghav hits Farhad, Jaya shoots in air, Jaya says I hate this anger of you, never think of consequences, what after killing Mandar you will go in prison, we will be happy with you, Raghav steps aside, Jaya apologise to Farhad, Farhad says don’t and says Raghav Anna calm down hit me but calm down. Farhad leaves. Kirti hiding and watching, Jaya hears her talk to Sunny, Kirti says you called at wrong time, Amma and Raghav were fighting I will find about it and inform you, Jaya thinks this stupid girl.
Sunny gets a call, and he asks them to get Pallavi Sawant’s information and says Mandar I will find out why you are behind Pallavi.

Pallavi feeding Sharda and says Mandar sent everyone out but he is talking to me in weird way and something is cooking in his mind, I know you will say run away from here but I am not leaving you alone with this psyco man. Mandar walks in and says Pallavi Aai needs to rest now, let’s go to my room, I fell down so I am having back ache, please give me oil massage, Pallavi says okay, Mandar leaves. Pallavi says I have to do something, I can’t give him massage. Mandar walks in again and says come soon I am in great pain, Pallavi tensed, Sharfa puts hand on her veil, Pallavi gets happy, Mandar walks in again and says come soon, Pallavi says I will come.

Mandar lies on his bed without shirt, he hears footsteps and bangles noice and gets happy, and says Pallavi I was waiting for you, I hope your massage cures me, and says Pallavi your hand is so short and I think I don’t need your massage anymore, and I feel so lucky that you love me and good all left and we could spend time alone, Pallavi says right I am busy all day and now cooking too, Mandar says I can’t see you busy, we will hire a cook and will you massage my chest too, Pallavi says I feel shy, Mandar says my eyes are closed and I promise I won’t open my eyes please, Pallavi says okay, Mandar turns around and says Pallavi I was waiting for this, Mandar hears a different voice and opens eyes to see Pallavi sitting on chair and some other woman massaging him, Mandar quickly wears shirt, Pallavi says she is Vijayaakka and she works at physiotherapy centre and with professional help you will feel much better, complete his chest massage, Mandar says I am fine I don’t want anything else, Vijayakka says Mandar here is my card you can call me directly.

Pallavi pays her and she leaves. Pallavi says he thought he will get massage from me but his nonsense is increasing day by day, I have to talk to Raghav.

Jaya arranging Rakhi Thali, Farhad walks to her, Jaya says come sit with me and says I was scared with his anger, only Pallavi can handle his anger, Farhad tells about house restrictions, Jaya asks will Mandar leave Pallavi alone, if he is informed that Pallavi and Raghav are meeting in Charminar market, Farhad says he will rush to that place but that place is far from our and Pallavi’s house.

Sunny calls Kirti, Kirti says I am late, I have to go office urgently, Sunny says didn’t you tie Rakhee to Raghav and what happened last night, Kirti says Raghav is sleeping will tie him Rakhee in evening, and will talk to you later bye, Jaya sees Kirti coming and says Farhad so in half n hour, Pallavi and Raghav meeting in Charminar market, Farhad says if Mandar finds about it, Jaya sats how will he have hint we both won’t tell him so he won’t know. Kirti steps out and informs Sunny. Sunny calls Mandar and informs.

Pallavi tells Amruta about last night, Mansi and Sulochana see them and find it suspicious, Mandar sees them too and asks what is happening, Amruta says Rakhee preparation and asks Pallavi you going somewhere, Pallavi says no, Mandar thinks Raghav is upto some plan, Mandar says I will go out and come soon, Pallavi you stay home, Mandar looks at Sulochana and asks her to keep eye on Pallavi, Amruta whispers to Pallavi where is he going, Pallavi says forget him he is out so we are free do as I say and says Amruta come help me massage Aai and both leave.

Raghav wakes up and says Pallavi you again in my dreams, and I am late again, Pallavi says not today wake up, Raghav says why are you jeans today everyday you come in red saree, now come hug me, Pallavi in Amruta’s outfit says Raghav this is not dream wake up, Raghav says you say this everyday, Pallavi says how will I make you realise, Raghav says okay bite my finger, Pallavi bites it hard, Raghav says are you mad, and are you really here how, Pallavi says Mandar is out and I exchanged clothes with Amruta, now quickly freshen up, Raghav pulls her close and says you can’t stay even 24hrs from me, missing me so much, Pallavi says you don’t miss me right, so will leave then, Raghav stops her and says of I don’t let you, and gets close to her, kisses her hand.

Pre cap: Pallavi in scarf, Raghav says you have so pretty eyes.

Mandar says Pallavi if you want to prove your trust towards me, burn this photo of Raghav.

Raghav disguises and says now Mandar see what Raghvi will do.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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