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Shakti 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat breaks Heer’s heart with shocking revelation

Shakti 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Heer coming to Sant Baksh’s house in bridal attire and thinks Virat has to answer me, why he didn’t come. She knocks on the door asking him to open the door. Virat hears her voice. Parmeet opens the door and asks what happened. Sant Baksh, Gurwinder and Daljeet comes out. Parmeet asks what happened? Heer says I shall ask you, what you have done with my Virat. Sant Baksh says Virat is my blood and son and can’t be yours. Heer asks where is Virat and says she wants to meet him. Daljeet asks her to say what she wants to say. Virat thinks if he had not promised to her Dada and Dadi then would have told everyone. Soham comes there and asks Sant Baksh and Parmeet, why they didn’t bring the baraat. Sant Baksh says we didn’t want to take the baraat. Heer says where is he? he is not picking my call. Parmeet says he don’t want to meet you or talk to you. Heer goes inside calling his name. Daljeet asks her to stop shouting and return back home. He says we have respect in our locality and raises hand on her. Soham holds his hand and says he will not leave them. Sant Baksh asks what is this misbehavior? Soham says your son is misbehaving. Parmeet tells Heer that Virat has called off the marriage. Heer says Virat has promised me that he will bring the baraat to my house. Soham says this is wrong, I will not leave anyone. Gurwinder asks Virat to come down and says everyone is insulting Heer. Parmeet says if he had loved you then would have come here. Heer asks them to call Virat once. Soham says you are doing wrong. Sant Baksh slaps Soham. Soham is shocked.

Gurwinder asks Virat to talk to Heer once. Heer says I can’t believe that Virat will break the promise made to me. Parmeet says he don’t love you and says it is enough now. She holds his hand and drags her out. Heer says Virat and I have loved together so I will not go without talking to him. She comes inside in the hall. Virat asks her not to take any more steps and stand there itself. He recalls Preeto telling that his Heer is a kinnar. Heer is shocked and looks at Virat. Bhola Bhandari plays….She calls his name.

Virat recalls Harak Singh’s words and asks what you want to say? Heer says today was our marriage, I was ready as a bride. Virat says I don’t want to marry you, I thought you will understand if I don’t take the baraat. Virat asks did your and my family say anything? Virat says I will not listen to anyone, you know that. She asks if I have done something? Virat says no. Heer reminds him of their love and says we had drank even poison. She asks what happened? He recalls Preeto and Saya’s words asking him not to tell anything to Heer. Heer holds his hand and asks him to say something. Virat pushes her and asks her to stay far from him. Heer says you have forgotten everything, we would have taken rounds and you would have brought me here as bahu in this house. Virat says bahu, whose bahu and says it is good that I didn’t bring you here and left you. Gurwinder is shocked and says you loved her till morning, what happened suddenly, Heer’s question is right. Virat says no, Heer has no right to ask me anything, I feel disgusted with her. Heer says I am your Heer, you feel disgusted with me, why? Virat says as you are a kin…says you are a girl whom I said I love you for money and your brother pushed me down from the terrace. He says that time only I have decided to take revenge, says I like seeing you ready as a bride. Sant Baksh gets happy.

Soham asks Virat to push him down from the terrace, but don’t leave Heer. He says Heer loves you a lot and begs infront of him for marry Heer, says she loves you a lot. Virat says I don’t love your sister. Soham continues to beg infront of him. Heer asks him to get up and says you will not bend infront of anyone for me. Heer tells Virat that they have drank poison. Virat says that poison was fake and I trust my family that they will not let me die. He says now you and your family will suffer, mission accomplished. Heer asks him not to say that. Virat says ok, I will not say that, but you shall go from here. Heer asks him to say what is he hiding? She asks him to swear on her and tell that he never loved her. She asks him to say that all the moments was all fake. She asks him to say. Virat shouts and says everything was a lie. He says if you don’t believe then wait. He brings the teddy, roses, letters and the gifts which she had given to him. He lights the fire and burns the stuff and says I will take reverse rounds around it. He takes the reverse rounds and asks her not to taunt him. She says it was his acting to tell everyone about their love story and she got trapped. He says it is the result for messing with Virat Singh. He says He says I don’t want anything in my house of yours and throws the dupatta on her face. He keeps his hand on her head and says I can’t love you knowing your truth.

Precap will be added after episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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