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Hi guys I’m back with another episode of this ff, so


Riddhima was sleeping peacefully and she was smiling in her sleep,

she was seeing a dream of her and Vansh’s marriage.

Her sleep got disturbed because of sun Ray’s which were coming from the window of the room.

She waked up from her sleep and started rubbing her eyes like a small child and smiled at her dream. She got up from her bed and went to get read.

After sometime she came outside from washroom and went to her wardrobe to select a dress for herself.

She got ready and went downstairs. She was confused to see priest sitting on the sofa while all the Ooswal’s and Rai Singhania’s was sitting on the sofa which was kept opposite side of the hall.

Vansh looked at her and they both shared an EYELOCK and smiled at each other.

She went towards them and took blessings from them. And sat between Rakhi and Mahesh and said.

RIDDHIMA: Maa, why priest here?

She said being confused. They smiled and Simar said.

SIMAR: I have become your sister-in-law, now it’s your turn to become my bhabhi.

Riddhima blushed a bit knowing the meaning of her statement very well while everyone laughed at her face expression.

Riddhima looked at Vansh while riansh stared at each others eyes which was showing love and affection for each other.

They came out from their dreamland listening to the voice of priest.

PRIEST: Shadi ke liye subh moorat 1 hafte baad kaa hai uske baad 1 saal ke baad kaa moorat hai. ( Auspicious time for their marriage is after 1 week after that there will be the Auspicious time after 1 year. )

UMA: So when you want to get marry. If you want we can do marriage after 1 year.

She said to tease them.

RIANSH ( together ): We will marry after 1 week.

They said together and looked at each other while others laughed at them.

REEMA& SIMAR: Someone is so desperate to get marry huh.

Vansh glared at them while they shut their mouth and chuckled.

Priest went from their and everyone started to discuss about the function of the wedding.

After discussing everyone went from there to their respective rooms.

Riansh were left in the hall. Riddhima was about to go from there, but Vansh pulled her towards him by her wrist. And she bumped on his well built chest.

Her heart started beating heavily. He was rubbing his hands on her bare waist.

He whispered in her ears softly and huskily.

VANSH: Are you ready to become Mrs. Vansh RAISINGHANIA, Miss. Ooswal.

She smiled and nodded softly. He traveled his lips towards towards her ears and softly bites her earlobe. And she closed her eyes.

He made her face him and kissed her jawline and touched her face gently and kissed her cheeks. While his hands were still roaming on her waist.

He started coming closer to her lips and was staring at them.

They were about to touch each other’s lips, but stopped listening to a voice.

REEMA: Riddhima bhabhi come fast we need to select the dress for tomorrow’s function for you.

VANSH: This Reema, she is the enemy of my romance with my to be wife.

He said with cute irritated face and Riddhima chuckled at him. And started going from their.

She turned again and said loudly only audible to him.

RIDDHIMA: Rest of the romance after marriage my to be husband.

She winked at him and gave a flying kiss to him. And ran from there while he smiled at her cute antics..

PRECAP: Riansh Engagement ceremony. Chhoti Simar and RAISINGHANIA’S met Badi Simar in the function.

That’s all for today guys hope you all liked it. Do tell me how was it.



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