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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Arun Disowns Maithili

Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arun asks Maithili to choose between him or greedy Raghav. Maithili requests to stop. Arun angrily shouts to choose. Maithili remembers him telling that he may lose his job and may go to jail if she doesn’t take back complaint against Raghav and his condition getting critical once; she says she chose Raghav and considers him as her husband. She requests him to accept Raghav as his son-in-law and forgive him. He says he doesn’t know who she is and walks away. Maithili thinks she is sacrificing for her papa and sisters. Aarti angrily tells Raghav that she knows who is he and if he tries to trouble Maithili, she will not spare him. Raghav stands fuming. Bhavana shows Maithili how to perform next ritual of throwing rice behind her and Bhavana and Sadhna catching it.

Arun says they will not perform any ritual for an outsider, orders them to come in, and closes door. Maithili thinks even if Papa is rude to her, she will continue loving him and performs ritual praying god to keep her papa, sisters, and mother-like Sadhna aunty always happy. Sadhna watches from window while Arun vents out his frustration in room. Sadhna tells Aarti that she, Bhavana, papa, and mamma will be united again as a family. Aarti says she is quiet just for Maithili’s sake and will not tolerate if anyone insults her. Bhavana asks Sadhna not to worry as Aarti wil be fine once Maithili leaves. Maithili gets into Raghav’s car and cries remembering Arun’s bitter words. She remembers Raghav carrying her and promising that he will lift her and take her to his house after marriage. Raghav thinks they cannot sit together in a car, how will they spend whole life in a house. Maithili thinks she has to control her tears and should act strong in front of him.

At Raghav’s house, Jwala orders Rani to make arrangements for Maithili’s welcome. Mangi asks if he has gone mad. Jwala says they need to act in front of Raghav or else he will catch their lies easily. She orders all her 3 children to hurry up soon. Raghav enters. Jwala holding aarti sings a song welcoming her bahu/Maithili and not finding her asks where is her bahu. Raghav says she went on her own way and remembers Maithili stopping car and walking out saying their paths are different from here. Raghav asks why did she stop the car. Maithili says their paths are different form here. Raghav says they are just married. She says marriage is not just pheras and mangalsutra, its reunion of 2 hearts; she married to get back his job and doesn’t want him to be in more sorrow because of her, so their paths are different from here. He says he will drop her wherever she wants to. She says she knows her path and will go away herself. Raghav says goodbye then. She walks in opposite direction while he drives his car away. Jag Soona Soona Lage.. song plays in the background.

Precap: Vigilance officer asks Raghav to call his wife and asks what is happening here. Maithili enters and says whatever should happen and asks Raghav to join her for grahapravesh.

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