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Bigg Boss OTT 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 15 8:15 PM
Zeeshan says I am being called misogynistic because a lot of things came to me and I answered them. Milan says we didn’t like you talking about the boundaries. You asked all women not men. He says because all men are misogynists. Pratik says it’s okay. Karan cleared it. He says Shamita never clears things with me. Nishant says she would have said sorry if she really cared. The damage is done. Zeeshan says Shamita apologizes and then says sorry. Zeeshan says taking an event and not seeing anything that happened before or after. I am a feminist not a misogynist. Zeeshan hugs Nishant. Milan says why are you laughing? Nishant says I laugh with you.

Day 15 8:45 PM
Music plays. Hina Khan comes in dancing. She meets everyone. She says Nishant you’re killing it. She says who tied rakhi? They say no one. Hina says no siblings? They say no. Divya says there was one brother who left. She says every week one has to leave. This is your first festival here. I know you all miss your family/ Divya says I hope you have messages from home. Hina says Zeeshan there’s something in the store, bring it. You guys are entertaining a lot. He brings in sweets. Hina says be happy. Eat sweet. She says now? Show I distract. You are away from your family. So I came here with a small surprise. You will get messages from our family. They all clap and get happy.

Milan’s sister says you are playing very well. Akshara’s brother says you are a lioness. Stand for people. Moose’s family wishes her a happy raksha bandhan. She says just be a little careful. Neha loves you. Just be careful. Shilpa gives a message to Shamita and says wish you a very happy raksha bandhan. Stay happy. Use less salt in the food, spicy good. Pratik’s sister gives him a message. He gets emotional. Neha’s brother wishes her rakshan bandhan and says don’t be so close to people. it’s hurting you. Raqesh’s mom also gives a message to him. Zeeshan’s brother wishes him luck. Nishant’s brother says you are doing great. I am very proud of you. Win and come back home. They all clap.

Hina asks Shamita Shilpa called you spicy food? She says yeah she calls me that. Hina says let’s color your face. I won’t go like this. You all know this season is for 6 weeks only. You all should buck since the third week has started. Fix your targets. Who do you want to target and why? She asks Zeeshan to bring something from the store and asks Pratik to take off the cloth from the dart bort. Hina says you have to make your target stand there and throw that foam on their face. She says Akshara you start.

Akshara says my target is Shamita. She’s spicy and she says a lot of things in lines. She underestimates me. Hina says come Shamita. Do you agree? Shamita says I don’t try to undermine her. Maybe.. I have a strong stand so she feels that way. Akshara says she always has a boundary for me. She doesn’t want to talk to me because she thinks I am of a different level. Shamita says it’s not that. She gets on top of me so I get scared away. Akshara says I am also scared of her. Hina says you don’t look like it. Akshara puts foam on her face. Raqesh cleans Shamita’s face. Hina says what a connection. She says next is Divya. Divya says there are two-three people. Hina says you can only call one. Divya says Shamita, Neha, and Raqesh. But okay. If it’s one I will call Neha. Divya says she instigates things and says things here and there. Hina says everyone does that. I don’t look for excuses. Divya puts foam on her face. Zeeshan says my target is Pratik. Our thinking doesn’t match. He doesn’t take the stand. He puts foam on Pratik’s face. Pratik says he’s always after me. Zeeshan says it’s not wrong. Hina calls Neha. Neha says our feeling is mutual. It’s Divya. I already had my mind. I want her to leave. She isn’t fair. I don’t like rude people. She puts foam on Divya’s face. Divya says as if you can send me home.

Milan comes. He says I will call my friend Nishant. Let me do his facial. The main reason is.. Nishant says I will trap you. Milan says he is competitive and strong. He gets too loud in fights and chaotic. Hina says so he’s strong. Milan says he is. Milan puts foam on his face. Nishant says try hard. Raqesh says I was very hurt yesterday. He considered me worthy of punishment. I don’t like hatred. I wanted to keep some love in this house. Divya says and yes.. you are saying about me. Raqesh says let me speak. He says I was her well-wisher. I don’t know why she got personal and gave me punishment. I thought she was wrong. It was painful for me. I wanted to target her for that. Divya says it was the entire house’s decision not mine alone. He didn’t stand by me when I was alone. Raqesh says I had to stand by my connection. Divya says if I were you, I won’t have done it. Raqesh says but I won’t call Divya. I will call Nishant. He has forgotten our 15 years old friendship. He puts it on Nishant’s face.

Pratik says I have no competition here. I knew he would say it. He has a crush on me. But I will target Shamita. She says bit things like respect women. Don’t abuse people but she abused everyone yesterday. I was like wow. And Raqesh was standing with her even when she was wrong. Pratik says we can see your face concern. If your connection is so strong come stand here instead of her. Hina says everyone makes a mistake. Pratik says they shouldn’t show that they are perfect. If they can point out my mistakes, I would as well. They never accept their mistakes. Shamita says Pratik fought with everyone in the first week. To the extent of being disturbing for everyone. Pratik you have said things for a girl that were hurtful. He has been abused. Pratik says abuse? Shamita says he does everything else without even abusing. He says now you are contradicting yourself. Shamita says can I talk? She says he instigates people. As far as my connection goes, the first week, Raqesh and I weren’t connecting. We talked and worked on it. We are genuinely connected now. When he was putting Divya’s buzzer, I understand why he took that call. If someone says our connection is fake, it’s their problem. Pratik puts a little foam. Hina says so sweet. Hina says Shamita you’re on top of the hit list. She says I am competitive. I take it as a compliment. Pratik says they are being paid more. So they would get more limelight. Hina says it doesn’t work like that. Pratik says no no I am saying they aren’t being shown so we were justifying their money. Hina says it’s not like that. She says Pratik brings something from the store.

