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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu takes revenge on Beni

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Happu telling Beni that Sarju is taking revenge for Birju’s death and hired a shooter for me. He says what to do now. Beni says let me drink today, we will talk tomorrow. He says excellent scotch. Happu drinks ordinary wine. Next day, Happu is going on the road, when a vegetable vendor calls him. Happu gets down and asks him if he is Birju. The guy says he is Birju and got released from jail due to his good behavior. Happu tells him that his brother Sarju is blackmailing him for his death in jail. Birju says he is alive and he has no brother. Happu thinks then who is blackmailing him. Birju thanks him and asks him not to be scared by the blackmailer. Happu asks Birju to give him vegetables. Beni asks Amma where is Happu?Amma says he went out to get vegetables. Beni says I would have blackmailed him before he had gone. Hritik says we shall get Papa to do our homework. Ranbir says he is bad at studies. Happu comes home and hears them. Beni says they shall make plan to make him spend money. Amma asks him to act like blackmailer. Beni acts. Happu gets angry on everyone and also on Amma. He thinks to teach a lesson to Beni. Beni goes.

Happu calls Makwana in the Police station. Kamlesh comes there and calls him uncle. Happu asks him to call him medalist inspector uncle. Kamlesh says ok and asks him to write FIR. Happu asks against whom. Kamlesh says against UP Police for filing challan for his bike. Happu asks why anyone will file challan. He says I felt bad and will not file the FIR. Kamlesh says I will not go from here and will study here for sometime. Happu says I will write FIR, but you have to do my work, bring your ear here. Kamlesh says you will slap me. Happu asks him to trust him and whispers something in his ears. Kamlesh says I will do your work, but you shall give me 250 Rs per call. Happu refuses. Kamlesh threatens to tell Commissioner. Happu agrees to give 250 Rs to him per call. Later Kamlesh and Happu outside Beni’s house. Happu asks Kamlesh to call Beni, changing voice. Kamlesh asks him not to take tension. Happu asks him to become Jhabbu, whose case Beni has lost. Kamlesh calls Beni and says he is Jhabbu. He says he has lost his case. Beni says you stayed in jail because of the judge. Jhabbu says I will take revenge from you. Beni says I am not afraid of you and will beat you. Kamlesh says I have to cut your wings. He asks him to see light on his chest. Beni sees pen light falling on him. Kamlesh asks him to drink the water after washing Happu’s feet. Beni agrees.

Hritik asks Ranbir to get the ball. Amma says he is like his mother. Happu brings the ball and asks him to get water for him. Amma says today you came soon. Beni comes there and tells that he will wash his feet and drink the water. Amma is shocked and says she will call Nargis. Beni says he will wash his feet and drink water. Happu thinks this is the result of blackmailing me and asks Beni to clean his feet properly and then drink water. Beni cleans Happu’s feet and drinks water. He asks why such smell is coming. Happu says he had stepped on the drainage accidentally. Beni is shocked. Amma, Malaika and others are shocked.

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