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The Saga Of Love & Revenge. Riansh & Kaira SS (Chapter 2)


Hi guys I’m back with chapter 2 of this SS, hope you’ll will like this.


It was a beautiful sunny day, and we can see a beautiful and huge mansion surrounding with beautiful pool and greenery making it more attractive.

And on the entrance gate it was written GOENKA VILLA.

A luxurious car stopped at the main gate of the MANSION.

And a beautiful girl got down from the car wearing a peach colored off shoulder crop top and skirt.

Yes, she was none other than Shivangi/Riddhima.

She went inside with her original attractive aura and smile.

She entered in the MANSION and saw that a young man and a girl is coming downstairs holding each other’s hand.

She smiled widely and they also smiled seeing her. She ran towards the man and hugged him tightly while he strokes her hair.

They got back and she hugged the girl tightly. The young man and girl smiled at her.

They were none other than Kartik and Naira.

Kartik again hugged riddhima while tears were continuously flowing from kavangi’s ( Kartik+Shivangi) eyes..

Everyone came there and were very happy to see their daughter after a long time.

Shivangi went to Manish and Swarna and hugged them tightly and took their blessings.

KARTIK: Shivangi how are you?? You don’t know how much we missed you.

NAIRA: Haan Vansh se kyaa mili humme to bhool hi gyi.

Listening Vansh’s name, Shivangi started crying and everyone got panicked seeing her crying.

Swarna went towards her and supports her by her shoulders and asked what happened.

Shivangi/Riddhima tell them everything what happened with her in Vr MANSION.

Everyone were having tears in their eyes. They hugged her one by one.

While kartik was controlling his anger by fisting his hands. Because He was a over protective and possessive brother for his sisters.

KARTIK: I will not leave that Vansh, how dare he to play with the feelings of my Shivangi. I will kill him.

Shivangi/Riddhima went towards him and hold his hands tightly and he looked at her.

SHIVANGI: Bhai you believe your chhoti naa, I will take my revenge from them. They don’t know who Shivangi Goenka is.

She cleaned her tears and side hugged him. And hugged kartik tightly, a very long and comfortable hug.



Rai singhania family was sitting in the hall chitchating without any sign of guilt in their eyes.

Everyone was extremely and was enjoying that Riddhima went from there.

ISHANI: good that good for nothing Riddhima went from her, that b*t*h doesn’t deserve to live here. She was just behind our money, nothing else.

( Me like- haan puri dunia mai to usse tere paise hi chahiye honge, tujhse jyada paise hai uske paas🤣. )

AHANA: Yes, she was just behind the money of Vansh. She don’t even have the dressing sense and she was looking like a maid of VR MANSION.

( Me like: khud ko dekha hai bandar ki shakal wali, usko dressing sense bata rahi hai.huhh.🤣🤣 ).

Everyone were busy in taunting Riddhima while smirk was playing on their face

Vansh came their and everyone shut their mouths, because they know the worth of Vr’s anger.

He went to his room and sat on his knees and started crying.


Why Riddhima why??!!! I loved you like anything but what you did. Why you betrayed me Riddhima? Why you harmed Siya, she loved you as her own sister. But you never considered this family as your.  AHHHHHHHHHH……

He shouted and started throwing everything here and there in his room. And again started crying like a small child.

And dozed off being tired of crying continuously…..

PRECAP: Leap of 6 months and the best businesswoman and businessman of the year….

Do tell me how you all want Riddhima to take revenge from RS family.

That’s all for this chapter, hope you all liked it. Do tell me how as it? Will be waiting for your sweet and lovely comments.



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