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Mere Sai 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Moral Gyaan For Travelers

Mere Sai 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

A wealthy businessman alleges his clerk employee of stealing his jewelry and insists to return his jewelry. Clerk pleads that he didn’t steal jewelry. Wealthy man says police will make him accept his crime. Clerk pleads not to call police, else he will be defamed. Businessman says he already called police. Clerk prays Sai baby for help. Sai baba hears him sitting in Dwarkamayi. Policeman enters and after hearing the whole story asks clerk if he has any evidence. Clerk says no one, but a crow was sitting at the window. Policeman says now either Sai baba has to personally come and rescue him or crow come and give evidence. Sai says evidence will be the only one who saw the incident personally. Policeman drags clerk towards door when crow enters and drops jewelry bag. Businessman picks bag and is amazed to see all his jewelry intact. His wife comes running and informs that a jewelry bag fell from his pocket when he had come for lunch and she was about to keep it in cupboard when a crow snatched it and flew away. She sees same crow in front. Policeman says Businessman is at mistake, but he wrongly alleged his clerk without proper search and says looks like this crow came only for clerk. Clerk emotionally says Sai baba sent this crow to prove him innocent.

Krishna continues doing household chores. Aaji asks her to rest for sometime. Krishna says she needs to draw rangoli in lawn first. Aaji thinks when will Krishna think of herself.

Three travelers visit Sai and inform him that they are traveling to Trimbakeshwar and since they heard a lot of Sai baba, they thought of visiting him. Tatya says Trimbakeshwar is one of the most sacred places in the world. Travelers nod yes. Sai says he will show them something and takes them along.

Krishna draws beautiful rangoli in lawn. Vaishnavi says its very beautiful, who drew it. Krishna excitedly says she drew it. Vaishnavi trashes her and orders to say Jaya drew it. Aaji feels bad seeing it, walks to Krishna and asks why didn’t she apply Sai baba’s given holy ash on her wounds. Krishna says she thought she will finish all the chores and then apply holy ash. Aaji applies ash on her wounds and says helping others selflessly is good, but she should think of herself also. Krishna draws veil on her face and walks out to continue working.

Sai takes travelers to a stone shivling made by kids under a tree and asks how is it, kids made it. They say kids’ mind is always pure. Sai asks them about god/Ishwar. They say Ishwar is present everywhere and listens to them always. Sai says when Ishwar knows everything, then there is no need to ask anything from him. Travelers ask if they shouldn’t go to Trimbakeshwar. Sai says they should go selflessly with a intent of visiting shivling and not asking anything from god. They agree.

Vidyadhar’s guest visits home. Vaishnavi serves them all the snacks made by Krishna as Jaya made them and warns Krsihna to dare not come in front of guests. Vidyadhar praises Ashok that he is a very talented officer and soon will become judge, they will get many chances to work together; good he brought his mother here. Ashok says his mother wanted to visit Shirdi’s Khandoba temple. Vidyadhar says great are the children who serve their parents. Vaishnavi says he is exactly like Jaya who obeys her parents, serves them, she prepared all the food today and drew Rangoli in lawn. Aaji tells Krishna that Vaishnavi is a big liar. Krishna walks towards window. Ashok’s mother notices her and asks who is that girl. Vaishnavi lies that she is an orphan, so they kept her in their house. Aaji gets angry hearing that, drags Krishna to them and informs that Krishna is her granddaughter and Vidyadhar’s niece, she stays with them after her parents’ death. Vidyadhar nervously says Vaishnavi meant same and asks Aaji to serve food.

Sai picks stone shivling and says children are very innocent, they made a stone as god and once their play is finished, they will forget it.

Precap: Ashok’s mother informs that she selected Krishna instead of Jaya for Ashok. Sai gets serious seeing the incident in fire pit. Tatya’s wife asks if something bad is going to happen?

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