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The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 25

The episode start with,

Meera: Oh my God. It is terrific. How can someone stoop so low?

Rahul (stands up angerily): I will not leave him. How can he hurt our friend, Sharanya?

Meera: That means, what we have been thinking about him so far was all lies.

Rahul: But why are we all silent even after knowing the truth?

Sharanya: Because Rahul, I cannot endanger anyone’s life. He is a prince and can do anything, like he has done to me in the past.

Merry: Yes, it’s true. But we cannot sit quietly like this. We have to do something.

Aadhya: Stop it guys. After knowing the truth, can someone tell me that what was the fault of Princess Naina?

Karan: Naina?

Aadhya: Yes, Naina. I don’t know why you are punishing Naina for that mistake she never committed.

Karan: Now, what have I done?

Rahul: You have hurt Naina, and that too on her birthday.

Karan: I have stayed here only because of Naina, as it is her birthday.

Sharanya: So what?

Karan: What?

Meera: Although we have problem with Vyom, we can’t hurt Naina just because she is his sister.

Sharanya: Yes, this is true. Maharaj Giriraj also ask us to stay for Naina’s birthday party. And she also treat us as her friends and we can’t leave her alone on her special day. Therefore, we should stay here at least for one more day.

Rahul: Yes Karan. We have to be here, so that Vyom does not think that we are afraid to be with him. We have to be strong.

Sharanya: Yes, Karan. You are all with me Now, I am not afraid of anyone.

Meera: And anyway, after the celebration, we’ll all have to shift to the hotel.

Karan: Okay then, we will all be here.

Aadhya: Not only this, Karan must also apologize to Naina.

Karan: Apologies?

Meera: Yes, you have to.

Sharanya: And it would be her biggest gift that she would get her friend back on her birthday.

Rahul: Yes Karan, we should maintain healthy relationship with Royal Family. We can’t judge them on the basis on Vyom’s behavior.

Aadhya: Yes, it is true. Remember, you told us that in the previous life Vyom’s brother sacrificed his life to save Sharanya’s life.

Meera: Exactly.

Karan: Okay then, what is big problem to apologise from Naina. I have apologise to three-three girls, Aadhya, Meera and Sharanya. So what is the big deal with Naina. I will do that.

Rahul: So confident? Let’s see. All the best.

Sharanya: From my side also ‘All the best’.

Aadhya: Give you best, Karan. All the best.

Meera: Don’t let our name sink. All the best.

Karan (confused): Are you all mad. I am not going to war. Chill guys. The work will take only 2 minutes to complete.

Sharanya: Let’s see. Bye…

Rahul: Goodbye, Karan. And one more thing, if you want any kind of help, remember your friends are here.

Karan: Don’t worry. I don’t need any help.

Meera: Okay then, fine.

Aadhya: We will not help you in this situation and remember this.

Sharanya: Yes, she is right.

Everyone laughed and left.

Karan: I think, they have all gone mad. Leave them all, I will go to Naina and apologize.

Outside Naina’s room, (01:00AM)

Rahul (being restless and chews his nails): Why do I feel that I am nervous? Relax Karan, you just have to talk and apologize. There is nothing to worry. Come on..

Karan takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. But Naina didn’t open the door.

Karan (thinks): Why isn’t Naina opening the door? Is she fine? Should I call her? No Karan, don’t call her. If she find out I am is outside, I am afraid she won’t open the door. Let me try once again.

He knocked on the door and after few tries, Naina opened the door.

Karan: Oh thank God, you are safe. I want to talk to you. May I?

Naina: No, you can’t. I don’t want to talk to you.

Naina closed the door on his face.

Karan: What’s this? She didn’t hear me even once. How do I apologize now? I’ll have to think of some more ideas. But what?

After sometime, (01:20AM)

Karan is restless walk in his room.

Karan: I have to do something. But what can I do? Yes, I can prepare her favorite dish. Dish? No, I don’t know which dish, she likes. But yes, I can make a cake for her. Yes, that is right. I can make choc-honeycomb ice-cream cake for her. I know she loves sweet dishes. I hope this cake helps me. So let’s start.

After sometime, (03:00AM)

In kitchen,

Karan: Yes, now my cake is ready. Cake is looking so delicious. Hm… The odor is so sweet. I hope this cake can fix Naina’s mood. Now, without wasting even a minute, I should take this cake to her.

Outside Naina’s room,

Karan: No, I can’t go inside. Otherwise she will not even look at this delicious cake. (Looks at the servant) Hey, you come here. Give this to Princess Naina, but don’t tell her that I have prepared this cake for her.

Karan put a letter with the cake.

Servant: Are you sure, sir? Now…

Karan: Do as I say. Don’t question.

Servant: Okay sir.

Servant take cake and knock on the door. After many tries, servant looks at Karan.

Karan: Try once more.

Servant knock on the door and now this time Naina open the door.

Naina: What happened?

The servant replies in a breath.

Servant: Princess, this cake is for you from Karan sir. He refused to tell you that he had made this cake himself and sent me here and asked to give this to you.

Naina: Karan?

Servant: Yes Princess.

Naina: I don’t need anything. Just take it away.

Naina close the door.

The servant looks at Karan. Karan approaches the servant and beats him lightly on his shoulder.

Karan: What has it done?

Servant: Sir, I got scared.

Karan: It’s okay now. You can go.

In Karan’s room,

Karan: Now, what will I do? I think, I should talk with Rahul on this topic.

Karan goes in Rahul’s room and knock on the door.

Rahul opened the door in state of sleep.

Rahul: What happened?

Karan: Actually, Rahul, I need your help.

Karan tell everything to Rahul. After listening, Rahul slaps Karan on the head.

Rahul: Have you gone mad? Whom will you apologize to at this time? Look at time, it’s 3:15 AM. It is time to sleep.

Karan: I hadn’t thought of that before.

Rahul: Now, did you get to know about your mistake?

Karan: Yes, but….

Rahul: Nothing ‘but’. I want to sleep. Please don’t disturb my sleep.

Rahul takes Karan’s hand and takes him to the door.

Rahul: Okay, bye. Good night.

Rahul closed the door.

Karan: But… What shall I do now? I have to think something. I can’t sit like this.


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