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Pyaar ka Afsana ~~ Qubool Hai – (Episode 13)

Hey guys, sorry for being late to update the episode. It’s long episode, hope you all like it. 

Episode 13:-

What is stored for Sanam in the coming days?

Night , Afeeza’s flat.

Afeeza is sitting on the chair with one of her hand supporting her jaw . Afeeza – “ I thought, my words worked. But see what have you done ! “ Sanam – “ I tried my best to avoid the situation.. but that arrogant man ! He just made to say that “. Afeeza- “ Afterall , Who is he?” Sanam – “ A rich spoiled brat who is a flirt”. Afeeza – “ What is his name?” Sanam thinks and say – “ I don’t know”. Afeeza looks her with wonder. Afeeza- “ You don’t know even his name.. Didn’t you notice his name when he called your cab?” Sanam – “That girl booked cab on her name.. Thus his name wasn’t there . Even when I went his home his sister addressed him as Bhaijaan.. no name was added there too”. Afeeza – “ Allah! See this girl, you hate him the most and still you don’t know his name… Very good! What if he tries to get you out of the job?”. Sanam gets agitated and says – “ If he does something like that I will show him what I can do?” Afeeza hold her hand and say – “ For god sake, Sanam please don’t invite more troubles”. Sanam looks her . Afeeza – “ What is his sister’s name ?” Sanam – “ Nazia “. Afeeza – “ Full name ? Initials ?” Sanam – “ I didn’t asked , she just told me her name”. Afeeza – “ Oho, you know the address right? “ Sanam – “ Yeah !! “ Afeeza – “ Tell me “.

Sanam gives the address. Afeeza types the address and message it to her friend. He replies her back. Afeeza reads it and gets shocked. Sanam looks her and enquirers- “ What happened? Is there any problem?” Afeeza makes a worried face and says – “ It’s house of Bhopal’s most influential people.. They have complete control over this place! It’s a Nawab Family “. Sanam gets shocked. Sanam – “ What?” Afeeza – “ Yes, Iam saying truth. I have him to send a photo”. Afeeza gets the message and she opens it. She gets shocked. Afeeza – “ Your enemy’s name is Aahil Raza Ibrahim! He is the heir of that family”. Sanam – “ Afeeza, don’t worry. I can handle it. What is the maximum he can do?  I haven’t done any sin .. I just talked for myself”. Afeeza – “ But these rich people are really egoistic. They won’t take things lightly “. Sanam – “ Even I don’t take anything lightly.  Don’t worry, even if I fall into any problem I won’t let that affect you”. Afeeza – “ It’s not that.. I just want you to be okay that’s it.. Iam not worried for myself. My life is already adventurous.. even if this affects me it won’t be much bigger than what have seen my life”. Sanam gets surprised by her comment. Afeeza gets emotional and her eyes fills . Afeeza wipes it. Afeeza – “ Leave it. You are right, we shouldn’t overthink about it “.


Afeeza gets up and Sanam holds her hand. Afeeza turns and see Sanam looking at her. Sanam gets up. Sanam – “ Afeeza , you are more than a friend for me.. you don’t What is the comfort that you provide me.. Even today when came here.. I saw you wiping your eyes. When I enquired you told me some excuse.. is there anything that is troubling you? If there is any problem , you are free to share it with me”. Afeeza hugs and cries.

