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Meet 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update – Meet’s grandmother always keeps abusing her.

Meet 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Meet’s mother watching her husband’s photo who is actually no more with them is expressing her feelings to her mother in law about Meet’s behaviour which is to be applauded instead cursing her now & then because it’s she who is taking care of their house looking after day to day needs like a son who has to do this so she also has some feelings about loss of her brother before birth & she isn’t responsible for that hence to stop cursing her.

Meet arrives who hears all this while her mother wonders what she’ll feel but she tries bringing some calm atmosphere hence tells her mother she has brought Chinese food parcel hence to let’s eat while her grandmother again makes Meet realize about her gender which some day she has to face the truth of while Meet keeps joking with her.

The young boy Meet who had dashed girl Meet reaches his family’s name Ahlawat’s house but finds a key chain fallen in his car hence wonders asking his friend about it & he reminds him of the same girl whom he had confronted earlier & he tells him to not to remind him again & again of that girl who has insulted him.

Meet is cleaning her bike while her neighbour friends are joking & making fun with her but she remembers about the keychain fallen watching a nut in her bike & also thinks of taking revenge with him.

Young boy Meet enters his house but finds the entire family is waiting for him while his mother shows him the time delayed because of him due to Raksha Bandhan & he kisses his mother saying he’ll get ready & come soon. All his sister’s are tying Rakhi on his hands while he gives various gifts to them but when his sister in law is about to tie then his elder sister intervenes to stop her due to her curse on their family because of whom her elder brother left them hence the whole atmosphere is disturbed but the Meet handles the situation.

Girl Meet is performing prayers of Mata while her mother praises her behaviour towards God as well as family & Meet helps her in her work also after prayers.

Boy Meet’s mother is expressing her depression to her husband about the loss faced of her elder son Tej who has left their house due to which his wife is blamed but her husband is trying to explain her it’s not his wife’s mistake in this & she says it’s also mistake from her due to her blind faith on his son’s love to her without checking birth Kundli resulting he leaving but this time will not happen with her another son for whom she’ll follow all rules before marrying him & her husband feels happy about it hence they decide to talk with their son. The father is trying to talk with his young son Meet about his marriage while all are surrounded but his son jokes with him to divert the attention on his marriage.

Mannu is in hurry talking on phone promising & leaving for her commitment while her grandmother & mother is trying to stop her due to arrival of some guests to see her but she without listening to it tells them to take help from their able daughter Meet & leaves. Meet’s grandmother again abuses Meet while Meet helps her mother with repairing mixer. Meet’s grandmother is cursing her she won’t be able to become a perfect woman for anybody in her life while Meet’s mother is again explaining her mother in law to control her anger on Meet reminding how she can feel about her curse always.

Meet is slowly moving inside the house reminding about her promise to her father that she’ll become an able girl in her life for her family.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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