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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#55

The episode starts with Vansh and Riddhima in each other’s embrace smiling together. The crowd was hooting on them. After that, all the Raisinghanias, and guests gathered in the stadium and a beautifully decorated cake was brought. Riddhima blew the candles making wishes in her heart and cut the cake. They all enjoyed putting cream of the cake on each other’s nose and cheeks. Everyone was enjoying to the fullest. Then, Riddhima went towards the media reporters who were waiting to conduct interview for a long time. She stood behind the dais and adjusting the mic according to her height, she with full confidence looked towards the reporters as if signaling them to start their questions.

The media reporters gathered around her and started taking her interview. She was giving answers to most of their questions with confidence. They asked her about her relation with Ajay, Rajveer and about her journey. They asked about RaiSinghanias and the bondings. They also questioned her marital status but she gave them a satisfying reply with full confidence. The reporters also took interviews of RaiSinghanias. And then, one of the reporter asked her about her relation with Vansh and he said,

“You are the widow of Major. Rajveer Randhawa! And Here, you have accepted the proposal of Mr. Vansh RaiSinghania. Don’t you think its really inauspicious for a family?

R(raising her eyebrow): I don’t get it! What exactly are you calling inauspicious?

Reporter: Your relationship! Don’t mind my words Ma’am! But its a really bad omen in our society to marry a widow!

Reporter 2: And moreover, we have also got the news that you were in a relationship with Mr. Vansh RaiSinghania 7 years ago and then, you broke up with him and married Mr. Rajveer. What was the reason again that you came back to Mr. Vansh? Was it money that brought you back or was it love that destroyed your maried life?

Riddhima was silent. Volcanoes were erupting inside her listening to the questions of the reporters but she was calm from outside to not create any scene. She had not even opened her mouth to answer the question when another question was smashed on her face regarding her personal life.

Reporter 3: According to our findings, Mr. Rajveer Randhawa was going to be the Chief of Military Intelligence and then he died just few days before being crowned. And then, you joined intelligence right after his death and now standing on his position. Was it all planned?

Enough of these useless questions. Riddhima was feeling disgusted at reporters talking shit about her personal life so openly in front of her. Their mouths needed to be shut. She gave the most deadliest glares to the reporters before replying their queries. With fierceness in her eyes and calmness on her face, she spoke,

“(To 1st reporter) If I am not wrong, you are Mr. Harish? Right? The same media person whose wife had accused him of domestic violence? Isn’t it?

His colour faded. And riddhima smirked.

“Oh I am really sorry if I pressed a weak nerve of yours or reminded you of some haunted memories. But Mr. Harish! Let me tell you one thing. There is nothing such as good or bad omen in the world. Its just the toxic thinking of a person that decides an event. Being a widow is not inauspicious at all, atleast not for me. And for your information, in my life, only my will and choice matters to me. Not of some cheap criticising society. People like you always keep roaming here and there putting their nose all the time in other’s affairs and this is the thing, I called the most inauspicious, abhorrent and toxic. Rajveer is the most beautiful part of my life so, (pointing finger at him) Don’t you ever dare to spit something shitty out of your mouth about him. I don’t care whatever news you spread about me but No one….(loud)…I repeat no one has got the right to interfere in my personal life and infact, in any person’s life. (To 2nd reporter) And you! What you were saying? Was it love or was it money? (Sarcastically chuckles) Whatever it was! Who are you to ask it? I don’t give a damn what you are thinking right now! Whether I love someone or marry someone, whether I cheat someone or Break up with him, ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! So, stop your cheap middle class bullshit thinking! You have nothing to do with my life! I am a Woman and I am proud of the way I am! Being a woman requires a lot of guts and courage! If you had that then either you would have been a woman or a man who respects the woman. But I can see that you are none of these both (Sarcastically) God knew well what you deserve! So, better focus on your own crumpled world and try to put some sense in your head. If you had any sense then you would not have been standing at this position asking cheap questions. I have not given permission to anyone to question about my personal life. I know all these efforts are just for the useless ratings you want on your channel so, as far as your ratings are concerned…..Let me give you a top five star ratings……keep your cameras focused!