Afeeza and Sanam is sitting in their room wearing their night wares. Afeeza – “ Ours is a joint family.. My Abbu is youngest, he isn’t much smart like his elder brothers. Bade Abbu use to taunt him for being less smart in business.. Abbu was really interested in music. He was good at that but Bade Abbu didn’t allowed him to pursue his passion. He made him join the family business.  We don’t have much money like his brother’s have, thus we were always respected less. Abbu and Ammi hoped for a better future , their hope was on me.. Iam eldest and I have a younger brother. My Abbu and Ammi wanted me to study as much as possible and create my own identity. I use to study very much since I was my family’s hope. We live in a village , Bade Abbu wasn’t interested to let girl’s study after 10th. It was after lot of struggle, I could study till 12th. It was common in our family, to get girls married once they turn 18. My Abbu and Ammi begged him to let me study more but he was adamant on his decision to get me married. I couldn’t let that happen, I revolted strongly. Bade Abbu raised hand on me when I strongly told him that Iam not going sacrifice my dreams for keeping up his old thoughts and traditions . He didn’t heard my Abbu’s plea. He decided my marriage with an anonymous person without my consent. I publicly refused for the marriage, when Molvi Saab asked for my consent during wedding ritual. It became shame for the family. I told him that I want to study and earn a job so that I can take of my family very well. He told me that Iam not capable because Iam a girl. I told him that Iam capable of that and I can prove it if I get a chance. He couldn’t digest the fact I stood against his age old beliefs. This hurted Bade Abbu’s ego. He ousted me from the home. I wanted to take my family along but he refused . We had a heated argument, finally he agreed on one condition. He asked me to get a respected job with atleast 1 Lakh salary per month , then  he will let me take my family along with me. He told me that I can’t do that but I assured him that I will prove him wrong. I left my house, parents and everything behind and came here . Safeena’s Abbu helped me a lot , he was ready to sponsor my studies too. But I wasn’t ready for that, thus helped me to get a part time job and admission in a good college. That’s it … I did my best till now “. Sanam – “ You haven’t called your parents?” Afeeza – “ I call them.. But I haven’t met them closely after I left the home. Today they got my parcels but Bade Abbu got to know about it. He throwed them away. My family felt bad and Ammi called me. She told me about this.. but my brother got them back without getting spotted by others. Bade Abbu bad mouthed me infront of my Abbu and Ammi. They felt bad. I got emotional thinking about this “. Sanam – “ I never thought that you had such a tough past , this wasn’t the Afeeza I thought about “. Afeeza- “ Sometimes , we can’t figure out people after few meetings.. Many lives with a mask so that no one gets to know about their sorrows.. Smile hides it all”. Sanam holds her hand and both of them look each other emotionally.

Night, Aahil’s house.

Aahil is sitting in his room. He is upset. He thinks about his verbal fight with Sanam. Aahil – “ How dare she? “. He thinks about her question that whether his parents haven’t taught him anything.

Aahil feels frustrated .

He closes his eyes. He remembers him crying as a child and a lady consoling him. Lady’s face isn’t revealed. He immediately opens his eyes. His eyes gets wet. Aahil wipes it off and says – “ Iam Okay. Nothing can affect me. Aahil Raza Ibrahim is strong”.

He immediately takes his phone and place a call. Rehaan picks it.

Rehaan – “ Hello”. Aahil – “ Rehaan , I want to know about that girl. Where is she living ? With whom? Her background? And everything “. Rehaan – “ But why?” Aahil – “ I want to know ,that’s it”. Rehaan – “ Aahil Bhai, Leave it , na”. Aahil – “ Can you do it for me? Otherwise I know how to do that “. Rehaan – “ Okay fine , I will do it “. Aahil – “ Okay. Good night “. Rehaan – “ Good night “.

Aahil hang up. He smirks.

Rehaan thinks – “ I need to make him understand that he shouldn’t get into problems like this “.

Next day, Morning, Aahil’s house.

Aahil is in his room. Rehaan comes to meet Aahil. Aahil is standing near the window. Rehaan – “Good morning “. Aahil – “ Good morning, Rehaan. Have you done the work?”. Rehaan (reluctantly) – “ Yes, Aahil Bhai. Her name is Sanam , she is working in a cab service as a driver. She is staying in an apartment with her friend , place near to her office. She is new to the city, just 2 weeks “. Aahil – “ She is just a cab driver and she is new to city too. Still she has so much of attitude and arrogance. It’s time to teach her a lesson “. Rehaan (softly says) – “ Aahil Bhai, already Nazia is upset .  Can’t you leave your anger for Nazia? You and that girl had fight , but she helped Nazia when she was in a problem”. Aahil thinks for a while. Rehaan – “ Aahil Bhai , I told my opinion. You can do as you wish”. Aahil – “Rehaan , Why are so good? Don’t you get angry at anyone? “ Rehaan – “ What is the use of fighting? We don’t know what is there for us next moment.. According to me , we must live life peacefully “.

Aahil – “ I don’t understand such big talks .. It isn’t my cup of tea.. Leave it . You can get back your normal routine, you are free “.  Rehaan – “ What are you thinking to do with that girl? Will you still adamant on your decision?” Aahil stands silent for a moment and says – “ You need not worry about that .. I will decide it”.

Afternoon , Wings Cab Service office.

Sanam reaches her office. The owner has asked her to meet her. Owner – “ Sanam, I can’t risk my company’s reputation. So from now on you need not come here. Your job is over”. Sanam gets shocked. Sanam – “ You mean that you are firing me from the job ? “. Owner – “ See , Sanam. I like your courage and you were good at service too .. But what can I do if you made enemity with influential people. Ours is a small company, it’s a livelihood for many I can’t risk many peoples life for you”.

