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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 23rd July 2020 Written Episode Update: Daddu Insults Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 23rd July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Shravan tries to leave home when Devraj stops him and asks where is he going. Shravan nervously informs that he is going to Suman’s house for group studies. Devraj asks if Suman called him. Shravan nods yes. Devraj says Vijay must have asked her to call him as he is concerned about children’s future even if he has problem with his friend. Shravan excitedly asks if he can go. Devraj says yes and scolds him to button his shirt first and apply less deo. Shravan rushes away saying its perfume. He reaches Suman’s house where he sees army officers thanking Vijay for accepting their offer as trainer and saying students will be well disciplined and talented like him under his training. Vijay walks near his jeep when he sees Shravan and informs him that he is going to cantonment and class will be from tomorrow, but he can go and meet Suman and his friends. On terrace, Daddu informs Suman and her friends that Vijay will take classes from tomorrow, but today he will teach them some army ethics and teaches how to trust their team, asks Anish to call behind while Suman holds him. Shravan enters when Kanchan stops him, he says Suman called him for special class and walks in. Kanchan thinks Suman told she didn’t. He greets everyone. Daddu angrily shouts who called him here and starts yelling. Shravan says Suman. Anish says he called Shravan as he is Suman’s buddy, but Shravan wants to go to US instead of serving army. Daddu gets more angry and shouts more. Shravan pleads to let him attend his class and says he can do anything. Daddu asks him to fall behind trusting Anish. Anish backs off and Shravan falls, but holds himself on time. Daddu continues yelling that civilians are untrustable, etc.., drags and throws him out of house while he continues pleading. Bunty brings Shravan’s punctured bike. Daddu says he did it and asks him to learn changing tyre.

Suman watches from balcony. Shravan fumes in anger and changes tyre. Suman thinks why didn’t he say that he knows to change tyre when she asked him twice. Shravan tells Bunty that Daddu thinks he cannot change tyre as he didn’t help papa Devraj, he just wanted Vijay and Devraj to speak. Bunty gets angry at Daddu, but Shravan stops him and says he doesn’t how to tell truth to papa now. Suman thinks Anish and Devika shouldn’t have insulted Shravan. Kanchan says Shravan must be angry on Suman as she didn’t support him.

Vijay visits cantonment where his team says they are missing him and he should rejoin soon. He says he stays nearby and they can visit him anytime. He then meets his higher officer who informs that Devraj had come with bullet proof vest proposal. Vijay says Devraj is his friend. Officer says he didn’t mention though, maybe he wants this contract with honesty.

Shravan returns home and after sometime over phone informs Bunty that Suman didn’t even try to support him, papa is not at home, so he didn’t have to face papa, even other family members were not at home. Next morning, Shravan in sleep murmurs she shouldn’t have broken his trust. Maid wakes him up and asks when did she break his trust. He changes topic and says she didn’t ask him for dinner yesterday. She says she waited till late night, but he didn’t come. He says she should wait for long today and asks her to go now. Suman calls him, and he says speak. She asks if he didn’t inform about yesterday’s event to uncle. He says no. She asks him to come to terrace as she needs to speak something important and tells him that yesterday’s incident was a misunderstanding and he shouldn’t inform uncle as he would be hurt and his and Vijay’s differences will increase. He agrees. She requests him to listen to his plan once as it would patch up Vijay and Devraj’s friendship and Shravan can attend group studies again, she herself will inform Devraj about yesterday’s incident after a few days. He nods yes. Devraj calls him, and he rushes to bathroom. Devraj asks maid where is Shravan, he wants to know about yesterday’s incident. Chachu says even he wants to.

Suman and Kanchan convince Damroo to inform Vijay about yesterday’s incident to get justice to Shravan. Damroo hesitates, but they ask him to forget Daddu and fight for justice. He agrees. Suman thinks she loves daddu, but wrong is wrong.

Precap: No precap today.

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