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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kids and Shubhra come to Samaira’s place

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 24th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kuldeep faints. Shubhra is worried. She thinks about Kuldeep. Chandrani comes to her. She asks what happened? Can’t sleep. Shubhra looks at the photo. Chandrani says I can’t sleep. The kids come and says we can’t sleep either. Shubhra says come with me. She sings kids lullabies. Rishi says we miss papa. Roli says he must be missing us too. What would he be doing?

Scene 2
Samaira says to the doctor please save my husband. He says I have taken out the poison. He is out of danger. He will sleep now. Let him rest. Samaira says thank God. He says you will be okay Kuldeep. Thank God your wife saved you at the right time. The doctor says did he try to suicide? We have to report. Samaira says actually we recently shifted here. My maid is new. She got rat point and left it in the kitchen. My husband added it in the pasta instead of salt. She says he made it for you? How are you okay? She says he tasted it. I wish I ate it and died. He says don’t worry. He’s going to be okay. He leaves.

Kuldeep says well done Samaira. What a drama you are. I realized.. we don’t have to pretend to be husband and wife. We are not a couple. She says no. But in the world’s eyes, we have to be ideal husband and wife. He says why? She says because I want. When I was a kid, I wanted a husband who was scared of me. Who’s always behind me. You could make a perfect husband. But you are both smart and stupid. You are an emotional fool. I can make you my puppet. My sweet little puppet. You are totally in my control. Kuldeep tries to get up but he can’t. She says rest now. I have asked. He says what would you do? Kill me? She says no I like playing with you. I won’t kill you. Don’t make me angry the next time. It makes me want to torture you.

Samaira texts Shubhra from Kuldeep’s phone. Wasn’t well so I slept early. Shubhra asks what happened? Fever. He says no upset stomach. She says eat yogurt. should we cancel tomorrow’s meeting? Samaira says very concerned and caring ex-wife. Samaira replies come here with kids. We will have breakfast together and do the meeting. Samaira says to Kuldeep, they are coming. Would you tell me what’s happening or should I find out on my own tomorrow? Shubhra sleeps.

Scene 3
The next morning, Shubhra and kids come to Samaira’s place. She opens the door and smiles. Shubhra goes inside. Samaira locks the door. Samaira says here is your dad. Kuldeep is in a wheelchair. He can’t move. Shubhra and the kids are okay. Rishi says what happened to papa? Roli says, papa.. Shubhra says he’s a bit ill. Kuldeep is paralyzed. He says why are you all here? Shubhra says you texted and asked us to come for breakfast. Are you okay? Wheelchair? Samaira puts a hand on his shoulder. Kuldeep says I forgot I texted you. I am not well. I slept. Otherwise would have canceled it. Shubhra says it’s okay. We can do the meeting later. You get better. Let me drop the kids.

Samaira says no. Kids were invited to breakfast. It’s ready. Come on. She makes kids sit. Shubhra is scared. Kuldeep looks at pasta. He’s scared. She recalls Samaira said she added poison in all the food. Samaira says pasta, sandwich, whatever you like. Kuldeep is scared. Shubhra looks at Kuldeep scared and looking at the food. He tries to move his hand but he can’t. Phirki stops him. Shubhra stops the kids from eating. Shubhra says we got our breakfast. Kids like this breakfast. They wanted to eat with their dad. She serves her food to the kids. She removes Samaira’s breakfast and washes the spoons. Shubhra says here’s Rishi’s favorite poha. Shubhra to Samaira says I don’t like wasting food. So whatever you cooked, we both can eat it together.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shubhra serves pasta to Samaira and says eat. She sits in front of her. Samaira looks at her in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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