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Shrenal’s pregnancy diary — karva chauth and suprise part 2

the next day:

shrenu was arranging the aarti plate when kunal came and backhugged her tight.

shrenu: kunal, let go na.

kunal: how did you know it was me?

shrenu: no one is eager to hug me than you are. so what do you want?

kunal: just time with you.

shrenu: aww how sweet! but you know that today I am very busy.

kunal: arre yaar, just leave it for some time.

shrenu: then I will forget.

she releases herself from kunal’s grip and says: but if you want to spend time with me, get me some colours for the Rangoli.

kunal: ok.

kunal goes to get the colours. shrenu smiles. just then she felt dizzy — really dizzy. when kunal came, he saw shrenu about to hit the floor. he put the colours on one side and catched shrenu before her head hit the floor.

kunal: shrenu, are you ok? I can tell dad that you can’t do the fast.

shrenu: leave it kunal. it’s nothing. I am still doing the fast.

kunal: shrenu, I suggest that you shouldn’t. if I let you fast for any more longer, god knows what’s gonna happen.

shrenu: lekin kunal, it is my first na. please, please, please.

she was begging like a little puppy with those big brown eyes and cute pout. kunal had no choice but to agree.

kunal: fine. now chalo, let’s make this Rangoli.

shrenu nods and both sit down to make the Rangoli.

a few minutes later:

shrenu: kunal, fill that place with some yellow colour.

kunal: shrenu, I think I know what I am doing.

shrenu: yes but still.

kunal: just saying why do you look so beautiful?

shrenu: now what happened to you?

kunal smeared some yellow colour on shrenu.

shrenu: kunal, now you are being naughty?

kunal: yes so?

he applied more yellow on her and then said: ek minute. yellow mooch doesn’t look good on you.

he wipes the yellow mooch away and shrenu says: kunal, you are too naughty.

kunal: so? you are only mine and I can’t be naughty with anyone else.

shrenu blushes and lightly slapped him only getting some yellow colour on him.

shrenu: oops!

kunal: shrenu!

shrenu stands up and runs from him but kunal grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him wrapping his hands around her waist.

Image result for rikara rangoli

he grabbed one of her hands and slowly smeared yellow on his cheeks, then smeared some on shrenu amking her hair fly in the heavy breeze.

Image result for rikara rangoli

Image result for rikara rangoli

shrenu in a whisper: shamless chirota.

kunal huskily: that I am na.


shrenal turned to see sunil and sanjay. they break from each other and rushed back to the Rangoli.

kunal: a little bit more yellow?

shrenu: no a little red.

sanjay: kunal bro, Bhabhi you both are the world’s worst liars, what say dad?

sunil: you are right sanjay. we saw what happened so you two, drop the act.

shrenu to kunal whispering: next time stay at lest 7 foot away from me.

kunal whispering: that is too much.

shrenu: papaji, sorry but please can you tell your son to stay ten feet away from me?

kunal: arre shrenu, please don’t. dad, don’t agree.

sunil: kunal, don’t annoy shrenu please.

sanjay: and no more romance. honestly! if you want to romance, then go to your own room…

sunil interrupting: beta, I am right here! shameless!

shrenal laughs. all of a sudden shrenu felt something in her throat. she runs as fast as she could to the bathroom and started to vomit.

sunil: what happened to shrenu?

sanjay: I don’t know bro. she has been feeling like this for a while.

kunal: I’ll go check on her.

he goes to the bathroom shrenu was in and said: what happened shrenu?

shrenu: I don’t know why I am feeling like this. it feels weird. sometimes I feel dizzy, sometimes I need to vomit, sometimes I feel such a strong pain in my stomach, sometimes I have a backaches, sometimes I feel really tired. my feet are swollen.

because she was so confused and scared, she started to cry in kunal’s arms and kunal was crying to calm her down.

kunal: shh baby! don’t cry. maybe you are just feeling weak because it is your first fast. I am telling you shrenu, you don’t have to fast. if you are feeling sick and weak, I can always tell dad that you can’t fast. he will understand.

shrenu: but I want to fast for your sake.

kunal: yes but you are feeling sick and weak. am I suppose to let you fast?

shrenu: please.

kunal: but shrenu, I feel that you shouldn’t. you can break the fast right now.

they heard a knock and they turned to see sunil, satya and sanjay.

kunal: how long have you three been there?

satya: about…5 minutes.

sunil: shrenu bahu, if you don’t feel well then we can end your fast right now.

shrenu: but papaji…

satya: Bhabhi, dad’s right.

kunal: and me?

satya: it’s not always about you kunal. anyway as I was saying, Bhabhi we can end your fast now. besides it’s only evening.

shrenu: but if I break the fast now then kunal’s life…

sanjay: arre Bhabhi, nothing will happen. it is just a myth.

satya: yes. you know once mum felt really sick on her fast, so dad made her break the fast despite the moon not showing yet and see dad is still fit and healthy.

sunil: are you done yet? anyway shrenu dear, we can end your fast now but that is if you want it.

shrenu looks up at kunal who wipes her tears and then she says: ok.

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