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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Brij and Noorjahan get worried for the kids

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the kids playing in the haveli. A guy comes there and says he is PA. Adi says he is our Principal Prakash Avasti. Pooja says he makes the kids sit as crow. Mirza comes there. Inaam and Zoya also wish him good morning. Sakina asks if he is your principal, it is clear why you fail always. Noorjahan asks her to keep her tongue safe and then tells Principal that he looks like a peon more. Principal asks them to come to one side, and says then only he will talk to them. Mishra asks him to stand in the border line. Principal asks them to bring stool for him. He stands on the stool. Mirza asks why you have come to haveli? Principal says your kids don’t study properly. Mirza says even we don’t used to study. Principal asks shall I give award to you both. Mirza and Mishra tell that they were very mischievous. Principal says they were failed in 4 subjects out of 5. Mirza says they never passed in any of the subjects. Mishra says we used to do our Principal’s wife work and get grace marks. Principal says but I am not married. He warns the kids to study else he will make them sit like crow.

Mishra and Mirza ask their kids to study a bit. They tell that they will play first. Inaam and Adi have a fight while playing. Inaam tells that they are from Nawab family and will not bring the ball. Adi says you have hit the ball and shall bring it. Inaam says we are not of anyone’s Servants. Adi also taunts Inaam for not bringing bat for them when they broke. Brij and Noorjahan ask them to apologize to each other. They refuse and go.

Sakina tells Noorjahan that Inaam is the chote Nawab. Noorjahan says the kids have become arrogant, this is not good for them. Brij says it is not good. Shanti says it is good and says a son shall be like his father and asks him to be happy, that their kids are not like Mirza. Brij says kids shall not be arrogant and says mistake is yours. Sakina asks what is my mistake, shall I die if they are spoiling. Noorjahan says if you have decided to die, then think before taking such a step. Sakina says atleast my kids are not hen thieves like Mirza. Shanti also points Mishra’s bad habit and tells that it is good that my kids don’t do such things. Sakina says they were just mischievous. Shanti says their minds are sharp.

Later Inaam, Zoya, Adi, Pooja and Guddu have an argument. They think to target the water balls on the people going on the road. They target and throw the balloon on people, before hiding. Mishra and Mirza come there and see their kids throwing water balloon on them. They look angry and then laugh. Mirza says he was a good aimer. Mishra says we will hit the guy coming from here and whoever balloon touches him is the winner. A wrestler comes there and they throw balloon on him. The wrestler says you both are gone. Mishra and Mirza get beaten by the wrestler. Shanti brings warm water bag. Brij tells that the kids have become very mischievous. Sakina tells Mirza that she wanted to go to shopping, but he was beaten up. She asks him to keep towel on the iron and warm up his injuries. Noorjahan asks Sakina to make the kids better. Sakina says even he is spoiled. Noorjahan and Brij try to make them understand to handle the kids before it is too late.

Bittu and Pappu are sitting to do yoga and open their eyes to check on other. They tease each other. Bittu says whenever we see Mishra and Mirza living peacefully, he couldn’t be peaceful. He says he thinks that the haveli will go away from their hands. Bittu sees Mirza and Mishra’s kids throwing balloons on the people on road. He says we will use them and will make their fathers have poisonous sip. Pappu says it would be fun.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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