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Choti Sardarni 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher and Rajveer’s engagement

Choti Sardarni 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Engagement preparations are done in Seher’s house. Everyone is happy and they dance around. Badi bi gets Seher ready. She isn’t happy. Badi bi shows her Param and Karan dancing. She smiles. Badi bi says Seher looks worried.

Mausi says I hope Harshdeep has checked the girl well. I need to keep an eye on her. Seher calls Rajveer did the bidding start? He says not yet. I will buy it. Seher says I don’t know how to control. I can’t do this engagement. I won’t be able to make you wear the ring. I only love Kunal. He says please don’t cry. You won’t have to do all this. He says please don’t cry. the auction has started. Seher sobs. Badi bi comes to her and asks what happened? She says everything is fine. Badi bi says don’t hide from me. I am like your mom. Seher hugs her and cries. Seher tells her everything.

Scene 2
Rajveer bids. It gets competitive. He bigs for 6 crores. Dida comes and takes his phone. He says give me my phone dida. Mausa and Mausi come in. Mausi says you look good. Dida says to keep his phone. It’s his engagement. Rimple takes his phone and says no. Get ready. Dida gets a text Kunal is nowhere.

Badi bi says you are going to sacrifice your life for your brothers? What are you doing? Your badi bi is with you. We have to be sane and play it wisely. Seher cries. Badi bi says it will work out. Seher says there’s darkness all around. Someone is killing my dreams. I never lied. Mama baba told me to never lie. now I am.. Badi bi says you’re fighting a war. You’re lying to save your brothers. I know your heart is pure. If you hid it from rajveer, it would be wrong. You are right. Do this engagement today. Seher says how can I wear someone else’s ring on this finger? Rajveer is doing all this for me. I don’t know what to do.

Rajveer asks Mausa ji to get his phone. He says Rimple let’s take a selfie. He takes the phone and gives it back to Rajveer. Rimple says give it back to me. Badi bi says to Seher do what you think is right. Badi bi takes her ring off. Seher cries. She recalls when Kunal proposed to her.

Scene 3
Rajveer’s family comes to Seher’s house. Mausi asks Badi bi who are you? She says I took care of the kids before Sarab and Meher died. She says so you’re a maid? Param says no. she’s like our mom. Karan says she raised us like her kids. They welcome them in.. Rajveer takes his phone back from Mausi ji. He sees the last bet is 50 crore. he bets for 55 crores.

Seher comes downstairs. Rajveer looks at her. He says Seher don’t cry. He gives her a napkin and says don’t worry. The auction is over. I gave all the money that was in my bank. Seher says you.. He says I love you Seher. Seher says stop joking. Rimple says something is wrong. The girl doesn’t look alright. Dida calls Nikhil and says don’t come here until you find Kunal. I will make an excuse to Rajveer. Param asks all okay? She says was speaking about your case. You are getting engagement done so I had to handle the case.

Scene 4
Anurita announces let the function begin. Seher and Rajveer come on stage. Dida gives him the ring. She says make Seher wear it. Seher is confused. Param says Seher.. Give your hand. Seher has a bandage on her ring finger. Everyone is confused. Param asks Seher what happened? How did you get the bruise. Karan says tell me. Rimple says I saw this in a movie. The heroin loved someone else so to stop the engagement she cut her finger. Now I am seeing it in real life. Badi bi recalls Seher was crying. She says it was a stupid movie. A trunk fell from my hand and injured her hand. Dida says it happens. She says Seher you make Rajveer wear the ring. Karan says come on Seher. Seher looks at the ring.

A man drops Kunal outside. He is wearing a shawl. He walks inside. He says I will tell you everything Seher. All that happened to me. Dida says extend your hand Rajveer. Rajveer’s hand is injured as well. Dida asks how did this happen? Are you okay? He says it happened in the gym. Karan says they are made for each other. They even got the bruise together. Mausa says how will engagement happen now? Dida says it will. Kunal walks in. He sees Seher.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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