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Vansh leaves from there with Angre while media circles Riddhima.
Reporter: Mam are you here to meet Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania? As far our sources say you both were in a relationship? Is it true that you broke up?
Riddhima fell silent on that question.
Riddhima: (stammering) w…Woh actually….
Rishi(cutting): She is here to meet me. At last I am his manager.
Riddhima hits her elbow on his chest.
Riddhima: Yes. I was here to meet him. As you guys know I am having a busy schedule, so it’s tough to manage alone(forcly smiles)
Reporter: People say that you were going to stop singing after your mother’s death. Is this true?
Rishi: Please. Ask your questions when we have an interview. Now we need to go. Thanks for your time.
Rishi takes Riddhima from there and try both sit in the car.
Rishi: Yaar, Riddhima. You missed me so much?
Riddhima: You know why I was there. Now I can die peacefully. You know how I spent this 1 year?
Rishi: Yes. Everyone wants you to forget him.
Riddhima: I can never. I still love him and  he loves me too. Understand?
Rishi: Let me tell Bhabhi you came to see Vansh.
Riddhima: No. I told her that I came to pick you up.
Rishi: Smart enough.
Riddhima: That is me. (Smiles)
Rishi adored her smile and smiled too.
At VR Mansion
Vansh reaches home. Dadi does his aarti and he enters. The whole house was decorated for their engagement. When he hear voices.
Siya and Ishani nearly jumped on him. He smiled on their childish behaviour.
Vansh: How are you both?
Ishani: Thank God you came. I thought you will not attend my marriage.
Vansh: How I couldn’t? After all it’s my sister’s wedding.
Siya: You forgot me?
Vansh: How can I forget my princess? Where’s ma?
Dadi: She has gone to your Nani’s house. She will be back before wedding.
Vansh: Oh. So I would have a look at my room.
Siya: It’s the same as you like it.
Vansh smiles looking at the whole house when his eyes fell on Angre. He was just lost in his own world.
Chanchal: Ma, Kabir and Ahana will directly come in the marriage. Kabir has some work.
Vansh’s POV
Nothing has changed. She is still the same. As eyes went on her my eyes found peace, but don’t want to ruin. She is happy. I am happy. Love is not for me. Angre is so worried about what I have to ask him for sure. Nothing changed, not this house neither my family. Yes, Kabir got married. And I had no interest in taking part in his marriage. Let see what destiny has decided for me, I will accept anything, except love. 2 heartbreaks are enough to acknowledge this.
Pov ends
Everyone was ready for the engagement. Ishani and Angre were sitting in the middle, but before they had to do a ritual called ‘Oli’ in which groom’s side give gifts to the bride. And groom was not allowed to see this ritual(idk why I am adding) After the Oli was done, everyone danced except Vansh. His eyes were looking for someone, Riddhima.
Ishani: Riddhima!!
Ishani got down the staged and hugged her.
Riddhima: Congratulations Ishani! Didn’t you wait for me?
Ishani: If course I did. Now let’s start the engagement.
Riddhima: Too excited Han?
Ishani: As if its yours….
Riddhima’s smile vanished. She looked at Vansh who was looking at her. She felt someone’s hand on her shoulder.
Rishi: Of course, but for now let’s concentrate on your engagement.
Dadi: Ishani? Why did you call this girl? She is no one to us.
Ishani: Not today Dadi. It’s my engagement. And she is MY friend. So I called her. If anyone has problem from her they can leave.
Riddhima: Arre Ishani. Come let’s take you to the stage.
All of the family were standing in the stage. Riddhima behind Ishani and Vansh behind Angre. Ishani was smiling while Angre was looking a little nervous. While both if them were exchanging their rings, Vansh and Riddhima were staring at each other.
Riddhima’s POV
This could be us, Vansh. This could be our day. I wish I never had been angry on you. I wish you could not have went away. So this could be us; one day, you and me. Only us.
Pov ends
Vansh’s POV
This were meant to be us Riddhima, if you would not have been that rude to me. Now I am scared if loving anyone, loving you.
POV ends
The claps in the surrounding break their thoughts.
Ishani: Riddhima you are prepared for mehendi, right?
Riddhima: Yes Ishani I am totally prepared.
Ishani took the mic in her hand.
Ishani: So now it’s time for my mehendi!!
Girls apply mehendi on Ishani’s hand. Angre smiled looking at Ishani and went to Riddhima.
Angre: Hi Riddhima.
Riddhima: Hi Angre! Congratulations.
Angre: I Woh.. actually ..
Riddhima: What happened? Something’s bothering you?
Angre: Am I doing fair?
Riddhima: what?
Angre: I mean… Isn’t this injustice to Natasha?
Riddhima’s eyes were full of tears by happiness. She was glad that she was not only one who missed her badly. She puts her hand on Angre’s shoulder.
Riddhima: What’s gone is gone Angre. And I am sure she will be very happy seeing you. I am very proud to be her friend….(in a crying way)
Ishani: Right Angre.
Both of them turn to see Ishani with mehendi in her hands.
Ishani: I know I can never take her place.  And I never want to. She has her own place in your heart. Just like Bhai has for Riddhima.
Vansh who was listening to the conversation choked on his drink. Riddhima looked and at Vansh.
Ishani: I am sorry I didn’t mean to….
Riddhima: It’s fine Ishani. Will you come tomorrow?
Ishani: Of course I will!
Riddhima: Fine. I have to leave now. Bye!
Angre: What’s so hurry? Please stop na.
Vansh: Let her go Angre. She does what she wants to do.
Riddhima smiled and left from there wiping her tears. Rishi went to Vansh.
Rishi: We all want her to forget you. But she is stubborn. She still loves knowing that you hate her to the core of your heart. Enough of your pain.

Precap- Riddhima’s Birthday

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