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Ghar Ek Mandir 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update : Kundan Agarwal angry with Santoshs step.

Ghar Ek Mandir 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kundan tells Anuradha to choose a necklace and says this is from me wear it you will look pretty, Nisha walks in with tea, Anuradha shows it to her, Anuradha removes Chandrahar, Kundan says why did you get it out, its ancestral, keep it inside its special and Nisha choose from these, it’s all modern.

Jindal visits Kundan and hands him Jewellery given by Santosh to sell.
Genda’s houss everyone celebrating, Santosh tensed, Nilima walks to her and asks whats wrong, is there any issue, Santosh says all is good, and Jeweller told me he will get us money and Jewellery and drop it here, Genda walks in and asks for cupboard keys, Santosh makes excuses, guests call Santosh and ask her to join them celebrate, Genda sees Santosh worried and hugs her, Santosh in tears says Maharaji is with us you don’t worry, all will be good and you will look very pretty and joins everyone to dance and celebrate. Genda realises Santosh is hiding something.

Jindal tells Kundan, God saved you because Genda’s mother came to us to sell these or people would say Kundan is pressuring a girl without father and if you are taking don’t hide it, bad is when you hide it, Kundan angry says thank you. Jindal leaves. Manish says doesn’t Santosh aunty know selling Jewellery is bad for us, now all will think Papa asked for dowry, Varun says Papa already said we will help then why do this, Ramesh says but it could also be they had other needs and couldn’t ask because of awkwardness, Kundan says Ramesh they made a mistake, don’t support them, if this would go out, my reputation would be in dust, people would call me a greedy person and they have done a huge mistake and I can’t stand this disrespect and I have to fix this.
Nisha thinks is he thinking if cancelling.

Haldi function begins at Genda’s house, Pankhudi and Harsha says we will apply so much haldi she will be shining bright, Pankhudi asks Santosh to check Haldi, Santosh says good, and takes Nilam aside and she is worried about Jindal not yet home with Jewellery and money, Nilam says he will come don’t worry if Genda sees you like this, its not good.

Harsha doesn’t give Genda, Varun’s call, Genda scolds them and takes ohoneu, Varun scolds Genda and tells about Jewellery incident, Genda asks what Jewellery, Varun says you didn’t think about our status, people are saying we forced you for dowry, Genda says I don’t know anything, Varun says you don’t care about our status or Papa’s respect and now Papa is on way to your home, see yourself and don’t tell him I called. Anuradha asks who were you talking to, Varun says shop.

Genda in tears and confused and thinks what jewellery, Kundan walks in, Santosh stops everyone and walks to him and asks why is he here, Kundan says I am here with sweets, Santosh says I can’t take anything from you, Kundan says take it, Nilam says I will get tea, Kundan says not required and I need to talk to Santosh alone. Santosh takes him inside, Kundan says I didn’t want to disturb but its important, je apologise guests and goes in with Santosh.

Genda goes to check on Kundan and Santosh, she sees from window, Kundan says there are no sweets but this and hands her jewellery, Santosh in tears, Kundan says I didn’t expect this from you, you did very wrong, why would you do this, tell me, Santosh says I, Kundan says you know it takes ages to bult reputation but a minute to spoil it, how could you go to a market and sell jewellery being a woman how could you, you are part if our family now and they are calling me two faced and saying I forced you for dowry, Santosh says try understand our side too, Kundan says you could ask Madan to talk to us, Santosh in tears I am very sorry, but how can I send my daughter without anything, I respect you but how, Genda sees her mother helpless and in tears, Kundan says you don’t worry here Chandrahar, very special and ancestral, Genda will wear this in wedding. Santosh says its from her in laws, Kundan says its just we know, people don’t, people will think you gave her, now things will go as I say and I hope you won’t repeat and leaves.

Santosh starts crying, Genda walks to her and hugs her.

Pre cap: Genda says to Santosh, Kundan can’t talk to you like this, she calls Varun but he doesn’t receive.
Genda says why give jewellery.
Genda visits Agarwal shop, Kundan introduces her, people says how can your daughter in law come to shop, Genda says I have to talk to you it’s important, Genda says I can’t keep this Jewellery.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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