Saying so, she moved towards the 3rd reporter being very calm from outside but fierce from inside. She glared him expressionlessly and then, All of a sudden, she gave a tight slap on his face. The reporter glared him angrily as if threatening her with his eyes to show his power. Riddhima glared him back saying,

“Keep your eyes down! Or else, I also know to make people blind by putting the eyes out of the sockets. You have asked whether Rajveer’s murder and taking his position was planned by me! So, Take this as an answer, “If I had planned to killed Rajveer or had been such a cold blooded murderer then, in spite of being slapped tight on your cheek, you would be lying lifeless in the middle of this stadium by now. So, better watch out your words next time!”

All the three reporters were extreme angry and stunned. Other reporters were like they have no effect at all of the incident. They were busy capturing and focusing the ongoing events only. Riddhima angrily said,

“I don’t think anyone else has something to ask. So, its better to end this session here. (Sarcastically Smiles) And I request you all to not go anywhere without eating the cake. I always do what I want to and Today, its my birthday. So, there is no denying in that. And I just hope that if not my words but this cake could bring some sweetness in your lives(eyeing the three of them)”

She was about to turn but was stopped by Vansh who was witnessing all this and finally came to speak. He wrapped his arm around Riddhima hugging her by her side and faced the reporters,

“I think I have heard someone taking about some relation being inauspicious! Let me tell you that Every single person who is living on this planet has the right to live his life according to his own will. Everyone is equal in terms of respect, love and rights. And Being a woman, is the most respected and Undoubtedly, the most beautiful relation of the world. Whether it’s of a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife or a widow, but when comes to stand and face the world, Remember one thing! That Women are the most powerful relation without which a house cannot be called as a “HOME”. Whatever relation it is of world, No one except the person himself has the right to decide for his welfare. The true relation are made by heart. They just don’t break by the some mere sarcastic comments or criticising dialogues. They never ever break even if the person dies. Tell me! If your father dies or you lose your mother, will the relation also end? Does it mean that you can now no longer put the name of your father as the surname. No! Even if someone dies, these relations always reside in the heart. Same goes for a women too who loses her husband. Even if her husband dies, it doesn’t mean that she has lost rights on her life or she has lost her self respect. Making fun of a woman by calling her a widow, never determines the status of that woman. It shows how cheap your mentality is! What do you think Widow means? Huh? Widow mean a woman whose husband has died. Widow never means a woman who should be disrespected or judged. This a just a word misused in our society. Its not some deciding factor to judge how much respect should be given to a person. I don’t understand that when it comes to demanding your rights, everything becomes justified but when it comes to giving rights to others, the first thing that is checked is that status of that person. Whether its a girl or a boy. If its a boy then well and good! Go ahead! You are perfect! But If its a girl, then whether she is working or studying. If working then what her reputation at her workplace. If studying then how many affairs she had at her college. If she is married then how is she treating her in laws. If the husband is successful then he is the one working hard but if he is unsuccessful, then its beacuse of the bad luck brought by her wife! And coming to the death if husband has died then sadly, our society treats the woman like a murderer who is sentenced for lifetime torture right at the moment her husband dies! And I never wanted to come on this topic but when a girl suffers some abuse, harassment or even if she stays outside for one whole night, I dont know how it becomes the mistake of that girl only. And when the questions comes that why is it! Then, it is said that its for the welfare of the society so the image doesn’t tarnish.(taking deep breath) I suggest you all that if you also have the same judging parameters then better stop pressurizing your useless brains in thinking for the so called welfare of the society. If you can’t think something good then better don’t think anything! Or if you really want to work for the welfare then first try to see every person as “a human” rather than a boy or a girl, rich or poor, dark or fair, married or divorced and so on. Because this world has no lack of these judging criterion or such persons. The thing that is lacking is humanity. So, Before changing the world, first change yourself. And coming to my love, My Riddhima then even before being my fiance or someone’s daughter or sister, She is Riddhima Shah, an independent, confident doctor and military chief having her own personal identity. Her name is her identity not her marital status!.………………I think I have said enough!…..the one who wanted to understand, they would have understood well and the one who haven’t, then I don’t give a damn about them. Anyways, You all can go now! Thank you!

