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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Ishwari advises Sonakshi to mend her relation with Dev

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning Ishwari is instructing the worker to bring good vegetables, Sonakshi comes down, Ishwari asks her why did she not stop Natasha, Sonakshi mentions that Natasha had to leave because of some work and she also needed to go to her office, Sonakshi says that she did not say anything but Natasha herself told her that their was a party in his office in which they also had to bring their spouse but Dev neither told her nor even sought the permission so what could she do, Ishwari is worried that the personal problems of Sonakshi and Dev are in the open, she tries to request Sonakshi to take care of everything and try to mend her relation with Dev, Sonakshi says that she cannot do everything by herself, Dev must also put some effort, she asks if what Dev did by lying about the party, Ishwari explains it might be because he is tensed, she explains that women tend to explain what is in their heart by either fighting or discussing however she knows Dev doesnot like to talk as he keeps it in his heart, she requests Sonakshi to talk with Dev allowing him to come back into the room because he is sometimes sleeping on the terrace or the swing, Sonakshi exclaims she also wants everything to be normal once again but Ishwari must also talk with him.

Soha comes into the playing area when Veid is hurt, she exclaims the teacher is calling them, the boys leave which makes her wonder so she asks why did Veid not say anything to them while they were bullying him, Veid thinks they were helping him learn how to play but the other students also come saying it is their plan as this way Veid would also be hurt and not blame them, Soha says that they must all go to the class, she explains Veid must come to the class after washing his face, she would tell the teacher but Veid stops her, she leaves advising him to take care of himself.

In the night Dev brings the mattress to the terrace, after eating the medicine he lies down on the bed even when there is a thunderstorm approaching, Sonakshi sees him from the stairs so thinks they should end all the differences and become the ideal husband and wife they once were, she goes beside him, exclaiming he should say something and come back to his room with her as when they have married then should end the differences, Dev walks away so she asks why does he never say anything to her, Dev replies it is because he has a habit of doing, he opens his arms so Sonakshi comes to hug him, they both laugh and enjoy themselves while laughing.

In the morning Soha gets ready asking why Veid not ready is, he explains it is because he has a bad stomach so doesnot want to go, Soha explains she knows the real reason he is not going, she feels he should not lie and must inform the parents about the truth because they would teach bad boys a good lesson, Veid however refuses saying that he doesnot want to pressurize them because they have a lot worries, Soha agrees, Sonakshi also enters asking if they are ready, she asks Veid so leaves with Soha after giving him the medicine, Dev also bumps into Sonakshi, they tend to have a misunderstanding, he gives her the way she leaves, Dev also asks why he is not ready, he leaves.

Sonakshi and Dev are downstairs, he asks if Veid is really ill, Sonakshi replies she feels he is fine so has given the medicine so feels Veid would be fine, she asks him to also talk with Veid.

Dev calmly opens the door, Veid doesnot realize that Dev has opened the door since he is busy in playing the game, Dev asks him why did he not get ready for school, Veid replies it is because he has a pain in his stomach, Dev recalls when he was a child he also made the excuse of pain in his stomach so that he would not have to attend the school, when in reality his project got destroyed because of lack of money, his sister questioned why did he not ask for money from maa however he accepted to not give the project. Dev sitting with Veid asks if he is telling the truth, because it seemed he is fine because of the way he was playing the game, Veid assures there is nothing, Dev asks how is he feeling in his new school asking if he made new friends, Veid only takes the name of one boy, Dev questions if he doesnot sit with gollu and Soha, Veid replies Soha is his friend even in the house, he thought of making new friends at school, Dev explains Veid can share anything with him since he is his father.

Sonakshi is stuck on the road, she is standing in front of the hood exclaiming she cannot find the correct wire, Dev stops the car asking about Soha, Sonakshi replies she has dropped her, Dev offers to drop her while the driver would take her car to the mechanic, Sonakshi refuses explaining she has a lot of meetings so needs the car, Dev taking off his coat asks why does she have to make it so difficult, assuring he would fix the car, he starts doing it so then explains Aayush is making excuses of not going to school, Sonakshi replies he doesnot generally lie so maybe unwell.

Dev is trying to fix the car when Sonakshi explains Natasha came to their house, he asks the reason mentioning it might be because of the girl talk, Sonakshi thinks how she advised her about couple therapy, Sonakshi replies she wanted to talk, Dev says she was even talking about her in the party, he gets stunned, Sonakshi mentions she knew everything about the party as Natasha even called her from the party inquiring about her health while she was lying, she questions why is he blocking her from his life, he should not have taken her if he did not want but what was the point in lying.

Dev shutting down the hood asks if she really wants to know, he explains he desired to go to a place where there was a place and no one complained about anything, he explains she wanted to know the truth, so he said it, he leaves informing that the car is fixed while Sonakshi is let in a state of confusion.

Radha comes Ishwari saying that it is a blessing they were able to perform the Darshan so easily, Ishwari explains that even the Pandit jee said that they cannot see a son like him these days and he should apply the black tika so there is not any evil eye, she sees Aayush so asks Ishwari to give him the Parshad, Ishwari goes to him when there is someone at the door, they sees Mr and Misses Verma standing, Aayush immediately rushes to them, he hugs them both and starts weeping, they ask what has happened so he replies he really misses them.

Bijoy is practicing with Alena in the house, he tries to stop but Alena forces him, Saurabh starts plating the table when Sonakshi enters handing him the bag, Alena hugs her, Sonakshi sitting down exclaims she was worried about Bijoy, he however insists he is fine but she replies Saurabh send her the reports and seeing them he needs to take care of himself, she is shocked asking how did Alena get time to meet him, Alena is tensed when Saurabh explains that she has taken some time off, Sonakshi says it is nice because their was even a stalker.

Bijoy asks if everything is fine between her relation and Dev, she gets tensed so he realizes nothing is right and explains he doesnot not want to come in between their relation, however there is an advice and they should either end it all or move forward with their relation otherwise it would be really problematic for them both, Sonakshi feels he is saying the truth.

Precap: Sonakshi sits beside Dev while he is sleeping, informing he has won and she lost, she thinks he is sleeping till now and if he doesnot want to go to his office, she tries waking him however he doesnot move, Sonakshi gets worried calling Maa and Baldev, she informs that Dev is not waking up, everyone gets really worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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