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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Sandesh tries to kill Bala.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 24th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sandesh and Rani were brought to their hut. Puranjan banned their right to go out, Jijabai advised Rani to try and live together for a few days. They left. Sandesh and Puranjan sat on different sides of the room.

Bala wiped as he was never understood in this house, he wished to have Bhima Bai here. She was the only one who knew him. Jijabai was listening to him, she cried as well.

Ramji didn’t know how to help Bala, his demands were not valid. Jijabai said to Ramji that Bala was being wronged, beating him wasn’t an option. Bala was crying though he didn’t do anything wrong. According to Jijabai he freed Rani from her husband’s brutality, love makes one think of a better future together. Bala did the same and nothing was wrong in it. Ramji said that he runaway with someone’s wife, Jijabai was interpreting from an angle the society will not accept. He wrecked someone’s home for love which was not acceptable for the society. Ramji would not let his son do so. Jijabai questioned how Ramji all of sudden was standing with the society. He replied that being a father he needs to teach his children as per the society demands, at the end, he has to marry her daughters in the same society. No one will marry Tulsa and Manjula for being Bala’s sister, Bhim Rao will be ridiculed. Ramji doesn’t like beating Bala, but he had to do so because he was a father. He asked Jijabai to make Bala understands or else everything will end.

Sethji informed Maharaj that Ramji and his family were trying their best to reconcile Rani and Sandesh. Pandith was worried. Mahesh asked them not to worry, dead bodies will lay on this journey of reconciliation because revenge was a necessity. Mahesh said that he and Sandesh belonged to the same caste, both of them were insulted and because of that they will not rest.

Rani loved Sandesh being a widow despite all the hurdles she runaway with her. They promised to stay with each other, but he needed a statue. She refused to live with him. Sandesh didn’t want to live with her as well, she was asked to keep quiet. Sandesh went to sleep, he intended to kill Bala.

Bala was shivering in fever, Ramji sat beside him. Ramji held his hand; he was ashamed to beat her but has to do so because of his stubbornness.

In the morning, Jijabai offered Bala tea. Bala refused. Jijabai asked him that his anger will not take resolve the matter. Bala has thought about his future, they must not worry for him. Jijabai said that she wasn’t his actual mother, but she knew that of all the siblings Bala loves tea the most. Ramji heard, he remembered asking Jijabai to talk to Bala. Jijabai said that they were all living together in difficult times. She has spent her entire life with her father, and parents never want anything bad for their children. Refusing to understand anything Bala left. Jijabai asked Ramji to show patience, he will understand in a while after all he was his son. Sooner or later would become just like Ramji.

Sandesh saw Bala going out. He went after him with the knife.

Jijabai served tea, she asked Meera where Bala went. She got worried.

Rani came home, she went to find Sandesh.

Bala sat beside a tree, Sandesh stood behind him. Bala wanted to escape with Rani. Sandesh attacked Bala, Bala defended.

Ramji asked about Bala. Meera didn’t know where he was. Jijabai didn’t know as well, Ramji scold her. Bhim Rao and the family went to find Bala.

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