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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa mad at Mahi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 24th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Jogi looks at the video. He says why Mahi? I never needed love, likes, or appreciation from anyone but you all. You made me stand in front of the world. The entire world is laughing at me. I was happy. Why did you do this? Akash sees Jogi. He calls Mahi and says Mahi di? Is everything okay? He calls her and tells her Jogi is standing on the terrace.

Arjun calls Chanda and asks if she saw the video? She says yes I did. He says I didn’t know he’s a singer. She says yeah our dogs are also singers. You control the music industry, if he were a singer you would control him too. Arjun says I would destroy him and force him to kill himself. Chanda says, poor baby. I will bring him to you.

Akash stops Jogi. Mahi and Rupa come there. Jogi says you scared me, what are you doing here? Akash says I am waiting for Mahi di. He says she is coming here? He says yes I called her and Rupa too. Mahi runs and hugs Jogi. She screams why did you do this? Why did you come here? He says where would I go? Everyone is looking at me and laughing ca. Read these comments. Rupa takes him home.

Scene 2
Chanda tells Pappu Arjun called. He wants Jogi to become a singer so he can destroy and control him. Arjun controls the industry. We have to pump him up and then make him a failure. They look at Shalu. Shalu says I can’t go there. Chanda says only one person can do that. Your mom. Renu says yes.

Rupa says to Mahi you never got Jogi. He’s like a kid, he can’t take the pain. He is sensitive. You are behind this pain that’s caused to him. The rose looks good in this pot but only if it stays there. If you take it out, it will die. The same is Jogi. He lives in the world of the heart. He sings from his soul. Mahi says I was only trying to help him. Rupa says he could harm himself. BEfore you implement any idea on Jogi run in through me. If you give pain to my son I will give you 100 times more pain. I will forget that you’re my DIL and punish you like you’re my own daughter. Mahi hugs her and says sorry. I will never do anything without telling you.

Jogi keeps looking at the comments. Mahi comes to the room and takes out toys. He says these are laddo’s toys. Why did you bring them? Mahi says guess? He says Laddo is grown up she doesn’t need them? Mahi says yeah and she cares for her family and doesn’t leave like that. He says my mind wasn’t working. Mahi says my mind isn’t working now either.. should I leave? He stops her and says don’t be mad. Mahi says only you can get mad? I am always convincing you. He says let me make your lassi. Mahi says I don’t want it. He says you have to take it. He says see? If you don’t want anything, and it’s pushed on you the result is never good. Mahi hugs him. Jogi says I don’t know, those comments made me upset. I felt very bad.

Scene 3
Seema comes to Rupa’s house. Biji gets scared. Seema says it’s stinking here. Biji says it must be because of your bad shagun.

Mahi says to Jogi do you know them? They are frustrated people. They only know how to bring people down. Do you care about people you love or people you don’t even know? He says I care the most for my bebe, biji, and.. Mahi says and? He says and you. He holds her hand. He hugs Mahi. Mahi says you’re a kid. So I got you toys. He says we can bring someone to play with them. Mahi shoves him.

Rupa says thank you for coming here, please go. She says I came to meet my SIL. Rupa says not your daughter? She says where are the kids? Rupa says what’s your plan? Mahi and Jogi come out. Mahi says mummy all okay? Seema hugs her. Jogi touches her feet. He makes her sit. Jogi says let me arrange breakfast. Mahi says let me.. He says you sit with your mom. Seema says it’s all about upbringing. Like Jogi works in the house, he can sing and earn. I want you to push him to become a big singer Mahi. Mahi and Rupa are shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rupa says to Mahi I told you not to pressurize Jogi. You called your mom to do that? Mahi says I want Jogi to fly. I will handle him if he falls. Mahi says to Jogi you can sing bhajan right? It comes from soul. He says yes. Mahi says in her heart I will make you a superstar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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