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Shubharambh 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani hides her plan from Raja

Shubharambh 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani plays ludo in front of Raja and wins it. Raja smiles at her attempts to make him smile. Rani tells Raja that we will win. Rani says our trust will win. Raja says fine, I understand now. Rani says I am sorry for not understanding you. Raja says you have been with me and I promise to win with you this time. They both smile. Rani and Raja dance together. He waltzes her around and hugs her from behind. Shubharambh plays as Rani hugs him and smiles. They dance slowly in each others arms.

In the morning, Rani shows a marathon ad to Raja and says we can sell our shoes there and we have two days only. Raja is about to call the organizer but he sees the photo. Rani sees it’s Bhavan’s photo. She recalls how they worked at his jewelry shop and he thinks they are thieves. Raja says he will never agree. Rani says we can try to talk to him, we will make him listen to us and sell our shoes there. Raja says I don’t think he will listen. Rani says we can go there in disguise. Raja says we will not lie this time. Rani says we have 2 days only to sell these shoes, we will tell him the truth after selling the shoes. Raja says you said the same thing last time and see what happened, we will not lie this time.

Scene 2
Rani comes to Asha and says if we lie for a small benefit then what’s wrong? Asha says Raja will never lie. Rani says what if we both do this work and then tell Raja? Asha says me? Rani says just follow my plan.

Rani comes to her room and takes the shoeboxes. She says sorry Raja but I will sell these shoes and will remove the allegation of us being thieves from us. She calls Bhavan.

Asha is cooking in the kitchen. Kritida comes there and irritates her, she asks her to make tea for her. Kritida says your son was beaten in jail and you are not worried? How will they sell 200 shoes? Asha gets angry and says we will sell it today only. Rani comes and takes Asha from there. Kritida says I have to find out what they are up to.

Scene 3
Utsav comes to Kesha. She asks him to go away. Utsav says listen to me please, I know Prakhat lied to you but he loves you and cares for you, please give him a chance, he is a nice man. He puts a gift there from him and leaves. Kesha opens the box and sees a small house inside. She reads the note which says we will have a house like that one – from Prakhat. Kesha smiles and takes it with her. Utsav sees it and calls Prakhat.

Rani gives lines to Asha to say in front of Bhavan. She asks her to sell their shoes to Bhavan. Rani puts the bags under bed and leaves her room. Kritida hides and hears all that. She takes shoeboxes from there and tells Gunvant that we have to do something before she comes back.

Raja comes to his room and sees shoeboxes missing. He says did Rani take it?
Asha comes to Rani and says shoeboxes are missing. Rani says what? Kritida brings the shoeboxes and says they are with us. Gunvant brings a mud bucket. He takes the shoes and throws them in the mud. Rani is shocked.

PRECAP: Gunvant asks Raja to sign the contract and come back to the shop. Rani cries and pleads Raja to sign the papers.. but then she throws the contract away and smirks as Bhavan comes there. Raja looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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