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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update : Vansh is back

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sunny thinking about Pallavi and says I will spoil her life so much, what does she think of herself. Pallavi and Raghav at Sunny’s house, Sunny asks you two here, Pallavi says looks like Raghav is in more love with you then Kirti, if he could he would just let you marry Kirti right away, Sunny says please come in and says I am sorey for leaving breakfast, I kept saying Kirti not to do this but she forced me, Pallavi says if you felt bad why couldn’t you stop Kirti or you could call us and apologise, Sunny asks will you have coffee, Raghav says I am fine, Pallavi says I will have water.

Raghav says remember one thing I want Kirti’s happiness, Pallavi says and if she says she wants to marry Shaharukh Khan will you let her, Raghav says that is impossible, he is already married. Sunny gets water and asks you two here how come, Pallavi says we want to see your family, Sunny says my parents are divorced we dont stay together I am in touch with a cousin though if you like we could meet her, Raghav says I understand how painful it is to live without parents, Sunny says my parents are reason I don’t believe in marriage and I am marrying Kirti just for you people’s happiness, just like you two married, I mean Raghav married you for Amma’s happiness, Raghav says we are here for you not our marriage and we will think about meeting your cousin, Sunny says thank you, Raghav and Pallavi leave.
Sunny says she is giving me attitude and this is girls problem we should keep them in limits and do whatever you want I will make this marriage happen, Pallavi hears all this and saya I was here for my phone and leaves.
Sunny says I have to do something.

Sulochana gets Vatsavitri pooja things and asks Mansi to keep in temple, Mansi says if I would have married even I would keep fast for Raghav, Sulochana says I will find you better husband than Raghav and Rahul, Mansi says Pallavi will do Pooja and that is irritating me, this time it was my year and not Pallavi’s.

Sunny calls Kirti and says your Brother and his wife were here and they wanted to see my family but that is not the problem, problem is Pallavi what does she think of herself why does she show so much attitude, I understand I don’t have much money but why is she doing this, Kirti says she was not this way, she has changed after marriage. Sunny says I am marrying you because of you and if it is costing my self respect I will back of, Kirti says Raghav is supporting us, so don’t worry. Sunny by mistake dashes a man with his car, he gets out and checks on the boy and sees his leg is injured and asks him to get in car to go hospital, the guy is Vansh.

Raghav asks Pallavi what happened why is her mood so off, Pallavi says I am fine, Raghav says did he say something, Kirti says tell the truth Pallavi, Raghav asjs what is it Kirti, Kirti says nothing you go I will manage with Pallavi, Raghav leaves, Kirti asks Pallavi why is she doing this and misbehaving with Sunny, Pallavi thinks Sunny has told her lies and now to make Kirti realise first I have to win her trust back, Pallavi says to Kirti I am sorry I dont know what was happening to me, I was judging Sunny for no reason and now I feel so bad, Kirti says is it, Pallavi says yes he is not bad, Kirti hugs her and says thank you, I know Sunny ia werid but he is very nice, you will like hik eventually and do me a favor, Sunny is very upset please call him and talk to him once.

Jaya walks to Raghav and says I have important thing to tell, Sharda called me and told me about Vatsavitri Pooja and it is first one, so you will buy her saree and other pooja things and let’s make her special, Raghav says she will get it, Jaya says make her feel special, Raghav says okay, I will go with Krishna, Jaya says you are her husband so you will buy it and Farhad go with him or else he will buy lungi.

Farhad says we are stuck bad, its so difficult to buy saree, Raghav says can’t help its Amma’s order.

Sunny and Vansh in car, Sunny asks where to drop, Vansh says I don’t know, Sunny asks are you new here, ( Police relised Vansh because of his good behaviour and CM’s appeal but he has to come to police station twice a week and stay away from Raghav and his family)

Sunny gets call from Kirti, Kirti says I have surprise for you, Pallavi says hi Sunny, Sunny says oh Pallavi Raghav Rao, your attitude all dissolved, Pallavi says no lot in stock will release little by little, Sunny says don’t even think of it, your sister in law is blindly in love with me, and she will do everything for me, Vansh listening to all this, Pallavi says dont worry this is my favourite game, will deal with you very well and disconnect call.

Pallavi thinking about how to show Kirti Sunny’s true colors, Pallavi is called by Jaya, she goes to her room and sees gifts on bed and thinks what all is this, Jaya says this is for Vatsavitri and Sharda told me about it, Pallavi says Aai felt so bad seeing me not celebrating this day, Jaya says forget the past and you know Raghav bought all these, Pallavi says is it, Raghav walks in says yes I did, Pallavi says thank you, Jaya says open it lets see it. Raghav says they are the best. Pallavi opens saree and both Jaya and Pallavi don’t like it.

Sunny gets Vansh home, Sunny goes to get water, Vansh thinks so Pallavi married Raghav and now this Sunny I will use him to take revenge from Raghav Rao and as said Vansh is back.

Pre cap: Raghav asks Pallavi so will you fast for me, Pallavi says Amma said I can fast if I have feelings for you, Raghav asks so do you!?
Vansh sees Pallavi with Sharda and asks what is she doing with Mandar’s mother and does she know connection between Mandar and Raghav

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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