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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajawats kicked out of their house

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Veer says we have to find the remote. The time is running out. Rani looks for it. Rani follows the wire. It’s connected to the bomb. Veer says we have to diffuse it. Veer throws water on it. Smoke comes out. they cough. Digvijay says are you both okay? They release him. veer says we have to rush to the hospital. They take him out.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari says Digvijay is coming back home after so many days. I thought to do his arti. A woman enters the house. She says thanks for the thaal. Now do the arti. Rajeshwari says Vijiya what are you doing here? She says Mithu you never speak politely. Rajeshwari says get out of here. Her goons come in. Vijay says you know you can’t disrespect me. Vikram says who are you? How can you enter our house? She says I am the new owner of this palace. Everyone is shocked. She says here is my lawyer. Read the papers and get out of my house. The lawyer says everything this house, your property, and wealth all is hers now. Vijiay says now everything is mine. Get out of this house. They see Veer’s signatures. Rajeshwari says why would Veer do this? Vijiya says you will find all the answers. Don’t get it? Ranvijay was my pawn. They are shocked. She says you all know him right? Ranvijay said to Veer I want to open a charitable trust in your name. He asked Veer to sign it. Vijiya says no one will die. I will leave you alive on the roads. Where is your son? He ruined it all for you. And Mr. Lawyer, if you are done? Leave this house. You all have only 10 minutes. I am the owner of this wealth now.

Scene 3
Veer checks Rani and Digvijay. He dresses Rani’s wound and says you will be okay. Veer says I will be back in a bit. Rani says don’t go, please. He hugs her and says I am not going anywhere. Don’t be scared. I am always with you. Please sleep. Rani falls asleep. Veer sees Vikram’s missed calls. He asks is everything okay? Vikram tells him everything. Veer is shocked.

Rajeshwari comes to her room and says Champa.. Vijiya says only six minutes are left. Rajeshwari says bring my bags. Mausa gets everything packed. Champa says to Rajeshwari to learn to live without lawyers. Rajeshwari packs everything. Vijiya says this jewelry is of the royal family. Take your personal things only. This house is mine. Rajeshwari says these are mine adn I will take these. Vijiya takes them and laughs. Rajeshwari takes them back. She says you have only 3 minutes left. Veer and Rani arrive outside.

Rajeshwari is leaving. Vijiya says to the staff you all are my servants now. If you feel bad, you can go with them. she says to Rajeshwari look back and relive your memories. Might not get the same moment again. Veer are Rani see everyone leaving. They are shocked. Vikram says I never knew he would fool me into signing it. Rani says your intention wasn’t wrong. You trusted him. Rani says how is it possible? How could they get everything with one sign. Mausa says she’s a witch. She has all the lawyers. Rajmata says we need to find a place to live. Mausa says I arranged a place nearby. Rajeshwari says we will stay in a hotel. Vikram says our cards are blocked. We can’t use the cash. Mausa says I am taking you to a home. Veer sits in the car. The driver stops him and takes the car. They have to walk.

Scene 4
They all come to a chawl. Mausa says this is our palace. It’s a small house. They are all shocked.

Episode ends.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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