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Star crossed lovers: Episode 5: a normal day

‘Ok guys ill leave I’ve to go back to delhi bye.come to visit me’ he said ‘yes bhai’ she added, he left ‘ so guys pizzas here coke too let’s begin with our discussion’ entered aaryan

‘ so guys don’t need to worry about hotels and stuff because I’ve my own farm house there ‘ said riddhima , ‘ ya i remember’ said aaryan ,   ‘ sounds cool then , all we have to do is book a jeep for a good tour what do you guys  say’ asked vansh. ‘ why not’ said Riddhima. Soon there was a knock at the door ‘ sir may i vome in’ a girl asked ‘yes ahaana’ she entered flopping he heels and spoke in the most irritating voice according to riddhima’ sir u have a meeting in 5 minutes with mr . shekhawat’ ‘ok ill be there’ he said and left

Riddhima asked aaryan ‘who is she aaryan’ . Aryan scoffed ‘dont even ask she is a witch everyone in the office knows that she is after vansh bhai except for vansh bhai, btw leave all this stuff come lets go to our house vr mansion dadi will be very happy to meet you we’ll call sejal too’ . ‘ ya sounds good’ riddhima smiled

They reached Vr mansion sia opened the door and screamed in excitement’ riddhu hiiiii how are uuuu’, ‘relax u just met her yesterday’ said aryan ishani teased ‘aryan being my brother i thought h had that much desencey to serve your guests go get water for her and gor me too’ ge stood there shell shocked  all of them burst out laughing  ( guys im sorry im very lazy to write the whole family convo with riddhima u can imagine how it went)

Riddhima and sejal had dinner with the Raisinghania’s and reached home meanwhile in vr mansion ‘thag girl is perfect for my vansh’ ‘ikr dadi’,added siya  ‘chillax dadi in goa u see how we bring them close, am i right aryan’ ‘yes u are’ .


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