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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Happu gets worried for Amma’s excessive drinking

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chamchi playing with Ranbir and Hritik and is winning. She tells that today is her lucky day. They say it is not your lucky day. Chamchi teases them. They run to beat her. Happu protects Chamchi while Hritik tries to beat her. Happu tells that Hritik’s hand is heavy and asks if he wanted to beat his sister like this. A guy comes to give the bill of the wine. Happu says I haven’t taken 25 bottles. Chamchi, Hritik and Ranbir look at him. Ranbir asks if he drinks since childhood. Hritik says if you have stomach or tanker. Happu thinks who is drinking so much on my name. Amma drinks wine. Dada ji says you are drinking much now. Amma says her throat is dry. Dada asks her not to do excessive drinking. Amma says my only mantra to live to is to drink and to let others drink. Dada ji says he can’t make her understand. Happu comes there and sees Amma drinking. He shows the bill to Amma and says 25 bottles in a month. Amma asks who has drink so much. Happu says I shall talk to Beni and make him come out of his drunk effect. Amma slaps him and says he is your friend. Happu says ok, I will ask him next month, if the bill comes like this. He bends down to pick something and finds many wine bottles under the table.

Later Happu tells Rajjo that he came from Amma’s room. He says she is drinking excessively. Rajjo says I never heard that she is drinking so much due to me. Happu asks did I tell you, that she is drinking due to you. He says when I looked under the table, there were 25 bottles under the table. He says he made her promise not to drink again now, and asks her to make Amma understand. Rajjo says she will not agree.

Malaika asks Kat, why does she apply make up and why she removes in the night. Kat says my skin will get harmed. Malaika says why do you apply then. Kamlesh comes there. Kat says hi. Kamlesh says hi Malaika. Malaika asks if any accident happened with you. Kamlesh says it is your bad habit, what did I do with you. Kat asks him to tell her bad habits. Malaika argues with him. Kat says she has no problem with him and says we shall tell each other about our bad habits. Malaika says you will have a tough time. Kamlesh says I have no bad habits so it is easy job for you. Malaika hits him with bat. Kamlesh falls while Kat holds him.

Rajjo styles chamchi’s hair while Hritik teases her. Happu signs Rajjo. Amma understand and questions him. Happu says he is talking about her health and asks her to stop drinking. The kids ask Amma not to drink. Ranbir says once he saw her eating 10-12 tablets. Chamchi says Dadi is about to die. Rajjo says nothing will happen and asks them to go and attend the online class. Amma blames Rajjo for teaching the kids such things. Happu says I never refused to bring wine for you, but now your health is in question. Amma says my liver is strong, I have left drinking. Happu asks Amma to promises. She promises and slaps him.

Happu comes to the PS. Manohar shows him newspaper and badmouths against him, accusing him for gambling. Happu slaps him. Resham Pal comes there and asks if you read the news. He says due to you, Police name is ruined. Happu says I do my homework with honesty. Resham Pal tells that they have to show clean image for atleast 10-15 days. Happu says they will not spare the person doing this. Manohar also goes on saying against the Police officer. Resham Pal asks them to be quiet and says it was me. Happu and Manohar are shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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