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Porus 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anusuya Kills Sumer

Porus 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anusuya sees Sumer smirking and gets suspicious on him. Puru and Laachi’s wedding rituals continue. Puru looks at Laachi. Laachi says he has to look at havan and not her. Their nok jhok starts. Rajguru asks them to stand up for rituals. They both stand up. Kanishk signals his team. His soldier shoots arrow towards Puru. Puru escapes and asks Laachi if she is fine. Soldiers attack. Bamni alerts soldiers and orders to close main doors and stop wedding. Puru orders to let wedding continue and asks Laachi if she is ready to continue rituals and kill their enemies simultaneously. Bamni orders they all will protect their king and let him complete his wedding vows. Puru and Laachi pull out swords and take oaths killing Kanishk’s soldiers who attack them. Bamni, Anusuya, Hasti kill enemies

and protect Puru and Laachi. Sumer also acts as killing enemies. Laachi and Puru continue to take oaths. Anusuya follows Sumer killing enemies in between. Rajguru asks to start pheras now. Laachi and Puru take repeat oaths together with each pheras. Their pheras complete.

Sumer walks towards Puru to kill him when Anusuya kills him. Sumer falls down. His parents and Laachi rush to him and call vaidya/doctor. Sumer dies. Puru asks Anusuya why did she kill Sumer. Anusuya says Sumer was trying to kill him. Mahanandini says it is not Sumer but Anusuya’s stepson Kanishk who wanted to kill Puru. Puru says Mahanandini is right, Sikandar/Alexander got Kanishk escape from jail and sent him to kill me. Anusuya says she is watching Sumer closely since long and he was signalling someone, even when he went to bring Laachi, she found him walking suspiciously. Mahanandini says it is her suspicion and says years ago if she had suspected Pourav rastra’s injured soldier Ripudaman, reminiscing the incident, they would not have seen Pourav Rastra’s king Bharath’s protector Purshottam. Puru says let us argue later and first perform Sumer’s last rights.

Kanishk returns to Alexander and says he can help him get into Pourav rastra via secret routes and kill Puru. Alexander angrily strangulates him and says he does not like people who fail, when he can get into Pourav rastra and free him from jail, he can reach Puru easily. He orders guards to throw Kanishk in jail. Olympia asks to kill scholar Chanakya first. Alexander says he will but after sometime.

Puru, Hasti, Laachi, and Bamni attend Sumer’s cremation rituals. Puru, Hasti, and Laachi reminisce time spent with Sumer. Mahanandini and her dasyu team silently watch. One of Dasyu pulls out his sword and says these people killed our future king, they will not let him go alive from here, he seeks Mahanandini’s permission. All Dasyus then walk towards Puru and his team. Bamni and Hasti pull sword saying they will protect their king. Puru stops them and says he is brought up by dasyus and nobody from his family will attack Dasyus. He addresses Mahanandi that she is like his mother and is responsible for him being a dasyu boy to Pourav Rastra’s king Purshottam, he is sorry for what happened with Sumer, she can punish him the way she likes. Mahanandini angrily lifts sword to behead him when Laachi stops her sword and warns nobody will touch her husband, they have to face her before touching Puru….

Precap: Alexander asks Chanakya what is his last wish before being executed. Chanakya says he wants to smell his mother land’s soil and breathe in free Bharath. He smears soil on his face.

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