Saying so, the reporters whose mouth have now been shut witnessing the audacity and power of Vansh and Riddhima, started moving away. Riddhima was proudly looking at Vansh. He looks back at her and raises his eyebrow.

V: What?

R(smiling): You know what! You are the best!

V(smiles): and you know what! There is always a woman behind a man being best.

They both smiles at each other proudly.

And after a lot of chitchat and fun, the event came to its end.

After that, everyone went back to the Mansion and Vansh had a meeting so, he went their alone except Ishani and Aryan. As they both were arguing alot so, as a punishment, Ajay ordered them to work together and sort out their never ending arguments and in mean time, to double check everything before leaving the stadium. They both did their work separately avoiding each other and not make any scene and then soon, they both started heading back to the Mansion.

It was night time. They both were in the car and Ishani was thinking about Vansh’s words that he said to reporters. Breaking the silence she said,

Ishani: Aryan! I am happy that today’s event went well.

Aryan(smiles): Yeah! I am happy too.

Ishani: And The way Vansh bhai spoke in support of the rights of a woman, that thing made me so much proud of him. Isn’t it?

Listening to her talks , Aryan became serious.

Aryan(serious): Hmm.

Ishani: What hmm? Tell me! What are your views on that?

Aryan: I don’t have any!

Ishani: What? I mean to say that What do you think about the gender discrimination? Why its always a girl who suffers! Its not right at all!

Aryan(pissed): Its not always the girl who suffers. Even boys have to face so much!

Ishani(confused): You think that its always a girl’s mistake that She is divorced, molested, judged or kidnapped or anything! Even the boys are responsible for this too!

Aryan was extremely serious. Ishani’s words were frustrating him more.

Aryan(frustrated): What you mean that the boys are responsible for this? What do you want to say? Not the boys but the girls are also responsible for their state. They should know when to act well and when to be stubborn! They should know that when they are forbidden of something then they shouldn’t cross the boundaries!! They should listen to their well wisher rather than acting crazily! Is it my fault that it happens with them?

Ishani(stunned): Why are you taking it up on yourself??? I can’t believe you are one of those too! Who blames everything on a girl! How cheap Aryan! You should be ashamed of yoruself for saying this!

Aryan: I didn’t say that the girls should be blamed! I just asked what the mistake of boys in all this? (Angry) I don’t even know why I am arguing with such a useless girl like you! Who knows nothing but her own wishes!

Ishani(pissed): Are you in your senses! I asked you a simple question! Why are you complicating everything!

Aryan(loud): I am not complicating anything! And who the hell are you to ask such questions from me! I don’t think we have any relation that we can discuss such thing where you only expect others to agree with you rather than giving their POV.

Ishani was totally frustrated and confused. She was not understanding why Aryan became angry all of a sudden over a simple question. She was hurt at how he said that he had no relation with him. Even though, they had always been arguing, but it had their own special kind of relation that connected them and now, Aryan was denying to it too.

Ishani(angry): Why are you behaving like a complete jerk? Have you lost your senses?

Aryan(loud and angry): Yes! I have lost my senses and I am a complete jerk! And I dont think you want to spend another minute with a jerk like me. So…..(he applied the breaks of the car) Get out of Car! Right now!

Ishani(shocked): What!!!!

Aryan: I said Out!!!

Ishani(pissed): Aryan! Just shut up! Have you lost it! Its too dark! There is not a single vehicle on the road! And…What have I done!

Aryan: You did nothing! I am the one who is wrong! So, leave!

Ishani: Aryan!!!

Aryan(shouts): Just leave!!!

