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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhaskar calls off the wedding

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The same guy brings Anand and Bala home. Dhansukhlal asks him if the boys were caught stealing. No one replies. Bala and Anand ask the man to let go of them but he is relentless. Bhimbai asks him to let go when he shares that these boys were trying to break the marriage. Dhansukhlal says the kids say something else whereas the elders say something else in this house. The guy says we brought them here for punishment. Ganga’s husband tells the guy he did the right thing. Leave them here and bring Baraat. The wedding will happen right in front of your eyes and you wont be nothing but a mute spectator. He tells the guy to bring Baraat. Bhaskar says no Baraat would come. He enters with his Bhabhi and they are holding shagun in their hands. Bhimbai steps back in shock.

Bhaskar says this wedding cannot happen. His uncle asks him if he has lost his mind. Your father will kill you if he finds out. Bhaskar says he has already done what he had to. Flashback shows Bhaskar refusing to get married. His father slaps him. his parents question him on his decision. He says you dint let me study so I cannot raise a question but if Bhabhi is supporting this idea along with Manjula’s brohers then it is a good idea. Kids who don’t study end up like me otherwise. He decides to return the shagun to Sakpal family. Flashback ends.

Bhimbai requests them not to break the marriage. Bhaskar’s SIL supports the decision. Bhimbai says you are misunderstood. My boys love their sister a lot. Bhaskar’s SIL asks her if she doesn’t love Manjula. My mother accidentally speaks about my studies when I go home but then she changes topic immediately. What do you think will be better for your daughter? I know my in-laws very well. Don’t think that your daughter will be able to study after marriage as I couldn’t! Villagers taunt Sakpal family. Who will marry the girl who’s Baraat wont come? What about that family’s reputation? Bhimbai requests her SIL to talk to Bhaskar and his SIL. He says your sons have ruined things already. Bhimbai takes Manjula outside. She is ready for her marriage. Baraat don’t come back in such houses ever again in life! Please don’t refuse to marry her now. Who will marry her otherwise? Her Baba isn’t home yet or he would have explained things to you properly. He will be home by evening. Who will marry her now? Bhaskar says I will marry her once she completes her study. I promise you in front of the society. I will also start studying from today so no one will point out that her husband is an illiterate. I wont back down from my promise. My family may or may not agree but this will surely happen. Manjula and her brothers smile a little. Bhimbai is reluctant but they leave. Bhimbai experiences severe pain in her head and falls down. Villagers are watching everything curiously. Dhansukhlal mocks them. Are you alive or not? Mangesh rubs salt to their wounds. She is in shock as the wedding dint happen. This was bound to happen. Another guy agrees with him. Bhaskar said no to the wedding. You really think he will come back ever? Dhansukhlal says we will find out about her status by tomorrow.

Everyone takes care of Bhimbai. She mumbles about Manjula’s wedding in her unconscious state. Ganga’s husband tells Ganga that they must not stay here anymore as the boys are of this house ruined everything. He tells Meera to convey to Ram ji that no one should ever have kids like these. Ganga requests him to stay as his Aayi isn’t well. He reminds her of their home. She says my mother is unwell here. I wont leave he in this condition. He threatens to leave her behind. She complies. I came here alone anyways. He leaves. Bala goes inside sadly.

Manjula pats at his shoulder. Bala and Anand tell her that they dint want to trouble Aayi. Manjula says I don’t know if Aayi Baba wants sons like you or not but I and every girl of this world surely needs brothers like you only. Bala and Anand smile.

Bhaskar and his SIL return home. Bhaskar tells his parents to understand that they saved a life by calling off the wedding. I am going to shop now. I am sorry for what you all had to go through because of me. He goes to change.

Bhaskar thinks of the entire incident sadly.

Bhaskar’s SIL requests her family to forget what happened. Bhaskar said that he will marry Manjula once she completes her studies. Her FIL says we wont be able to show our faces to anyone after what happened. She calls it worthless so her MIL asks the neighbours if they will forget it. They disagree. No one will forget it as it was your DIL who went against the decision made by the family. You couldn’t handle a DIL. It is a thing of shame. Bhaskar’s SIL tells her not to aggravate the matter. Kaki says no one should get a DIL like you and leaves. Bhaskar goes to shop. His father fumes. He will be punished!

Manjula thinks of Bhima as she removes her jewellery.

Bhimbai wakes up. She immediately calls out to Manjula. What are you wearing? Get ready. Baraat will come anytime. She shouts at everyone. Meera tells her to calm down. Bhimbai goes quiet as soon as she notices the shagun kept in the courtyard. She recalls what had happened earlier.

Precap: Bhimbai throws Bala and Anand out of the house. I wont even let Bhima enter in this house. Tell him he isn’t welcome in this house anymore. Bhaskar’s parents vent out their anger on their DIL and beat her. Bhaskar returns home and finds the house in a mess.

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