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Ye Ishq Nahi Aasan #29 At Last

Hey guys! I’m sorry! I am a day late…. But yesterday, there was a bit overload of studies….during which I had some idiotic thoughts about leaving writing again… Screw them! I can’t stay away!!

Anyways, I can only promise one thing… No Promises.

I don’t know when I will update… when I might change my mind… I am crazy and you know… So please don’t expect anything from me… I am sick of expectations!!

Anyways, back to the update!

After they come back home…

Sejal, Siya, Aryan, Ishani, and Rakshit : WHERE ARE OUR GIFTS!!!?

Vansh: Last time, you didn’t ask for gifts!

Ishani: Last time, our gift was Ri-mmmmmm mmmmm

Vansh puts a hand on her mouth. Before she could spill the beans.

Riddhima gives out everyone their gifts.

Riddhima: I have an announcement!!

Siya: What? I became aunty??

Rakshit: I became an uncle??

Siya: I asked first!!

Rakshit: But I’ll still become an uncle!

Siya: And I’ll be an aunt!

Rakshit: I’ll be an uncle first!

Siya: I’ll be an aunt first!!

They both start arguing.

Riddhima: Guys! Guys! Nobody is becoming uncle and aunty right now!! The announcement was that Abhay and Piya are staying with us for a few days!

Siya and Rakshit: Ooooo!!!!!

Siya: Hey! I was saying that!!

Rakshit: I was saying it!!

Ishani (Whispering to RiAnsh) : They both have been like this since you went. God knows what takes over people!!

Aryan: It’s okay sissy! Right now, you have to plan my honeymoon!!

Sejal: What?

Aryan: Nothing, nothing, I was just asking Ishani to plan Vansh bhai and Riddhima bhabhi’s homecoming party.

Sejal: Oh!! Come Ishani! I’ll help you!

Then everyone goes to their rooms with their gifts and prepares for the night’s party.

Vansh: Tonight is the night, sweetheart. Tonight it all ends.

Riddhima: Have you texted all them to meet us there?

Vansh: Ya I texted all of them saying ‘I know your secret, Meet me at the Royal Gardens after midnight.

That Night

The party started at 8 and ended by 11. Then, Ishani (If you guys are confused, Ishani is everyone’s secret keeper, so she knew what all happened) , Riddhima, Vansh, Arohi, Abhay, Piya and Deep go reach Royal Gardens by 11:30.

They set up cameras everywhere.

Tara, Ragini, Anupriya and Kabir come there almost at the same time. They are all shocked seeing what happened.

(I am keeping this short guys…. Not in the mood… I have a different story in my mind…)

They all have a heated conversation and everyone confesses their crimes and before they could do anything, ANupriya tries to shoot Vansh but Riddhima stands in front of him and before they could do anything, Kabir stands in front of Riddhima and takes the bullet.

Kabir: Guess history does repeat itself.

He dies with a smile. (I swear if I knew I would write this scene like this then I would’ve murdered myself thrice! But I have an amazing story in my mind…)

Long story short, Police comes, arrests the culprits and all is well in the world. Maybe not…

Riddhima: Vansh! What did he mean by history repeats itself?

Vansh: Nothing sweetheart. I think he doesn’t know.

Riddhima: Doesn’t know what?

Vansh: That he was Vihaan.

Riddhima: But- But he saved my life! He died because of me!! I can’t even repay him! He…

Vansh: Shhhh, calm down, sweetheart. He saved your life like you saved mine.

Riddhima: Does that mean he truly loved me?

Vansh: It doesn’t matter now. It’s in the past. Right now, our family needs us, this will come as a shock for them.

Riddhima: You are right. I need to focus on the family. Rakshit- Oh my god!! Rakshit!! What’ll he go through!! I just condemned his birth mother to death! Oh my god!!!!!!

Vansh: I’m sure he’ll understand, sweetheart. He loves you like a sister and he knows you wouldn’t do anything wrong. Now come, le’ get everyone home.

Piya: Yes!! We have a wedding to plan!!

Abhay: Wedding?

Piya: Deep Uncle and Arohi Ma!

Abhay: They are not even talking to each other!

Ridhima wipes her tears and rubs her eyes.

Riddhima: Ya! We’ll have to work on that a bit!

FInish this and gimme some commentsss!!! I am going to give y’all a surprise!!

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