Ishani was scared at his tone. For the first time, she was scared and hurt by Aryan’s word. She was so much shocked that she didn’t argued like she always did and silently got out of the car. Being in shock, she neither picked up her purse nor her mobile from the car. She got down and as soon as she closed the door staring Aryan, he pressed the accelerator and moved out of the sight. Trying to figure out the things in shock, Ishani started walking on the road. It was complete dark and there was no one on the road. She kept on walking for 10 minutes when she passed by tea stall which looked extremely cheap. Some boys were sitting and chitchatting with each other while taking tea. When Ishani passed by them, The gaze of one of those boys fell upon her. As she was coming back from the event, she was all dressed up beautifully. The boys gestured his other parteners and they all stared Ishani from top to bottom with their lustful eyes. And then, they started following her. And when they called her, she came out of her thoughts and started walking briskly.

“Hey beautiful! Where are you going!”

“Come with us! Wanna have fun?”

Ishani looked towards her hand and then Here and there as if searching for her mobile and bag. And then, the reality struck her that she had forgot it in the car. This made her horrified. She was having blurry images and negative thoughts in her mind by thinking of what will happen next. The boys were following her continuously. They started walking beside her.

Ishani: Leave me alone!

“Why baby! You are already alone! Let us give you some company!”

“And I am sure you will love it! Look the night is so beautiful! So are you! We can make it more beautiful for you! Just come with us”

The boy touched his waist carssing his fingers on it. Ishani’s eyes widened at the touch and she clenched her fist angrily. And the very next moment, she punched hard on the boy’s face! The other boys become shocked and angry. Ishani being horrified started running.

“You!!! How dare you!! Now Look what I will do with you!!”

They all started running behind her and soon caught her.

Ishani: Just leave me you bastards!

She tried hard to push them back and hit her elbow in other boy’s stomach making him writh in pain. This made the boys even more angry and they grabbed both the hands of Ishani. And then, all of a sudden, one of them ripped apart the sleeves of Ishani’s dress. Ishnai was shocked and still she was trying hard to fight. The boy held her by her neck so that she doesn’t run away. Ishani was continuously trying to free herself. The boys were touching her everywhere gradually moving their hands towards her private part. She was totally horrified but she didn’t let her fear over power her. She was thinking of every way to free herself. All of a sudden, Ishani bit his hand with her teeth and back kicked the boy in the a**. Trying to cover herself with her arms, she started running away but the boys caught her once again and this time, they became successful in opening the back zip of her dress. Ishani was resisting them so much and the boy forwarded his hand towards her shoulder to remove her dress. No sooner did he touched Ishani’s shoudler, when he received a hard punch on his face making him fall back on the road. The other boys and Ishani looked at that person and was shocked. It was Aryan. He came forward and stood between Ishani and those boys. He looked intensely rageful and wrath was totally visible in his eyes. No one at that moment could tell what was going on in his mind at that moment.

Aryan: How dare you touch her!

He stared the boys giving them a deadly glare and then, he removed his coat and wrapped it around Ishani without breaking the angry eye contact with those boys. Ishani was staring him while he was covering her with his coat. She zipped up her dress and held the coat tightly around her and the very next moment, Aryan ensuring that ishani is safe, he started punching and fighting with the boys. He was one but his anger and he being a Soldier made him overpower them and he beat them black and blue. He was punching the boy continuously on his face and Shouting,

“How dare you touch her! How dare you treat her like this! I will kill you today”

He was punching that boy continuously making his own fist bleed. The boy had already lost his consciousness but he didn’t stop. Ishani noticing it and panicking, started running towards him. She held him by his arms trying to stop him.

“Aryan! Stop! He will die! Its enough!!! Stop it!”

He didn’t listen.

Aryan: I will not!! How dare he touch you!!!

“(Shouts) Aryan!! Stop it!! He has fainted! He will die!! Look! I am fine!!! Stop it!!! Nothing happened to me!,,

And then, Aryan stopped. He looked towards Ishani.

