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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli’s friend Hari arrives

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Genda and all the contestants opposing Puttan for publicizing Malai’s name. Puttan defends Malai. He insults everyone and asks Genda to defeat Malai if she can. Genda and her uncle leave. Puttan checks the arrangements. He asks the judges to declare Malai as the winner. He threatens them. Dhakad says you won’t agree this way. He enters Puttan’s body. He asks the judges to make the best poet win and not be biased, no matter who is that person. He asks Malai to memorize the poetry if she wants to win. Malai sees the note and says Chaitu will be annoyed with this. He says its a political trick, just do as I said. She asks are you sure. He says yes.

Banjar starts the poetry competition. Everyone claps for the contestants. Genda comes there. Genda greets

everyone. She recites a dull poetry. Everyone claps for her. Malai comes next. Everyone claps in advance. Malai says I have written poetry on Chaitu. She speaks insulting poetry about Chaitu. Chaitu and family get shocked. Puttan thinks Dhakad did this. Dhakad smiles. Chaitu says this poetry shouldn’t win. Judge says we have to declare her winner, people are liking the poetry a lot. Malai wins the competition. Chaitu goes on stage and gives the award to Malai.

Back at home, Chaitu stares at Malai. She says Puttan has given me that chit to read. Puttan says when did I give it. I think Dhakad made me do this. Chaitu says you ruined my name. He runs to beat Puttan. Malai says forgive him, I got an award. She does poetry. Everyone claps. Chaitu holds his head.

Everyone reads the news. Imli talks on call and asks who are you, Hari Lal, so its you, Lal’s son. She says my friend Hari is coming to meet me. Chaitu says I will do all arrangements for his security. Imli says we need to cook a lot of food. Chaitu says make tasty food, welcome him well. Jha shows the files. Chaitu asks him to save some topics for next election.

Hari comes to meet Imli. He thinks Chaitu is servant. Imli introduces Chaitu as her husband, the CM. Hari and Imli compliment each other. Hari says I m not married, I m busy in my work in US. Hari says I want to have a restaurant franchise here, so that I can meet you all. Puttan asks him not to worry, he will help. Hari gives gifts to everyone. Chaitu gets jealous. Chaitu says Imli had such friendship and didn’t tell me. Puttan says women are such, Imli and Hari are childhood friends, he was our neighbor, I know him well, we used to play all day, Imli was naughtier than me. Chaitu tries to know more about them. Puttan says Hari was heartbroken when Imli got married. Chaitu says what shall I do now.

Chaitu says find a girl for marriage, I will final the girl today. He questions some girls. Imli says why did Chaitu cheat me, where will we go now. Hari says I m there for you Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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