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Sajna Veh FF – “Epi – 12 ” – “Anika is Pregnant “

Episode – 12

@Raichand Mansion


@Raichand Mansion

Raichand house is shown . the camera zooms to Shivika’s room .

Annika is shown lying down on bed. The family is shown standing and sitting near her. A doctor is shown checking her.

Jeevika – I don’t understand what happened to bhabi suddenly ,mom ?

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Suhana  remains calm.

Anahita – has anyone called her husband ?

Kaanchi – yeah mumma, bhai is reaching soon. ]

Dadi – don’t dare inform it to anyone in paris. Let them enjoy their honeymoon. We will only disclose it if its important.

Doc checks annika.

Dadi – annie, suhana, I think we might have some good news soon. The way she fell down due to dizzyness, and craved salty foods…

Suhana nods smilingly – yes maaji , and un like shagun, she will bear us a baby…

Anahita grims – let the good news come first . we will see rest !

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Ranveer dims his face.

Ranveer in his mind – bhai and bhabi didn’t even consummate. How can she even conceive !]

Doc finally smiles.

Doc – mrs. Raichand …

Annika stutters her eyes slowly…

Annika – mmaa..

Suhana – annika beta !

Annika gets up with the help of suhana and kaanchi.

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Annika – what happened t me..why is doc here…



Shivaay is shown climbing the stairs hurriedly …

Shivaay – oh god..god knosws what happened to annika..

@ Shivika room

Doc – I will tell u Mrs. Annika…congratulatuons..u r going to be a mother…u are 4 weeks pregnant !

Annika makes her face a big o . while , the sky breaks down on shivaay !

The whole family gets in a glorious giggle …!!

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@Sugar Plums Hospital.

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Maya opens her eyes slowly. She sees a blurred vision of of a nurse, an the hospital cabin , suddenly, she recalls how Arjun had fell down. Maya gets up in panic..

Maya – arjun ..arjun !!! where am I where is my arjun!

Nurse tries to get a grip on maya/

Nurse – ma’am , ma’am plz control urself.  Are u okay ma’am ?

Maya – plz tell me where is arjun. My talking about my husband < Arjun Walia…plz..let me go to him …where is he ?

“ you are going no where “ . suddenly .. maya hears a familiar voice.

She turns to see. Maya gets shell shocked.

Maya – Aditya !

Aditya Hooda (harshad chopra ), is shown in a dapper grey and black styled suit, bold glasses , grey lense.

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Aditya – Maya …

Maya gets tuttered and scared. She hides behind the nurse.

Maya – get him out..get him out. …nurse save me me !!

Nurse grabs maya. Aditya signls her to leave. Nurse abides. Maya hides herself with a pillow. Tears roll down her eyes.

Aditya – maya plz calm down. Sit quietly..please

Maya – I said leave Adi !

Aditya – fine, but here in lonavala, who will pay ur hubby’s medical fees ?

Maya- hubby ? arjun ? whee is arjun ?

Aditya – cool down…actually that…




Arjun falls down on the other side of the road, on Aditya’s car. Aditya gets up , and immediately recognises arjun.  He finds maya’s phone with him nad sends police to the hill top. He rushes them to the hospital .


End of flashback.

Maya remains surprised . aditya holds her hand.

Aditya –maya he is okay now. In some time, he will gain conciousness . please cool down. Relax some time. Get some sleep.

Maya – but ..

Aditya- no buts maya …

Maya nods..she lies down…

Aditya gets out of the room.


@ hospital lobby

Aditya removes his specs..

He gts a vicious smirk !

Aditya – maya baby ..welcome in my arms again !

He smiles and leaves the place at once !




Sanaskar is shown pacing the room in anger. Swara is shown running behind him .


Swara –  baby , pls listen na. im sorry . I wont repeat na ..sorry baby ..

Sanskar – whats this swara, I was in such a good mood, but u …u refused to make out .

Swara – baby it was public !

Snaksar – but its paris na..not india..

He bumps on the bed in anger..

Sanskar – first honeymoon doesn’t come twice !

Swara makes pout – sanskar im sorry pls don’t refuse to go the the banquet party sweetheart !

Sanskar gets up .

Swara – here..thi is ur outfit. Look ,so handsome na. pls wear it .

Sanskar looks at her in anger. Swara feels embarased.

Swara – pls aise mu mat phero …

Sanskar looks at her passionately !

Swara – give a punishment if u want. But don’t be silent ..

Sanksar – u want puni9shment na..fine swara. I will change my clothes right here ,and u have sit facing me, and u vant turn away even for a sec…

Swara bites her lips …sanskar smirks. He pushes her,. Swara sits on the bed. Sanskar removes his shirt in a seductive way. Swara gets allured to him …she licks her lips and stares with loving eyes. As he changes all hius clothes. He applioes a perfume and puts on a nw outfit. Swara smirks in naughtyness. She hugs him from back.

Sanskar remoives her hands and looks at her . he eyes her whole body . swrara feels surpirsed.

Swara – what happened ?..llust aa raha hai ?? (are u feeling lusty )

Sanskar nods in negative and looks at her with dreamy eyes.

Sanskar – uhu…pyaar aa raha hai !

Swara stares at him .

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Sanskar places his hand on her head and brings her closer to peck her forehead.

Swara smiles at him. He takes her into a loving embrace !

@Walia industries

Ahem , Viren , Prince are shown sitting in a meeting. Meeting ends.

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Ahem hugs viren.

Ahem – thankyou beta..u came here and we instantly banged our first project .

P[rince – yes.. wish rohan bhai was also here !

Ahem – no..he is more interested in law !

Viren – leave it na chote papa , its good that finally we banged the deal. Sanksar and swara’s marriage has been so lucky for us.

Ahem yes beta.

Suddenly viren gets a call.

Viren – yes ?

Speaker – is this mr. viren walia ?

Viren – yes ..speaking !

speaker – u had the last no. in this phone. This is sugar plum hospital.  Sorry to inform that Mr. and Mrs. Arjun walia are admited here !

Viren gets shell shocked. He cuts the call.

Prince looks on.

Ahem – what happened beta ?
viren looks on .


@ Paris

What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Laksh gets scared.  He rushes into the balcony.

Laksh – ragini are u okay ??

Ragini jump  hugs him tightly !

Laksh – ragini what happened babe ?

Ragini – laksh ,laksh laksh laksh laksh ..! im soo happy ….

Ragini pecks his cheeks many times…laksh gets smothered…

Laksh – even im getting happy.  But babe, kya huaa ???

Ragini – anika is pregnant !!!!!!!!

Laksh – what the f**k !!!!!

Ragini – off course they fu*ked ..thats why baby is coming !

Laksh laughs – wait wait wait.,.what ?? im going to be ..this means imn going to be mommy and u daddy !!!!! yippeee !

Laksh twirls her in his arms, while rgaini bursts out laughing.

Ragini – laksh …leave me ..

She gets down.

Ragini =- no stupid. U chacha and me chachi !

Laksh – oh ..sorry …got too excited…

Ragini – im sooo happy

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She hugs him again . laksh smiles widely !

Precap – Shivaay is shown on a call. meanwhile, raglak and swasan dance away . jeevika slaps viren. later, rohan meets Kaanchi. later , anika is shown in a car. a truck comes close and bang ! the screen goes black !

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