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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi gets kidnapped

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Mahi says you have to answer me today or I will never come to the temple again. Someone says Mahi.. She turns back. It’s Dharampal. Mahi hugs him and cries. He says don’t cry. God will never let anything happen to you. Mahi says I knew you would come. Whenever I am sad, I come here. Dharampal says you must be thinking your mom would come but I did. Mahi says someone is playing with my life. I don’t care about my life, I can’t see you all in pain. I wanted to make it easy for you but I became the cause of your trouble. He says don’t blame yourself. I know Jogi didn’t tell you before marrying you. Mahi says don’t take his name. He fooled me. He married me by deceit. Dharampal says but now you are tied with many relationships. You’re married now. And you have new relationships. Marriages happen with Mata Rani’s will. It doesn’t happen without her choice. God gives us the strength to face any circumstances. She chooses it for us. God has chosen Jogi and his house for you. It’s your responsibility to fulfill that relationship. Your mom must have said the same but she’s a bit sad. I know God did this. Respect the responsibility of marriage that God has given you.

Mahi says if this is my test, I will do it. I will fulfill my responsibility. I won’t let anyone question my brought up. I will go to that house and be a DIL. But won’t do one thing, won’t accept Jogi as my husband. He says God will look after that. I have to go now. If anyone finds out I came here to meet you, your mom would be angry. God give her strength, she isn’t a daughter only now. She’s a DIL and a wife. Mahi says Mata Rani I will go to my in-laws but please take care of my family. Mahi hugs him. Mahi says take care of dadu and mummy. He says if you’re in any trouble, your dad is with you. Someone was seeing them.

Scene 2
Rupa says she won’t come back. Stop waiting for her. The police come there. Jogi is shocked. Inspector says let’s go to the police staiton. You’ve made a girl run from her house. Biji says he married her properly. Seema says properly my foot. She comes there ith her family. Seema says we are fooled, my daughter is fooled. Arrest them. Pappu says they fooled Mahi. Rupa says he did this wedding to save Mahi. Renua says we are there to save her. Marrying someone without consent is a crime. Biji says my son saved her. Pappu says wow first do a crime and then say this. They are all in this together. Arrest them, inspector. they are all together, arrest them all. Jogi says don’t dare to take my family’s name. If I am to be punished without crime then I will hit you and do the crime. Pappu says threatening me in front of everyone. Seema says arrest him. Pappu says call Mahi. Seema says where is Mahi? Jogi says she went to your place. Seema says but she left. Where is my daughter? Jogi says how shameless are you. You kicked your daughter out and now asking me. Pappu says did you kill her? Everyone is shocked.

Scene 3
Mahi leaves the temple. A man collides with her. He’s wearing glasses. He says sorry I can’t see. He pretends to fall. Mahi says let me help you. He says my car is near. Mahi takes him to his car. He says is the driver there? Mahi looks for the driver? It’s Dillu. He opens the truck and shoves Mahi inside. Mahi says leave me.. She tries to run.. He hits her head. Mahi faints.

The inspector says I am asking last time, where is Mahi. He takes out hand cuff and says you are under arrest for forcing Mahi to marry you and kidnapping her.

Episode ends.

Precap-Shalu says he’s a goon. Pappu says if he can misbehave with police, he can do anything to Mahi. Jogi says if anything happens to Mahi, I won’t leave anyone. He picks the rod to hit Mahi. Mahi comes there and holds it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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