Here , the story starts , baby doesn’t die here ,

Riddima and Gayatri are sitting in the bedroom , turning their faces in different directions .

Disclaimer : it’s my imagination , and I wrote this as a shot .

Here , VanGre enter , they came near gayatri and riddima

Angre : we got to know about you gayatri aka sara ,

Vansh : we got to know you are a contract killer , and just came to take revenge for the past incidents

Angre : why are you blackmailing bhabhi that you will kill boss ??

Here , gayatri laughed for their words .

Riddima (stammering) : vaa…….n…..s….h….. wha…….t……. ar…..e……y …..o …..u …… say……Ing……??????

Vansh : pl don’t act now also , I am going to call the cops , she blackmailed you isn’t it ?? .

Gayu : excuse me , give me a chance to speak na , let me explain , what information you got to know is wrong , of course I am contract killer but not .

Angre : you are confusing us .

Gayu : hmm , let me explain why I hate riddima soo much ,

Flashback :
I am riddima are best friends , one day , we went for a picnic , and there , a terrorist attack occurred shocking us , many people died because of the bomb blasts , which are planted by the terrorists , my father is a police officer at that time , he almost saved soo many people , just then he saw riddima being held at gun point by the terrorist , so he pushed riddima , he got the shot , and breathed his last . I somehow got anger at that time seeing my father’s condition , but I doesn’t intended to say those words . I then left the school and shifted with my uncle in delhi .

Flashback ends .

Gayu : we never met , now listen the actual story , first of all riddu , how could you think I came here to hurt you and take revenge for my father’s death , I agree I am angry on that time , so what I hurted you , it’s not intentional , now listen , I am not any contract killer , but a undercover police officer , I worked much hard to gain trust of black mamba , I made him believe that I killed soo many people , so that he will definitely trust me , and make with me any deal , and I can get proofs against him to send him behind the bars , I finally collected proofs against him , you see , he sent me here to kill vansh because he is a don in Asia , and does big deals , he could become more famous , so black mamba is also a don , but knows him or seen him , he wanted to clear vansh from his way , so he ordered me to do so , I tried my best to show my fake hatred towards my best friend , I made her believe that I am a contract killer , and just came by orders by black mamba , and to take revenge , she believed my Acting as truth , which became a profit for me , she tried lot to convince me to change my decision , but this bechari don’t know I am playing my master game with her .

All are left shocked

Riddima : so you finally fulfilled your father’s wish of becoming a police officer and serving the country .

Gayu : now that black mamba got arrested , it’s a grave victory , I now got promotion too , sorry riddu , for being rude with you .

Riddima : it’s ok  , indeed you are a good actor , you will get a oscar for sure , vaise , now we could start afresh .

Riddima & gayu (unison ) : LET’S PATCH UP .

Riddima : hello , this is riddima

Gayu : this is DCP Gayatri Malhotra , nice to meet you

Riddima : same here .  Vaise , vansh , with much difficulty I got a proof to prove your innocence

Vansh : which innocence madam ??

Riddima : that you didn’t kill vyom’s wife and daughter .

She starts showing the CCTV footage of that day ,

Riddima : I somehow used the technology , as the one who killed both madhuri and pihu , cut off the CCTV photage .

The CCTV photage starts showing , vansh leaving their house , and a black hoodied person entered , he ignited the fire , and then took out his mask .

Voice : it’s him

All turned back to see vyom .

Vansh : manager ? (Vyom is in manager’s disguise)

Riddima & Gayu(unison) : badi aayi jasoos (there comes the detective )

Riddima : manager , you ??

Gayu : not manager yaar , he is vyom

Vyom takes out his disguise

RidVanGre (unison): vyom ??

Vyom : vansh , do you remember him , he is our rival in business , he was much jealous about our friendship .

Vansh : yes , I think to create differences , he did this . Waste fellow.

Riddima : guys , joo hoo chuka , woh hoo chuka (what happened , that happened) , we can’t change it , now you both have to patch up .

Riddima : vaise , now I understood , why did siya is always talking oops correction , flirting with you , because you are her deewana , her baadshah , her sultan , her hero , Mr Vyom , the shunya , the circle , the zero .

All laugh .

Vyom : yeah , I always get irritated by  her antics (even me , who are even , raise their hands in comment section) , you see , she will talk like a laila talks for majnu , like a heer ranjha story .

Riddima : vaise , vyom , I know that your friend is idiotic and egoistic , that , if he loves anyone , he won’t express it , others should only do it , if he is hurt by his loved ones , then he doesn’t come forward to compromise or say sorry , other should only say , if he is egoistic then what happened to you ??

Vansh & vyom : fine lets patch up

Gayu & angre : but still there are someone who need to patch up .

RidVyoVan – who is it ??

Angre & gayu : don’t you guys know ??

The trio nod in negative

Angre : it’s bhabhi and boss

Gayu : my bestie and her husband .

Riddima : no , I won’t

Vansh : even why should I ??

Gayu : riddu pl na

Angre : pl boss

RiAnsh : fine .

The end , hope you all like it , I just wrote my story line

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