Aryan(concerned): Are You ok? (Cupping her face in his palms and concerned) Did they hurt you? Have you got any wound? Tell me! Are you fine!!

Ishani(worried): Yeah! I am fine! But…..

She looked towards his hand.

Ishani(panicking): Its bleeding Aryan! Wait! Let me get you…..

Aryan(polite): I am Fine Ishani! Don’t worry. Let’s go!

He gently got up and holding her by her shoulders, he made her sit in the car. And then, he sat on the driving seat. Before starting the car, he said,

Aryan: I am really Sorry Ishani! It all happened because of me! I am…..

Ishani(cutting him): Its okay Aryan! But don’t tell about it to anyone at home. They will worry alot! And even I am sorry for being rude with you.

She smiles and Aryan also smiles a little.

He started driving.

Ishani: Thanks for saving me today Aryan! I don’t know what would have happened…..

Aryan: Nothing will happen to you until I am…I mean we all are together. And To be honest, I am not surprised the way you were beating and resisting them. Impressive!

Ishani: I am Ishani RaiSinghania! I am a woman and I am not a weak one to give up so easily.

Aryan: That’s why, I call you a wild cat!! You fought well.

Ishani: Infact, every girl should fight till the last breath. Keep struggling until you die!!But never let them win!

Aryan(serious): Never say like that ever again! Never talk about de…death.

He was all panicked, confused and scared. He seemed to be worried as if something was disturbing him. He was not able to share his feelings but he was behaving suspicious.

Ishani(observing him):Are you sure you are fine?

Aryan(faking smile): Yeah I am!

He diverted the topic.

“Its already so late. You would be tired. Even I am have got tired alot! Are you hungry? I will get you something if you want! ”

Ishani: No! I am fine! Just want to go home.

Aryan(trying to be normal): Al..Alright the….then…

He was stammering but trying hard to control his emotions. Ishani was continuously observing him and was gradually becoming doubtful and confused about it. But she didn’t show it to him and replied,

Ishani: Hmm…

And after that, There was complete silence in the way.

Ishani though to herself,

“What happened to him! I have never seen him this much angry before. He is always chill about his stuff but today, I saw two totaly different shades of him. As far as I know him, he is a really liberal and open minded person but why was he talking so ill today? And then, His anger! I never saw him like this before as if he lost something really precious And now, Again he is behaving as if nothing happened? Why is he behaving odd?”

Meanwhile, Vansh was also driving back to home at night after attending the meeting. The road was empty and clean. He was driving peacefully. He was lost in his thoughts thinking about the beautiful memories of the day. While driving with his one hand, he was scrolling down on his mobile screen looking at Riddhima and His pictures. He was smiling and had not attention towards the road. At that moment, a speed breaker happened to be at the road and the car passed over it with a jerk making his cell phone fall from his grip. He bent down in the moving car finding his cell phone and then, All of a sudden, a girl came running in front of the car and he applied breaks in reflex. The girl gave a loud shriek and stood still on her position. Though he had applied breaks, but still the car touched her body lightly and then, she fell unconscious on the bumper of his car. Vansh in a panic state came out and gently made the girl turn over. When he turned her, He was shocked.

It was the same girl whom he had caught running out of the stadium and to his utmost surprise, she was bleeding profusely and she was stabbed in her stomach. Her condition was vulnerable and she was breeathing heavily.

V: This is the same girl!!! What happened to her?

He ran towards his car and brought out a water bottle. He sprinkled water on her face bringing her to consciousness. He checked her pulse. She was in half conscious state uttering one thing only,

“Save me! Pl…plea…please Save me!!!”

She was shivering and she had placed her hand over her bleeding wound of the stomach. Her hands and clothes had blood all over it and she had tears in her eyes. She looked towards Vansh, writhing in pain and said,

“Only yo…..You can…sa..save me! They…They will….(breathing heavily) They will kill everyone…Save….Please!!!!!”

And she fainted.

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