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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pundlik touches Devi Ganga.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Pundlik following the three beautiful women to their ashram. Pundlik is mesmerized by the beauty of these women and he starts praising their beauty as he starts looking in an evil way towards the women. One woman says Pundlik, how dare you look at us with this evil eyesight of yours? Pundlik looks around at the surrounding environment, he says even the environment has been mesmerized by your beauty, it is also looking at you all. The woman says, you have already lost everything still you walk on the path of adharma, you will be punished. Pundlik says don’t joke with me, you look so beautiful, Pundlik walks towards the woman, they get worried.
Malti is in a temple praying to god and asking for forgiveness. A woman hears her and says daughter don’t be worried, go back to your husband, he must have realized his mistake by now! Go back to the house and even you have a chance to repent for your mistakes. Malti says you are right, I shall go back. Malti goes back to the village.
Pundlik walks towards the woman to touch her. The other woman says do you even know who we are? Lord Krishna says to Radha, Pundlik has lost his sanity, he is walking on the path of adharma, he doesn’t even know these 3 women are goddesses and he will suffer. The women say you will face grave consequences if you come near us or touch us. Pundlik says don’t fool me. The woman says I am Devi Ganga, other says I am Devi Yamuna and this is Devi Saraswati. Pundlik says then I am Kaam dev, I have come for you all. The goddesses get angry. Pundlik walks and touches Devi Ganga and she loses her divine form and gets all dirty. Pundlik says what happened? Devi Ganga says we three are the river goddesses, humans like you have come in our river for years and washed away their sins and left their sins in our rivers. We become dirty after many sins are washed in us and that is why we come here in this ashram. This ashram belongs to Rishi Tapasvi, he is the true form of divinity and serves his parents. We take his blessings and serve him and the sins on us put by humans get washed away. Ganga says now you touched me with your evil thoughts and hands, I have turned sinned and I have to wash it away again. Ganga disappears. Pundlik then looks at Yamuna and Saraswati and says where will you go? Yamuna and Saraswati say you evil man Pundlik, you will face grave consequences for what you are doing. Yamuna and Saraswati disappear.
Pundlik then says these women must be playing with me using their tricks. I don’t believe them, I want to know who they are, I will ask this Rishi. Pundlik sees inside the house, Rishi Tapasvi is pressing his father’s legs and Devi Ganga is washing Rishi Tapasvi’s feet. After doing so, Ganga sprinkles that water over herself and then she becomes pure and divine again. As she is about to leave, Pundlik stops her and says what tricks are you playing with me? Who are you and who is that Rishi? Ganga says you are denying the very truth in front of you, you will know everything soon and will regret for what you have done. Ganga disappears. Pundlik enters the house and says Munivar, speak to me, who are you and what games are these women playing with me? Rishi is busy in serving his father so he is not able to hear Pundlik. Pundlik then gets angry and say how dare you not listen to me? Pundlik says I will kick this man, only then he will understand. Pundlik kicks but is pushed behind by an energy shield and he falls down.
Pundlik tries to move but realizes he has lost his legs. Pundlik has tears and says why cant I move? I have lost my legs.
Malti reaches the house and sees it has a lock. She says what happened here and why is there blood on this lock? I am worried for my Swami. Grandmother comes and Malti has tears and says bua, I am worried for Pundlik ki. Grandmother says daughter, don’t worry he must be somewhere but he will realize his mistake and come back. Grandmother says to Malti, daughter you have the house and all jewellery now, you can live here peacefully. Malti says bua, where there is no family, there is no life. This house is only a house, when all elders and my husband will come back, only then it will be a family and I will make sure our family comes back to peace again.
Pundlik says Rishi, please help me! I have lost my legs. Suddenly Rishi opens his eyes and then sees Pundlik. He says look at you Pundlik, you followed the path of adharma, you sinned against your parents and threw them out of their house, those parents who turned you from a child into a man, you became selfish and threw them out and sinned against them. Pundlik now realizes all his mistakes. Rishi says more than that, you also denied your god and removed his statue from your house, you insulted him. Pundlik cries as he realizes his mistakes. Pundlik says I have sinned Rishi, please forgive me and give me a chance to repent for my mistakes. Pundlik says Rishi, I did so many sins and I lost my legs, please guide me show me the way to repent for my mistakes. Rishi says serve your parents, take their blessings and ask for forgiveness! You have done many sins but the only way to redeem yourself is to have the blessings of your parents. Pundlik says okay and he crawls towards his parent’s house.
Lord Krishna smiles and says Pundlik’s journey starts now. Pundlik crawls towards his parents house as he says a prayer to Lord Krishna and his own parents too.
Devi Satyavati and Jaanu feel that their son is in trouble. Devi Satyavati says I can sense it as if my son I calling me, I am worried for him. Satyavati faints and Jaanu brings water for her.
Pundlik crawls towards his parents house.
Chandrakala and Ketki leave the village as they are punished. Chandrakala says this all happened because of our greed and selfish, we did everything because of our greed for property and money and destroyed so many lives. Chandrakala says we shall live in the forest now and repent for our mistakes and sins.

Precap: Pundlik keeps crawling as he crawls uphill and suddenly falls down a valley at the end of the hill. Pundlik screams for help and his mother and father hear it. They get worried.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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