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At Mehra mansion

“ Any info about Rhea?” asks Abhi.

“ no, not yet. ” tells Vikram.

“ Abhi, are u sure about this? Do u really want to get Rhea arrested?” asks Vikram.

“ u still have doubts?” asks Abhi.

“ Listen,…” Vikram was about to say something but gets stopped on seeing Srinivasans there.

Mishti comes and hugs Pallavi and Vikram.

“ u guys suddenly here? All good? ” asks Purab.

“ I don’t know. Ishaan called me and said to come here. So we all came here. hasn’t he come here yet?” asks Mr. Srinivasan.

“ Ishaan?” says Abhi.

just then Ishaan comes there.

“ Ishaan, come inside. What happened ?” asks Pallavi.

Ishaan doesn’t reply anything. He looks at Pragya who is very much shocked to see him there as she knows Rhea is with him. Ishaan bends down his head and turns side wards signing someone to come out. To everyone’s shock, Rhea comes from behind. Abhi feels happy on seeing his daughter safe but at the same time he gets angry on remembering Rhea’s deeds.

“ Rhea, where were u? do u know how worried we were?” tells Meera and hugs her but Rhea’s sight is fixed on Abhi.

Pragya comes there running and breaks their hug.

“ didn’t I warn u not to come here until everything gets fine. Then, why did u come?” shouts Pragya to which Rhea replies nothing.

Everyone gets shocked on hearing Pragya’s words.

“ what did u just say? Does that mean u knew where Rhea was. And u have been lying to me since morning.” Says Abhi.

“ Don’t blame her. She just knew a couple of hours ago.”Ishaan supports pragya.

“ come on, don’t support a liar, Ishaan.” Says Alia to which she gets a fierce look from Rhea. Alia gets scared and stops speaking.

“ But Ishaan, hasn’t maasi told u…..” Shahana gets interrupted by Abhi.

“ Shahana, even u knew. And Aryan what about u?” asks Abhi to which Aryan bends his head. Abhi understands that even Aryan was aware of Rhea’s whereabouts.

“ I understand Aryan. He has grown up with Rhea, so he was trying to save Rhea, but u Shahana, I didn’t expect this from u. u knew Prachi since childhood. U considered her as ur own sister and u have always supported her. Then why did u side with Rhea now?” asks Abhi to which Shahana has no answer.

“ Don’t say anything to them. I asked Aryan and Shahana not to say anything to anyone. And I will also not allow u to get Rhea arrested.” says Pragya.

“ Pragya, stop it. Rhea should get punished for her deeds.” Tells Abhi.

They both Argue. Everyone except Rhea tries to stop them but they were unable to.

“ stop it. That’s enough. U r creating a ruckus. ” A voice comes from behind. Rhea has spoken for the first time after coming home.

Abhi gets angry and tries to slap Rhea, she protects her face with her hand but surprisingly no hand lays on her. She opens her eyes and sees a shocking scene. Rhea gets shocked on seeing Ishaan holding Abhi’s hand. Everyone gets shocked. Just then Ranbhir and Prachi come there. They also get shocked at the sight.

“ Ishaan?” says Prachi.

“ Chucks?” says Ranbhir.

On hearing their voices everyone turns towards the door and gets shocked on seeing Pranbhir over there.

“ what’s going on here? Will anyone explain to us?” asks Ranbhir but no one replies.

“ Ishaan, what’s going on? At least u tell me?” asks Prachi.

“ I am sorry, Prachi.” Says Rhea bending her head.

“ For what?” asks Prachi innocently.

“ for everything I have done to you…..” Rhea gets interrupted by Abhi.

“ enough of ur acting. U wanna escape ur punishment. That is why u r doing all this. Right?” tells Abhi.

“ no dad….” Rhea gets interrupted again by Abhi.

“ I don’t want to hear a single word from u…” Abhi gets interrupted by ishaan.

“ stop it. Let her speak. I understand whatever she has done wrong and she feels guilty about it. I have the proof.” Tells Ishaan.

