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1st Epi – Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kajol gets a warning from Arjun’s Bhabhi

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The show begins in Kolkata…

Anand Bhavan:

Kajol is seen giving the pleasant smelling smoke to the house for the prosperity of the house while the title song plays…..She rushes to the kitchen and takes the tea in the cup. She wishes Chacha ji who was singing and gives him tea. Chacha ji’s students greet Kajol and wishes her happy birthday. Kajol invites them all. Chacha ji says Kajol is leaving us soon and asks wherever you go, don’t separate music from you. He blesses her on her birthday and asks her to sing. She sings. Her brother calls her and asks her to save him. He tells that their sister is beating him, as he asked her to help. Kajol tries to stop their fighting. A lady is working in the kitchen and scolds them. Other girl comes and asks if anyone will let me study or not. She asks Kajol to make them quiet.

Kajol asks them to stop fighting. The sister peel off the mask and goes from there. Opu tells that he is the brother of 4 sisters. He says he has to make all the arrangements alone. She says you have to do the work alone. PishiMaa tells that till now your Chacha is busy in music and gets upset. Chacha ji says you love us so much, but talks bitter. Kajol takes her side and asks why you are feeling bad for her words. Pishimaa says she understands me. She says wherever you go, you will make the house sparkle. She says I pester you for small things, so that I don’t get hurt after you leave. She gets emotional and hugs her.

Kajol’s father buys fish from the market and tells a neighbor that today is Kajol’s birthday and someone is coming to see her. He says if the marriage is fixed, then you have to come. He invites fish seller too. The neighbor Sarkar asks about the groom. Kajol’s father says Engineer and MBA, will be going abroad and has a home in Alibaug. Sarkar says the alliance is good. A road side seller asks him if he will not buy coconut today. Kajol’s father says Kajol will scold me if I take much stuff. The lady seller says I remember, when she used to come with you, used to scold you for buying much stuff. Kajol tells Pishimaa that the kheer is burnt. Pishimaa runs to kitchen and find it burnt. Kajol tells that they shall make the sweet out of kheer. Pishimaa gets happy seeing her wits. She says your mother and Chachi went long back, don’t know when they will come.

Kajol waits for her Baba. Pishimaa asks others not to steal sweets. Kajol gives water to the plant. A guy Arjun is seen running on the road and calls Kajol. He says my would be wife, happy birthday. She says she has birthday today, but not yet decided if I will be your wife. He says I have selected you. He says we thought to come in the evening and fix the alliance. He says Mummy and Papa are conservative. She asks if I can handle? He says I will take you to abroad once we marry. Kajol smiles. Arjun asks her to go to door and says someone is waiting for you. She looks out and sees her Baba coming. She rushes downstairs and thinks he haven’t taken BP medicine today. She takes the medicine. Her father comes and shows candies to her. She takes it and thanks him. He says happy birthday to us and tells that a delivery guy is standing outside. She goes out and receives the bouquet and gift. She gets his call and he wishes her happy birthday. Her sister takes the call and tells that Didi is waiting for your eagerly. He asks what about you, as saali is half ghar wali. She says I love your sense of humor and gives call to Kajol. Kajol says she has to make food for her Baba.

He turns and sees his Bhabhi. She asks if he couldn’t stay away from Kajol till evening. He says he was wishing Kajol for her birthday. Kajol’s father asks her to open the gift and see. Bhabhi gets upset. Arjun goes behind her. Kajol opens the box and finds Tiara in it. Naina takes it and says I never thought that you will have charming and good looking boyfriend. Kajol says even I never thought of it. Her sister says she shall wear it. Other sister says it is for Badi Didi and make her wear it. Obu takes the pics and asks Naina to move to side, as he is taking Badi Didi’s pic. Naina gets upset.

Arjun comes to his Bhabhi and says sorry for the morning incident. She says did you tell your would be wife that you flirt with many. She asks shall I tell her. Arjun says Kajol doesn’t trust anyone, other than him. He holds her closer and tells the women are not loyal. She says men can never stick to one.

Kajol’s mother and Chachi return home. Pishimaa says both bhabhis had gone out and made their sister in law work. They ask her to rest. Pishimaa says she has done all the work and stopped Kajol from working. Kajol asks her Baba, why is he spending much money in a day. Naina asks why do you differentiate among us. Her mother tells that they never do. Obu says if she is jealous. Anu says Di is best. Pishimaa reminisces the moment when they were expecting boy, but Kajol was born. Chacha ji says when I had gone inside the ward, I have seen a little girl. Kajol’s father gets emotional and tells that she held his finger with her little hand and since then his heart is with her. He says I held her finger and made her walk. Kajol gets emotional. Naina says we never get such love. Her mother praises Kajol and says she earns for us, but you spends it. Her father says when your sister goes then you will cry more. Kajol asks her father not to scold Naina. He says ok, we will celebrate Kajol’s birthday today and will have food of Naina’s choice on Saturday. Naina smiles. Pishimaa gets worried for the expenses.

Kajol gets a call from Arjun’s Bhabhi. Arjun’s Bhabhi asks her if her alliance is getting fixed to Arjun. She says whom you are thinking good, is a hardcore play boy and asks her to break the alliance, before it is fixed. She says the pain will be less now.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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