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Lamp of love Episode-8: Bondita’s heartfelt confession

The episode starts with Sumati maa leaving to pilgrimage. Bondita says finish your pilgrimage soon maa, I’ll wait for you. Sumati maa tells Bondita not to trouble anyone and be careful with her health. Bondita gets teary eyes seeing Sumati maa leaves.

Bondita asks Thakumaa about Vibha. Thakumaa says, she is fine now and staying with other women in ashram. Anirudh comes there and calls Bondita as he want to discuss something with her. They both sit in study room and discuss about Vibha’s case. Anirudh tells that he will file case on behalf of Vibha in court today. Bondita tells him that she will take this case and bring justice to her. Anirudh says okay and tells that he will get to witness first case by Barrister Bondita.

Tapur comes there and gives some letters to Anirudh telling that it is for him. Bondita smiles at her, Tapur asks Bondita di who is Rakshas babu? Anirudh asks what she said. Tapur says that before she could complete Bondita closes Tapur mouth and drags from there. Anirudh looks on. Bondita asks Tapur what is this? Tapur asks what? Bondita asks how did you know this name Rakshas babu. Tapur says that is durga maa ka magic. Bondita asks her not to play and tell how she know about this Rakshas babu. Tapur asks shall we speak this in somewhere relaxed, Bondita says fine and takes her to her room. Tapur says, “Bondita di I read one line just a line in your diary and promise not anything else”. Bondita gets tensed and asked what she read. Tapur tells her. Bondita gets feared and asks her if she read anything else. She says no dii promise. Bondita asks Tapur do you know how to read. Tapur says yes di how can I not read, I can read well and write too. Bondita looks surprising and asks how? All because of Anirudh dada he made arrangements for home schooling for me and Tupur, as we both expressed our desire to learn.

Bondita says but why didn’t you told about this? And asks why she read her diary, by keeping her face disappointed. Tapur says, “No di I just came to see you but I saw the diary I just flipped it and I saw this line written by you”. Bondita gets scared by thinking whether if someone also have read her diary. She asks Tapur the same she says no di, no one came to your room last night as everyone was fast as sleep. Bondita gets relieved and says she has some work and will talk later to her. Tapur asks di can I ask you something. Bondita has sensed what is in way for her, but without panic she said yes Tapur. Tapur asks do you love Anirudh dada. Bondita gets nervous, she turns back and says no Tapur not like that. Tapur comes in front of her and asks again, Bondita tries to hide her feelings. Tapur says di I am your sister you can say to me anything, did you forgot how we used to be in childhood no secrets nothing then why everything changed now and gets upset. Bondita says, no Tapur nothing like that and convince her. Tapur asks her then you are not even telling this to me. Bondita says Tapur I haven’t changed from that day, I just have this feeling towards Sakha babu, but I went for studies, his dreams was more important to me than this. After some days I started studying I forgot this feeling but I will miss him each and every second, but when I returned here the moment he stood for me, I had this strange feeling again, Bondita gets emotional. Tapur pacifies her and tells her to not worry as everything will be fine soon or later. They both hug. Somnath hears everything and gets happy, he thinks now I can call Bondita as Boudi soon and gets excited.

Bihari comes there and tells, choti malkin Ksj is calling you. Bondita says she will come and leaves from there. Bondita calls Ksj and asks why did he call her? Ksj tells he just want to speak with her and asks about her work and everything. She says everything is fine. KSj then asks if Anirudh said something to her. Bondita in confused tone asks about what? KSj thinks how to ask this and tells nothing beta about marriage anything. She asks whose marriage regarding. Ksj thinks this bahu as not changed she is still same how she was in childhood just asking questions. When he was about to ask her, Anirudh comes there and asks Bondita, where did you went? Bondita tells she was just talking nothing else. Anirudh says that we have some important work to be completed and asks her to help him. She nods and turns to KSj and says, “We will speak about this marriage sometimes later”. Anirudh asks what marriage? Bondita tells that KSj was telling about someone marriage but before he could finish you came and spoiled Sakha babu. Anirudh looks like what? Are you saying that I disturbed you both? Both Bondita and Ksj says absolutely. Anirudh says okay fine I will leave you both talk, Bondita laughs. Anirudh looks at her she says no Sakha babu I was just playing with you, come lets finish pending works and leaves with him.

Anirudh tells Bondita that he had made necessary arrangements for her campaign. He asks her about the details he given at the start of campaign discussion. Bondita says, “I read all the details in that Sakha babu and my first step is I am going to meet all the school administration in our village”. I have to discuss about admitting girl student in Vidyalaya. I have to first clear that and then I have to meet villagers. Anirudh says that is good idea and tell her to accompany anyone with her as going alone is not safety for her. Bondita thinks I don’t feel safe without you Sakha babu. Anirudh calls her Bondita but she remains in her own world. Anirudh call her again she comes to reality and says okay Sakha babu. He asks what okay? Now a days you are day dreaming a lot. She says all because of you, Anirudh asks what? She says I mean we have so many works so I am thinking about that. Bondita asks Anirudh to take her to ashram as she want to meet Vibha. Anirudh says okay and takes her, he tells her to sit near a tree and he will bring Vibha here as she might get disturbed again seeing their condition.

Vibha comes with Anirudh, he asks her to sit. Bondita asks if she is fine now. Vibha nods still with the same fear she had yesterday. Bondita holds her hand and tells that she is with her and no harm can touch her. Vibha gets emotional and tighten her grip. Anirudh tells Vibha that they are filing case against her sasural and Bondita is going to for you. Vibha tells no need because she is afraid what happens if they punish me for that. Bondita tells her to throw her fear out and assures that, I and Anirudh will always support and stand with you. Bondita tells if she keep on fearing for them then they will do same with her again. Bondita asks Vibha to take her stand against justice and be example for many women. Bondita tells that many women like her don’t raise out their voice, if they do so then no one in this society can taunt them.

Vibha thinks and tells I am ready to fight with you Bondita di, I will do whatever you say. What you said is right my fear is the biggest enemy for me and advantage for them, hereafter I want allow my fear to break my life. Bondita and Anirudh gets happy and tell her that they will come and meet her tomorrow to discuss about case and leaves from there.

Somnath comes to Sampoorna and tells that he has some doubt that Bondita is having feeling for Anirudh. Sampoorna asks really and gets excited and asks him how he knew this, he says I heard when Bondita and Tapur was speaking. Tapur comes there and says, so you were standing out and listening to what we spoke, Somnath gets shocked seeing Tapur there.

To be continued…

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