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#Collection of Riansh OS #Fighting Together (2) {Last}


Soon, they fulfilled their dream of becoming IAS officer and they were provided with lots of luxuries. This was the result of their handwork..Both were extremely happy..

After two more  years, (Riddhima & Vansh were now 22 as four years passed when they studied for IAS and then two more years of them being IAS)

In a park :

The ladies and the men were gossiping about random stuffs as they had no work to do because the things weren’t normal yet..All the people weren’t vaccinated so, the government needed some more time and it was kinda a lock down..A girl was roaming in the either side of park carrying a baby bump, when she had a severe pain in her stomach. She started walking towards the car when she fainted. One of the ladies saw her and contacted her husband, from the phone.  Vansh, who was doing a meeting in a house, front of a park, came running towards her and lifted her in his arms.

Nothing will happen to you, Riddhu! Just calm down” he gave her strength and took towards his car. The ladies of the park assembled there to see what is happening but till now, Vansh and Riddhima had left for hospital..

After three days,

Riddhima was discharged from the hospital and both of them walked inside the park. She was carrying a small and cute baby girl.

Riddhima had held her wrapping in a thin sheet

Riddhima had held her wrapping in a thin sheet. She was looking towards all with her cute eyes and open mouth. Everyone felt really happy seeing the baby girl..All the children of the park assembled there along with the elders. When a few of them saw Riddhima’s face, their expression changed..Even she looked at them and had mixed feelings..

Riddhima, you?” asked a man from them..

She thought,“How did I do such a grave mistake by coming back to this place?

Vansh : You know my wife?

Yes, she has played with us” said a twelve year old child. He went near her and held her cloth saying,”Riddhu di! Riddhu di!! Remember me? 

Riddhima reached to his height  and said,”Yes, Rohit , right?

Yes”  he replied with a wide smile. Riddhima remembered all her moments she spent with her friends, some uncles, and aunties in her park..A lone tear escaped from her eyes and she wiped it before someone could notice. There came a nine year old child..He hugged Riddhima.

Aarav” was the only word she spoke. The boy looked at her with a wide smile and held the baby girl’s hand.

Remember you used to hold my hand, just like this?” said little Aarav on which Riddhima nodded. Then, a man and a woman came from the crowd.

“Where were you? Why did you run away?” the man asked her.

Un..Uncle” she stammered and couldn’t speak. Vansh understood that there was some problem..

Uncle, she ran because she wasn’t treated well by her family” he replied looking at Riddhima who had tears in her eyes. The man understood that something serious has really happened..He said all the kids to go away.

By the way, who are you? How did you met? And this girl, who is she?” the man’s wife asked.

I’m Vansh Rai S…Vansh..only Vansh..”

Vansh Rai Singhania? Means Ajay and Uma’s son?” the woman questioned.

Not anymore!” he replied being cold.

All the people of park asked them some more questions and soon they came on the conclusion that both the families did wrong with their children. They also told RiAnsh that Ajay, Uma and Aryan shifted from Andheri to Juhu and live just in front of park..Moreover, Varun, Akash, Reema and Neil also lived on the either side of park..So, they insisted them to meet their parents on which came a cold answer by both of them”We’re not interested in spoiling the future of our daughter, Vari” they said looking at their baby girl, whom they named as Vari.

The people of park didn’t listen them and called their families there. Both the families were looking at the couple and their daughter with confused eyes.

Akash (whispering to Neil) : Bro! I thought she’ll come on road but she is..

Neil (whispering to Akash) : She might have trapped any big businessmen..

No, she is an IAS along me” came an answer from Vansh.

Both the families were uttermost shocked as they didn’t expected this much.

Vansh : Well, Riddhima’s uncle, thanks a lot for bringing them out..You don’t know you did a huge work..We’ll arrest them for doing illegal businesses.

Yes, both the families were involved in illegal business dealings, smuggling of drugs and what not!

The families were tensed. Sweat appeared on their faces.

Riddhima : You can’t run away, now!

Reema came to Riddhima,with pleading eyes and said,”How could you do this with us, your own family, Riddhima?

Reema knew she didn’t have any other option than pleading her because IAS is a powerful person indeed. But Riddhima was least affect with her sayings.

Oh see! Who’s saying this? The person which mentally tortured her own daughter is now considering me as their family..Bravo! (she claps sarcastically) You only need money, nothing less, nothing more! I can’t believe I was born in your family!!

Now, Ajay understood he did wrong with Vansh but was not going to accept it and spoil his reputation. He said to Uma to make Vansh understand. But Vansh was hell angry.

Listen, your emotional drama is not going to work on me..Why did you do this? I just want the answer” he replied in the same, cold voice. By now, the people of the park had left giving the families, some time.

Bec..because you were an Orphan” came a reply from Akash and Aryan, together. Riddhima and Vansh looked at each other.

Both of us?” they asked to which all nodded.

Varun and Ajay told them what happened.

Vansh and Riddhima were orphans, they both were friends, who met each other at orphanage. Both were very talented. Once, Varun visited the orphanage and he found Riddhima. He thought she was very well skilled, so she’d help him in growing his business and he took her to his home, after completing the adoption process..Same had gone with Vansh too..But both of them weren’t interested in the family business and that’s why they were being mentally tortured like this.

Vansh : If this was the reason behind your tortures, then why didn’t you left us?

Riddhima : We would have felt better if you wouldn’t have adopted us!

Vansh : But now, we’re strangers, so it’s better your place to be far away from us..

Riddhima : You’re talking to us because we’ve wealth and power..You never understood us, so now, enjoy!

The trio (Vansh,Riddhima and Vari) left from there and all of them felt ashamed of themselves.

After a couple of days,

Riddhima was drying her hairs and Vari was in her bed when Vansh came and back hugged Riddhu.

Vansh!” she had a blush on her face. He twirled her and said,”Why are you shying now? We already did all that, that’s why we have Vari..” He winked at her.

Listen, YOU! Stop your thoughts her only..I’m getting late, today is Aarav’s birthday party..Go and get ready” she said.

Yes ma’am” he told like an obedient child. They all got ready to go for Aarav’s birthday party. They got ready and were looking elegant and graceful. After entering Aarav’s house, some memories came in Riddhima’s mind..

Flashback : 

Little Aarav was pulling Riddhima inside his house.

Riddhima : Aarav! Stop it..

Aarav : No didi! Come, lemme show you something..

He took her to his room and she saw photo of her with Aarav and Rohit. Tears started flowing from her eyes, Aarav wiped them and smiled at her.

Rohit : Didi! You’re so good..

Riddhima : Thank you…

Flashback ends. 

She saw the same frame, but this time, in the hall. Rohit and Aarav found Riddhima seeing it and they pecked on her cheeks and took Vari along. Riddhima took the photo frame and Vansh came with her.

This is me” she pointed.

Vansh started giggling like a maniac.

What?” she asked raising her eyebrows.

So funny!!!” he giggled more and she hit him on his chest and turned her face.

The parents of Aarav and Rohit welcomed them inside. They had a great fun in the party and Riddhima really enjoyed there as some past memories became fresh.


I hope the second part was up to your expectations..I’m sorry if there was something you didn’t like..Thanks a lot for all the love on the first part of it…If you have any requests, any plot, you can drop down…See y’ soon! Please take care of yourself.. 

PS :- I changed the cover of my OS book.. 

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