“ proof? what proof?” asks Abhi.

Ishaan shows the video in which Rhea confessed everything after she got drunk. Rhea gets emotional on seeing Ishaan supporting her.

“ she felt insecure about Prachi because u didn’t give that assurity to Rhea that nobody can snatch her father from her. I understand it is difficult to be a single parent but it doesn’t mean u will never look at ur faults. ” shouts Ishaan.

“ and u should have never allowed a wrong woman to raise ur daughter.” Saying this Sunny enters looking at Alia.

Alia understands Sunny meant her. Aryan remembers investigator’s words on seeing Ishaan. Purab gets motional on seeing Sunny.

“ what do u mean? That I was responsible for whatever she has done?” asks Alia, but shuts her mouth on seeing Rhea’s angry face.

“ I never said it was u. u responded in reflux. Probably u urself know u are  wrong.” Tells Sunny to which Alia fumes and Purab smiles.

“ Dad, I know I am not worthy of ur trust. But I want u to trust me for one last time. Please dad. and to prove this, ….” Saying this Rhea closes her eyes and says “ I am ready to surrender myself to the cops.” To which everyone gets shocked.

“ Rhea, have u gone mad? No, I will not allow u to do this. I have got u back after so many years and I am not gonna let u go.” Cries Pragya.

“ mom, it’s just of matter of few years….” Rhea gets interrupted by ishaan.

“ u said u wanted to come, to say something. That is why I brought u here, not to let u surrender urself. If I have known this is what u wanted to do, I would have never let u come.” Shouts Ishaan.

“ but I asked u to bring me here so that I can surrender myself. I wanted all my family members to be there so that I can say a final goodbye before I leave.” Saying this Rhea moves towards Prachi who is still petrified by Rhea’s words.

“ I know I have done so many unforgivable things. U r my own sister,  but I have done things which can’t be done even to an enemy. And Ranbhir, I tried to separate ur love from u. I became so selfish, that I was unable to understand what true love is. I am sorry Ranbhir. Can u please forgive this friend of urs?” Saying this Rhea places Prachi’s hand in Ranbhir’s hand. Prachi and Ranbhir gets emotional and hug her. After breaking the hug, Rhea observs ring on Prachi’s ring finger. She understands that Ranbhir has proposed Prachi and she even accepted the proposal.

“ good luck.” Saying this Rhea turns to call cops but suddenly a fist gets wrapped around her tightly.

She turns and sees Prachi holding her.

“ who is elder among both of us? U or me?” asks Prachi.

“u.” replies rhea innocently.

“ then I should be the one deciding punishment for u, right? I have both the rights, as a victim and ur elder sister.” Tells Prachi.

“ Prachi, have u gone mad. Let her do what she wants to do.” Says Ishaan.

“ Prachi is right. Prachi,U decide the punishment for Rhea.” Tells Abhi.

“ I waited for my little sister for 20 years. Even after meeting her, there was nothing fine between us. And finally, today, I have got her back. I don’t wanna let her go easily. Ranbhir proposed me. So we are planning to get married. So, I want her to stay at least till my wedding as it was my dream to celebrate my wedding with my lovely sisters.” Tells Prachi to which pragya and Ishaan relieves a sigh. But Abhi isn’t happy with Prachi’s decision.

“ But Prachi….” Abhi tries to convince Prachi.

“ papa, u have only said that I have the right to punish Rhea. And I know Rhea must be punished for what she has done. And I will never stop u from doing so. But it will just take some time. Please agree papa.” Requests Prachi to which Abhi reluctantly agrees.

Everyone smiles knowing that Rhea has changed. Though they were sad that Rhea has to surrender herself to the cops , they were happy that she is gonna stay with them for few more days. Rhea also smiles and hugs her mom. And then she sees Ishaan with an expressionless face and teary eyes. Ishaan couldn’t control his tears of sorrow , so he leaves from there. Rhea follows him.

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