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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh reaches to kartik & they move ahead for war.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ganesh tells devsena that all asoors are finished but my confusion still doesn’t end but I have to go towards brother too & devsena tells him to go soon. Ganesh draws a line of control near devsena to make her safe saying now you won’t be harmed by anyone & devsena says but I’ll feel uneay thinking about kartik so how can i be calm then ganesh gives him a peacock piece saying kartik had given this for you & you can see him through this & takes leave from devsena. Devsena sees kartik in that piece while the evil in mud is watching her.
The asoor who was hurt by ganesh comes to soorasahi pleading & she asks I could not bring her & she asks who as he tells about ganesh saving devsena.
Ganesh reaches to kartik saying why were you waiting so he tells him we were waiting for you but where were you & smartly changes his words saying I was thinking of army while all praise ganesh.
Soorasahi is asking her other son who is there now so he tells her kartike swami has arrived here & all are getting ready while jayant understands this & soorasahi is affected by a storm as all are seeing the army coming towards them as soorasahi’s daughter is telling them see kartike subramaniam swami is there & all are watching him with all his army. The army is huge says soorapadman.
Soorasahi says let me see him & his army as they are very excited to fight. Soorapadman’s brother tells soorasahi details of kartik & his army praising it while she tells him to stop your talks & now I’ll make all our dead asoor army alive to fight with all of them. Her daughter is trying to explain her to not to go against nature & think that may be you are trying to destroy everything but she shouts her & she thinks now my father can only explain her if she stops this while soorasahi thinks now my huge army only can destroy them & as she tries to create the army then her husband comes to stop her & she is surprised seeing him & he is trying to stop her explaining her this is evil which is against the nature & I won’t allow you to do this evil act but she stops him showing her hands & becomes calm too seeing his wild eyes watching her & she is saying that I’ll definitely will listen to you & I too wish to take your blessings so I request you to please give one opportunity to become good. He is thinking but also thinks of past & thinks that one chance is always given but how should I have faith in her as soorapadman also asks for opportunity. Soorasahi is taking her towards some place & soorapadman & his sister are watching a closed door but his sister is explaining him this is seen from inhearth meditation. Vishwakarma & asoors king are discussing seeing subramaniam kartik, ganesh & all army so huge & finally we have got this opportunity to get their blessings so now we have to help & do our job for them.
Soorapadman’s brother tells him it’s our mistake that we did not clutch vishwakarma & king or we would had done that then they wouldn’t had gone against us.
Kartik is giving direction to all people how to move ahead towards the asoors bhawan.
The asoor’s king & vishwakarma come to talk with them & they give them their support & also giving them directions how to go ahead with our ideas towards evil asoors.
Soorapadman watches them & getting wild on them saying now I only have to go ahead to start fight towards them. His sister is thinking can my brother be stopped to go ahead while his other brother stops him saying we’ll wait for orders from mata or she’ll get angry & he stops.
Vishwarkarma starts his work of building bhawan for them which will help them all to rest & make arrangements too for going ahead. Soorapadman sees the bhawan getting built so thinks to inform soorasahi mata.
Soorasahi is pressing & washing her husband’s legs & serving him. They both are discussing nicely while he thinks how can I think wrong about her & she drinks the washed water of his legs & also takes blessings from him to win in this war & he blesses her seeing her soft attitude towards him while soorasahi’s daughter is wondering how come father has blessed her. Soorasahi starts laughing & he gets angry why are you laughing & she laughs saying you are a fool as you became fool my evil drama so he asks but you drank my washed leg’s water then she tells him the water is still there in the plate & he sees so he starts cursing her & I was a fool to believe you & you are trying your experiments of all your evil acts on us but she too curses him saying truth about the past whatever happened with her saying you also had experimented on my father & killed him with your rishi powers & also you used trick to get married to me so i don’t care of anyone now even my son or son’s son as her daughter & other son hear this & get to understand that so this is the secret of our mother.

Precap : Soorasahi calls all her sons & army to get ready but one son doesn’t come still then she asks why he has still not come & her daughter is disclosing what she heard about & saying that you will take all those lives even your children’s for your selfishness as soorapadman gets angry on her & pulls a weapon.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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