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Santoshi Maa 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati tells truth to her mother in law about her pregnancy.

Santoshi Maa 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with lady doctor comes to see indresh & starts medication for him while swati is thinking of what the Brahman said of kundli’s curse & remembering of indresh’s accident too crying & santoshi mata also is sitting on a place thinking of swati. Dev rishi is also thinking bad about santoshi’s helplessness.
The lady doctor tells the nurse that the patient is ok now so to inform his parent’s.
Devi polomi enters in lady doctor’s body & goes in indresh’s room to inject him liquid poison & she does that saying now you won’t be alive now as your death is confirmed & this will happen through that lady doctor itself but I have done this & all will think that this lady doctor has killed you.
The nurse comes informing indresh’s father but he sees him & feels confused why he is not becoming conscious so he goes to meet her & asks her but she tells him he is ok & will take time to become conscious but swati’s parent’s too try asking her & she says the same thing to them too. Swati comes running to ask her parent’s how is indresh but they too say the same thing that lady doctor said it’ll take time while indresh’s mother comes telling her that to not to go near him now & go with your parent’s so that they’ll take care of you in your this condition as swati gets shocked & understands the truth because of all this lie what indresh said is harming our lives as her mother too asks her you didn’t tell us that you are pregnant but swati runs towards her mother in law to tell the truth.
Mahadev blames indresh saying if you had not taken wrong path I would had supported you as you are my ultimate devotee but I can’t support you in wrong deed.
Swati goes to her mother in law telling her all the truth saying I am not pregnant as indresh had lied & she gets shocked so tells her parent’s to please tell your daughter to not to joke this way & this is heard by her other daughter in law so she says god blessed nobody knows this but that daughter in law says I have known now so I will disclose now & she runs towards indresh’s father & tells all the truth & he get angry & goes towards indresh’s mother to shout her but his brother comes running to meet him & tries to calm him but he pushes him & moves ahead. The other daughter in law comes to tell the truth to indresh’s uncle but he says I am the actual planner of all this as I taught the Brahman & also planned accident on indresh so she got delighted & praised him. They both are discussing of his health & she tells him he is still alive.
Indresh’s father is shouting his mother saying it’s because of your foolishness this all has happened & keeps blaming her & also blames swati & his parent’s too.
Swati tries to go & talk with her father in law but her mother stops explaining her not now as he is not stable now while indresh’s sister in law is cursing her mother in law saying because of her all these things are happening & indresh’s uncle comes to calm his brother but he shouts him while Brahman comes telling them there is only one way now & they ask him what?

Precap : Indresh is getting shocks on hospital bed while polomi says now only sometime is left for indresh to die. Swati comes to mata santoshi’s temple to pray for indresh but santoshi mata comes to tell her to save your husband only one way is there to do vata savitri pooja for him. Devi polomi arranges an evil person to go towards indresh & wait for indresh to die.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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