Hina says everyone gets labels in this house. This is season’s beginning and we heard one word a lot. They say diplomatic, snake.. fake. Hina says it’s from f. Hina says fattu (coward). Hina says any guesses? Akshara says yes. Hina says pratik and zeeshan keep calling each other fattu (coward). Let’s do another task. She calls both of them. She says all of you will come one by one and decide who is the most coward. You have to cross on their face with a paint, if you think he’s a coward. Nishant says how big cross? Hina says it depends on your love.

Hina calls Neha. She says both of them are. Neha says should I put it on my face. Pratik says don’t do that. She says don’t tell me what to do. She says Zeeshan thinks he needs to be with whatever he thinks is right. Hina says thats not cowardly. He stands with his friends. Neha says his personality isn’t coming out because of that. Hina says I will put it on Pratik. I called him my friend and he never held my hand. She applies it on Zeeshan’s face. Pratik says what the hell?

Shamita comes. Shamita says whatever my problem is with Pratik. I saw he take his stand. I expected better from Zeeshan yesterday. Where he had to take a stand, he didn’t. So I will put a cross on him. Zeeshan says it’s about connection. It’s okay if you think I didn’t take a stand. I am a little hurt. Shamita says now you know how I felt. Zeeshan says I told you the reason. shamita says not justified. Raqesh comes and says for the same thing that happened yesterday.. I was disappointed. He has a voice and should stand up. Divya says why.. Zeeshan says just for one day? Raqesh says he is a great guy besides that. He puts it on Zeeshan.

Moose comes and says Pratik. He tries to intimidate a lot. He sees me as a competition. He is scared of me. She puts a cross on his face. He says are you serious? I thought you are joking. Neha hugs Moose. Hina says even I thought it’s a joke. Moose says it’s true. Pratik says are you serious? She says yeah you are scared of me. Akshara comes. Akshara says people who don’t have a personality decide to shout. She puts it on Zeeshan. Zeeshan says your partner should get it then. Akshara says he’s always influenced. He says I took a stand for you. Zeeshan and Pratik call each other cowards. Hina says shut up. She calls Divya. Divya says Zeeshan is brave. She puts it on his face. Nishant says Zeeshan is a coward for me. She puts it on Pratik. Nishant puts it on Zeeshan. Milan says I would say Pratik. He is protective about his friends. Pratik says I have stood against my friends too. Zeeshan says now you will try to justify. Pratik says stick your face to the camera. Hina says hello.. Pratik says he’s crazy. Hina says it’s a tie. She says you both are equally coward. She laughs. Neha says I said it. Hina says the coward war would go on. Spice it up. Do not agree to everything what you connection says. Individual personality also matters. Nishant says he should know it. Hina leaves.

Day 15 10:15 PM
Nehav says I said Zeeshan because he’s my friend. He’s always confused. He doesn’t take a right.


11:30 PM
Nishant says are you taking it personal? Raqesh says now I am. Nishant says everyone is saying it now. Raqesh says to Moose pick your stuff. She says you re not the captain. I am resting.

Zeeshan says to Neha you were mad at me. I won’t have mind. Neha says I wish you were less confused. Zeeshan says when I put black water, I was the only person to hear her out. Zeeshan says it’s simple. Moose says to nishant why is Raqesh trying to be free to me? I don’t want to talking to him. Akshara says that’s his game.

Nishant says he has counters for everything that was said about him. But when Zeeshan had a chance he should have. Divya says he wasn’t given a chance. He was contextual. Neha says as artists, things we say here, they shouldn’t send out a wrong message. One thing is right about Zeeshan. Girls can’t say everything even if it’s wrong. Nishant says you can abuse then tolerate it too when someone else says it. Pratik says I said the same to Akshara. Zeeshan says my point was overtaken. Nishant says you said you don’t know a lot of heavy words. Why do you say words that you don’t mean? Zeeshan says it was a reaction to what was said to me. Neha says even Akshara was asked not to say anything. I never thought he speaks to girls in some different way.

Milan says to Neha what you did to Zeeshan wasn’t right. Neha says I think I was right. He is my friend but I don’t like the fact that he flips a lot. He doesn’t listen. I try to tell him the same every day. I said it. I am sorry if he felt bad. I can’t deny it. Milan says I didn’t say I mind it. I gave you my opinion. Neha says you are not vocal to other poeple. Milan says you also don’t speak in front of other people. You end up laughing. I saw today. You were chasing Pratik. She says you do the same with Akshara.He says that’s friendship. She says then that’s my friendship. Don’t point fingers. Let me see where you have a voice You say a lot. You are not my father. Youu are also making game weak. He says you are not ready to listen to me. She says you can’t order me around. You can press the buzzer and change your partner. He says have the balls to listen. she says you should have the balls to speak.

1:45 AM
Akshara says let’s talk. Neha is so over. moose says she’s always biased. They always get a chance to speak. I don’t get it. Nishant says yes. Moose says they feel like spokes peopel. Shamita tells people everything. Even if the topic is about them or not. They act like elders. Nishant says what can we do to change that? She says we should target them.

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