Sanam thinks about her fight with Aahil that took place last night.

Sanam – “ Ma’am , it wasn’t purposeful fight. Situation tempted me to do that . It wasn’t my fault”. Owner – “ It doesn’t matter now. Please leave. You can keep today’s full fare for yourself. This is the least I can do”.

Sanam feels sad and leaves the office.

Sanam feels angry thinking that Aahil stooped to low level just for a verbal fight. Sanam goes to their flat.


Afeeza comes back home . She tries to open the door from outside but she couldn’t as it is locked from inside. She rangs the bell. Sanam opens the door. Afeeza is surprised to see her early. Afeeza – “You came early?” Sanam – “ Yes. Freshen up and come , I will prepare tea “. Afeeza nods.

Afeeza comes after getting freshen up. Sanam brings tea for her . Afeeza finds her upset. Afeeza – “ What happened? You met him again today ? Did you fought with him?” Sanam (irritated tone)- “ Please don’t talk about him”.  Afeeza – “ What happened? Tell me”. Sanam – “ I got fired , he pressurized them to do so. You were right, these rich people doesn’t mind stooping low for keeping up their ego”.  Afeeza gets shocked. Sanam – “ Iam Sorry to disappoint you”. Afeeza – “Its okay,Sanam .  It’s not your fault , Iam shocked over that man’s move. You were right about him , he is really egoistic and arrogant “. Sanam – “ Iam thinking to leave this city, Iam done “. Afeeza – “ But Sanam .. you lost a job that doesn’t mean that you can’t get another.. what about your test in that restaurant? “ Sanam – “ What is the guarantee that he won’t trouble me again? We will have fight then , I don’t want such mess in my life. If I go back to Punjab , I can find some job . Getting job at that restaurant  may not be in my fate “. Afeeza – “ How can you give up so fast?  Only people who never give up has only succeeded in life. Iam there for you. Let’s look for some other job, Iam sure you will get it “. Sanam – “ But .. “ Afeeza – “ I won’t here anything less than a ‘yes’ “.

Afeeza and Sanam looks for a job for Sanam. Days passes. But they couldn’t find it. Sanam feels disappointed.  Afeeza tries to boost her. Sanam gets a call from Daawat Restuarant for preliminary test . Sanam wasn’t much interested as she is upset as she couldn’t get any other job. But Afeeza motivates her and ask to participate in the test.

Sanam passes the test. But still she is upset as she not getting any job. She is confused.

Afeeza takes Sanam to a coffee shop to make her mood fine. Sanam’s phone falls from her hand and gets damaged. They come home. A day passes away. Afeeza’s phone gets hang and it start have problems too.

Early Morning.

It’s Friday. Sanam and Afeeza is sleeping. They gets as they hear a calling bell. Sanam gets up and goes to check the door. She opens the door. She gets shocked.

Dilshad , Seher and Haya is standing infront of her.

Sanam – “ You all here? How?” Seher – “ Why is your phone off from yesterday ? I was trying you “. Sanam – “ My phone got damaged, yesterday. Tell me , what happened?”

Afeeza comes there rubbing her eyes. Afeeza doesn’t notice them and says – “ Who has come at this time?” Afeeza then see them. They all looks her . Afeeza- “ Hai , Aunty.  Sanam , your family! What a surprise! Why are you standing outside? Please come in ..  “ .

Everyone comes in and they assemble in the hall. Afeeza goes to kitchen to prepare tea for everyone. Sanam – “Someone please tell me , what happened? Why are all looking sad? Badi Ammi,  are you okay?” Seher – “ Day before yesterday, all the house in our area got dismantled. Actually the house owner had constructed it on a disputed land.. he had a case in court. He lost the legal battle , other party won . It was court order to remove the building on the land. We tried to talk concerned people but it was of no use”. Sanam – “ When did all this happened? Why didn’t you informed me about this before?”

Seher tries to speak but Dilshad stops her.

Dilshad – “ We didn’t wanted you to get upset.. I stopped her from that “. Sanam – “ I left from Punjab , you decided to make me out of our family?” Dilshad- “ Sanam, What are you saying? It’s not like that .. If have told you this before, you would have left everything here and come back. Yesterday, it was your first test”. Sanam – “ This much things happened and you are giving me this as an excuse. For me my family is my priority not that test”. Seher – “ Badi Ammi knew this , we tried to have negotiations but didn’t worked. We had no other option than coming to Bhopal. I tried to connect you but…  “.  Sanam – “ I don’t know what to say “.

