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Whats your take on SDCH present track?

Hello friends ice cream khalo!
Ya guys u said it because for all sanveerians this would be situation … frnds have some cold ice cream and chill!! Now all Kanchians congratulations!! It calls for a party (me included). As far as veerians all should be happy that a new character has been introduced …I like that actress with veer so get ready to witness one more epic couple (veeria) . Okay so let’s come to main topic-
I really don’t understand one thing if CVS wanted to showcase Kanchi only than why so much pain to us and why so much hopes for sanveerians … one part has to cry ! I guess RS mata got to know about kanchi’s popularity so she backout her couple and first time in Indian television history main lead couple (acc to them) has been changed and I really appreciate the makers for hearing public demand! And I really by heart welcome a new couple and I wish veersia also rule our hearts!! Now I really want makers to concentrate on hospital too and sanchi’s revenge is yet not completed !
One more thing I really would have appreciated the makers of they had shown some strong positive reason for Kabir’s negative side because yaa for once it is wrong to blackmail someone but anyway I am really on 9th cloud to get Kanchi and also a new entry for veer ….I really wanted that she would be Helly or Tejaswi but okay I like Mugdha too!!
So let’s enjoy the upcoming track and do watch guys so that trp increase because trps are really very low ! To witness new romance we have to raise the trps!
Thanks for reading my rubbish ! All sanveerian friends we Kanchians can understand your pain but makers can do anything! Do reply your views!
Note- guys I know I have left my story Beauty and the beast and trust me I would complete it either way whenever I get some break from studies and exams !! Because nta had declared exam on Feb too so really I m in depression kind and even on Insta I m not so active ! So sorry for this ….I hope you all will understand!!
Keep smiling! Love love!!

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