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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori and Anita missing romance

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari in his bedroom doing maths for his business and calls Dalbeer for returning money. Angoori come and says I made many different kind if dishes for you and you saying on call that you had nothing during lockdown. Tiwari says if I told him I had different kind of food then they will not return my money, this is world we have to show them we are poor then only they will return money. Angoori says no need to worry I’ll entertain you. Tiwari how does it came into your mind. Angoori says I was thinking about it and I talked to Anu also she told me romance is important for life. Tiwari thinks and says to himself what nice thought. Angoori ask where are you lost. Tiwari says I’m lost in bhabhiji thought. Angoori asks which bhabhiji. Tiwari says I was thinking about my bhabhiji of durra premnagar, Pushpa bhabhi who give birth to child recently. Angoori says she gave birth in old age and look ut us. Tiwari says during lockdown. Angoori disturbe in between says what lockdown you know before lockdown Bhuri had 2 girls and 1 boy and to make it even now she have 2 boys and 2 girls, I’m saying something what are you thinking, we have to do something big now. Tiwari says what big. Angoori gets romantic and start singing for Tiwari.
Vibhu in his bedroom seeing Angoori photo in his phone and praising her. Anu come and says who are you praising. Vibhu says I got only one lady to praise and that’s you and shows her photo in phone. Anu says you are lier. Vibhu says why do you think like this. Anu says because you don’t initiate to do romance. Vibhu says I do all the work for you like a slave. Anu says that every husband do for there wife. Vibhu says then tell what should I do. Anu says lets do romance. Vibhu says I cannot do that, there is always time and mood to do romance. Anu says you are never in mood to do that and they both start arguing. Vibhu says its time to go to bed. Anu says no its not time for bed its time to do romance and start singing for Vibhu. Vibhu goes to sleep.
Angoori come to balcony and says I think Tiwari is not interested in me. Anu come to balcony sees Angoori and says you look tensed. Angoori says hello and says I cannot understand what I should do. Anu says tell me I may help you. Angoori says I’m tensed because of Ammaji, if something didn’t happen in few days then something will happen to her. Anu says what is you problem. Angoori says Tiwari is not coorporating. Anu says don’t know what happen yo men now a days. Angoori says it means Vibhu is also not coorporating with you. Anu says he does drama all time. Angoori says it means we are on same page. Anu says I don’t know what happen between you and Tiwari but if you are saying something like that so I mean we are on same page. Angoori says I think so I should tell Ammaji and you can also do same. Anu says I should tell mommi and laugh says it will not give any solution but if you are talking I’ll also talk.
Angoori calls Ammaji and greets her. Ammaji greets her and says what happen. Angoori tells about her issue with Tiwari. Ammaji says don’t worry I’ll be there tomorrow and hungs up.

Tiwari reading newspaper and someone knocks on door. Tiwari open door and sees Ammaji. Ammaji punch Tiwari and Angoori greets her. Ammaji says please stay quiet for 5min I need to talk to Tiwari. Angoori says okay then I’m in kitchen call me if you need something and give stick to Ammaji. Tiwari hides behind sofa. Ammaji start beating Tiwari. Tiwari says what I did wrong. Ammaji says you are useless and says to Angoori don’t says anything I know your pain and what sacrifice you do for him but he doesn’t value it. Tiwari says few days back I give her bangle worth 2 lakh rs. Ammaji says these thing doesn’t complete requirement, its completed because of family, by kids, listen to me from now on you will do romance with Angoori, you will not see time and place and do romance with her or else this stick will do romance with you and start beating Tiwari. Tiwari runs from the house. Angoori says calm yourself its hot out there why did you make him run. Ammaji says don’t worry now he will romance with you every time, like pandit Ramphal do with me. Angoori gets excited and says I’ll bring tea and samosa for you.

Helan talking on phone flirting with her husband. Anu come and says what father-in-law was saying to you. Helan says he was getting romantic. Anu says is Vibhu your kid. Helan says what are you trying to say don’t accuse me like this. Anu says Vibhu is Ahuti Narayan kisld. Helan says yes he is his blood line. Vibhu come and greets Helan and Anu and says what’s going on. Helan says to Vibhu your wife is asking are you your father’s blood line. Vibhu says I have hope for tese kind of dialogue from you. Anu says can I have hope for some kind of action. Helan says which action she was talking about. Vibhu says she always talk like this. Helan says first tell me about was action. Anu says I’ll tell you about what action and tries to tells her issue with Vibhu. Helan says Vibhu foes all the work of house don’t accuse him of anything and start pampering Vibhu. Anu leaves.

Gupta and Masterji sitting near tea stall. Gupta crying holding Masterji. Masterji says you will die and take me too with you, remove your hand from me. Gupta says I’m not feeling well today. Masterji says atleast keep some distance. Gupta says tell me one thing does your wife trouble you. Masterji says yes so much that’s why my height didn’t increase. Gupta says my wife also trouble me. Masterji says yes that’s why you are also short. Tiwari come and ask Masterji what happen to Gupta why is he crying. Master says he is in trouble because of his wife. Tiwari says why what happen does she trouble you a lot. Gupta says no she loves me lot that’s why I’m sad, my wife start anywhere, like if I come to your house for lunch she imagine that table as bed and start doing romance, one time I took her in can and she started there too from that day cab driver always ask me to go somewhere. Tiwari says to himself I think so his situation can come in handy to me.

Angoori in her house singing and chopping vegetable. Vibhu come and start flirting with Angoori and ask how’s you. Angoori says I’m great how’s you. Vibhu flirt with her again and says lets talk something interesting and they both start hearing song. Tiwari come down singing song and gets romantic with her. Vibhu slaps him. Tiwari says what you did how dare you. Vibhu says how dare you touch bhabhiji. Tiwari says its my house, my wife who are you. Vibhu says I’m guest and atleast have some decency. Tiwari says I never treated you as guest and mocks Vibhu

Angoori and Tiwari invite Vibhu and Anu for dinner.

Anu and Vibhu at Tiwari’s. They find Angoori and Tiwari beneath dining table and kissing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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