Afeeza comes there with a tray of 5 cup of tea. Afeeza – “ Please have the tea”. Dilshad – “ Beta, we are really sorry to disturb you so early in the morning”. Afeeza – “ No worries, Aunty. In fact , Iam happy that I got to meet all . Seher and I haven’t meet in real , since we use to have FB chats”.

Everyone takes tea. Sanam and Afeeza goes to kitchen together.

Sanam – “ Afeeza, can we accommodate my family here for few days? “ Afeeza- “ What your family? “

Sanam nods. Afeeza gives a serious look.

Afeeza – “ Okay fine . But on one condition, if you can share your family with me.. basically it should be my family too”. Sanam – “ Thank you “. Afeeza- “ Keep it for yourself. Sanam, you are my best friend. Iam not doing any charity. Iam happy to have your … our family here”.

Afeeza smiles. She holds her hand. Sanam feels emotional. Afeeza and Sanam helps Dilshad , Haya and Seher to settle down. They gets grateful to Afeeza.

Afeeza gets ready to leave for her job. Sanam and Afeeza have a talk.

Afeeza – “ I think you shouldn’t reveal that you lost your job . If they ask you just say that you are on leave “. Sanam agrees .

Seher comes there. Seher – “ What is happening? Any secret?”

Afeeza smiles immediately. Sanam stands there without any expression.

Afeeza – “ Yes, Friends Secret. We turned into best friends , thus we have some secrets too. So that’s it”. Seher – “ Really? “. Afeeza – “ Just joking”.

Afeeza is about to leave. She sees Dilshad and Haya in the hall.

Afeeza – “ We can talk many things once I come back after work. Okay bye, see you”.

Dilshad – “ See you , Beta”.

Afeeza is about to leave.

Dilshad turns to Sanam and ask – “ Sanam , aren’t you going ?”

Sanam gets nervous upon that question. Afeeza turn back quickly and see Sanam getting tensed.

Afeeza- “ She is on leave today.. she had one leave pending. That’s it”.

Sanam nods . Seher finds her behavior strange. But she doesn’t respond. Afeeza leaves .

After sometime.

Sanam and Seher is sitting in the hall while Dilshad is resting in the room and Haya is sitting near Dilshad.
Dilshad and Haya

Sanam seems to be upset. Seher notices this. Seher ( in low tone ) – “ What is the problem? “. Sanam – “ What problem?” Seher – “ I can read it from your face, there is something bothering you”. Sanam – “ I was just thinking about getting a house for rent. How long will we depend Afeeza?” Seher – “ Is that your problem? Really? I noticed you both in the morning, there is something else”. 

Sanam slides her fingers behind her ears. She tries avoid eye contact. Seher notices it.

Seher – “ Its evident from your face, so don’t try hard on things that you are bad at. Tell me”.

Sanam tells her whole story about her meetings with Aahil and how she lost her job.

Seher – “ Why did hide this from me?”. Sanam – “ I didn’t want you all get tensed over that … I was actually thinking to come back to Punjab. But Afeeza stopped me”. Seher – “ What happened to you, Sanam ? You weren’t like this before .. you never give up even if the chances are near to zero “. Sanam – “ I don’t know.. Apart from Afeeza nothing seems to be good ..  I was missing you all , I lost my job because of that arrogant man , I wasn’t getting any job …. I never felt so helpless.  I don’t know what to do”. Seher – “ Relax , Everything will be fine. By the way , I got an interview call from a reputed company. It’s in Delhi”. Sanam – “ When is it?” Seher – “ On this Wednesday. If get that job , it will be helpful. Salary package is good and accommodation is nice”. Sanam – “ Oho, that’s great . So you need to leave for Delhi atleast by Monday. You should not lose that opportunity”. Seher – “ I will give my best .. I hope everything will go smooth”. Sanam – “ It will”.

Seher – “ Sanam , tell me something”. Sanam- “ What?” Seher – “ How is the boys in Bhopal? Are they handsome ?” Sanam – “ What are you asking about? Chi!!” Seher- “ So haven’t noticed any, Why you want to be so boring? Tell me, sincerely.. you haven’t noticed any”.

Sanam looks her sternly. Seher gives a naughty smile. Sanam pinches her ear.
Sanam and Seher

Seher – “ Sanam , you are just few minutes elder to me , but you are behaving like you mother and Iam child”. Sanam smiles.


Precap :-  Seher leaves for Delhi . Afeeza and Sanam gets to see Aahil. Sanam and Aahil have a face of again.

In home, Dilshad faints and fall down . Haya is cooking and doesn’t see this.


That’s all for this episode. Do give your comment in the comment section. 

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